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Building and Using Comparable Corpora

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Table of contents

1. Overviewing Important Aspects of the Last Twenty Years of Research in Comparable Corpora
Serge Sharoff, Reinhard Rapp, Pierre Zweigenbaum

Part I. Compiling and Measuring Comparable Corpora

2. Mining Parallel Documents Using Low Bandwidth and High Precision CLIR from the Heterogeneous Web
Simon Shi, Pascale Fung

3. Automatic Comparable Web Corpora Collection and Bilingual Terminology Extraction for Specialized Dictionary Making
Antton Gurrutxaga, Igor Leturia, Xabier Saralegi, Iñaki San Vicente

4. Statistical Comparability: Methodological Caveats
Reinhard Köhler

5. Methods for Collection and Evaluation of Comparable Documents
Monica Lestari Paramita, David Guthrie, Evangelos Kanoulas, Rob Gaizauskas, Paul Clough, Mark Sanderson

6. Measuring the Distance Between Comparable Corpora Between Languages
Serge Sharoff

7. Exploiting Comparable Corpora for Lexicon Extraction: Measuring and Improving Corpus Quality
Bo Li, Eric Gaussier

8. Statistical Corpus and Language Comparison on Comparable Corpora
Thomas Eckart, Uwe Quasthoff

9. Comparable Multilingual Patents as Large-Scale Parallel Corpora
Bin Lu, Ka Po Chow, Benjamin K. Tsou

Part II. Using Comparable Corpora

10. Extracting Parallel Phrases from Comparable Data
Sanjika Hewavitharana, Stephan Vogel

11. Exploiting Comparable Corpora
Dragos Stefan Munteanu, Daniel Marcu

12. Paraphrase Detection in Monolingual Specialized/Lay Comparable Corpora
Louise Deléger, Bruno Cartoni, Pierre Zweigenbaum

13. Information Network Construction and Alignment from Automatically Acquired Comparable Corpora
Heng Ji, Adam Lee, Wen-Pin Lin

14. Bilingual Terminology Mining from Language for Special Purposes Comparable Corpora
Emmanuel Morin, Béatrice Daille, Emmanuel Prochasson

15. The Place of Comparable Corpora in Providing Terminological Reference Information to Online Translators: A Strategic Framework
Kyo Kageura, Takeshi Abekawa

16. Old Needs, New Solutions: Comparable Corpora for Language Professionals
Silvia Bernardini, Adriano Ferraresi

17. Exploiting the Incomparability of Comparable Corpora for Contrastive Linguistics and Translation Studies
Stella Neumann, Silvia Hansen-Schirra

Keywords: Computer Science, Language Translation and Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, Information Systems Applications (incl. Internet)

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Information Technology, Telecommunications

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