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Table of contents

1. A Bayesian Belief Network Model for Breast Cancer Diagnosis
S. Wongthanavasu

2. A Method for Robust Index Tracking
Denis Karlow, Peter Rossbach

3. Forecasting Complex Systems with Shared Layer Perceptrons
Hans-Jörg Mettenheim, Michael H. Breitner

4. Analysis of SNP-Complex Disease Association by a Novel Feature Selection Method
G. Üstünkar, S. Özöğür-Akyüz, G.-W. Weber, Y. Aydin Son

5. An Approach of Adaptive Network Based Fuzzy Inference System to Risk Classification in Life Insurance
Furkan Başer, Türkan E. Dalkiliç, Kamile Ş. Kula, Ayşen Apaydin

6. Support Vector Regression for Time Series Analysis
Renato Leone

7. Intermediation by Heterogeneous Oligopolists
Karl Morasch

8. Algorithmic Aspects of Equilibria of Stable Marriage Model with Complete Preference Lists
Tomomi Matsui

9. Centralized Super-Efficiency and Yardstick Competition – Incentives in Decentralized Organizations
Armin Varmaz, Andreas Varwig, Thorsten Poddig

10. Non-Negativity of Information Value in Games, Symmetry and Invariance
Sigifredo Laengle, Fabián Flores-Bazán

11. Smart Entry Strategies for Markets with Switching Costs
Florian W. Bartholomae, Karl Morasch, Rita Orsolya Toth

12. A Fresh Look on the Battle of Sexes Paradigm
Rudolf Avenhaus, Thomas Krieger

13. A Generalization of Diamond’s Inspection Model: Errors of the First and Second Kind
Thomas Krieger

14. Case-Mix-Optimization in a German Hospital Network
Katherina Brink

15. New Insights on Asset Pricing and Illiquidity
Axel Buchner

16. Robust Risk Management in Hydro-Electric Pumped Storage Plants
Apostolos Fertis, Lukas Abegg

17. Copulas, Goodness-of-Fit Tests and Measurement of Stochastic Dependencies Before and During the Financial Crisis
Peter Grundke, Simone Dieckmann

18. Confidence Intervals for Asset Correlations in the Asymptotic Single Risk Factor Model
Steffi Höse, Stefan Huschens

19. Valuation of Complex Financial Instruments for Credit Risk Transfer
Alfred Hamerle, Andreas Igl

20. VaR Prediction under Long Memory in Volatility
Harald Kinateder, Niklas Wagner

21. Solving an Option Game Problem with Finite Expiration: Optimizing Terms of Patent License Agreements
Kazutoshi Kumagai, Kei Takahashi, Takahiro Ohno

22. Switching Times from Season to Single Tickets
Ertan Yakici, Serhan Duran

23. A Revenue Management Slot Allocation Model with Prioritization for the Liner Shipping Industry
Sebastian Zurheide, Kathrin Fischer

24. E-Commerce Evaluation – Multi-Item Internet Shopping. Optimization and Heuristic Algorithms
Jacek Błażewicz, Jeędrzej Musiał

25. Modelling and Optimization of Cross-Media Production Processes
Pietro Piazzolla, Andrea Grosso, Marco Gribaudo, Alberto Messina

26. Diffusion Approximation for a Web-Server System with Proxy Servers
Yoshitaka Takahashi, Yoshiaki Shikata, Andreas Frey

27. Large-Scale Modelling with the PEPA Eclipse Plug-In
Mirco Tribastone, Stephen Gilmore

28. A Further Remark on Diffusion Approximations with RB and ER Boundary Conditions
Kentaro Hoshi, Yu Nonaka, Yoshitaka Takahashi, Naohisa Komatsu

29. Stochastic Petri Nets Sensitivity to Token Scheduling Policies
G. Balbo, M. Beccuti, M. Pierro, G. Franceschinis

30. On Lifetime Optimization of Boolean Parallel Systems with Erlang Repair Distributions
Alexander Gouberman, Markus Siegle

31. Computing Lifetimes for Battery-Powered Devices
Marijn Jongerden, Boudewijn Haverkort

32. A Genetic Algorithm for Optimization of a Relational Knapsack Problem with Respect to a Description Logic Knowledge Base
Thomas Fischer, Johannes Ruhland

33. A New Representation for the Fuzzy Systems
Iuliana Iatan, Stefan Giebel

34. Agent-Based Cooperative Optimization of Integrated Production and Distribution Planning
Y. Hu, O. Wendt, A. Keßler

35. Personnel Rostering by Means of Variable Neighborhood Search
Martin Josef Geiger

36. Graph Sparsification for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows
Christian Doppstadt, Michael Schneider, Andreas Stenger, Bastian Sand, Daniele Vigo, Michael Schwind

37. A New Model Approach on Cost-Optimal Charging Infrastructure for Electric-Drive Vehicle Fleets
Kostja Siefen, Leena Suhl, Achim Koberstein

38. Optimal Evacuation Solutions for Large-Scale Scenarios
Daniel Dressler, Gunnar Flötteröd, Gregor Lämmel, Kai Nagel, Martin Skutella

39. An Integrated Vehicle-Crew-Roster Problem with Days-Off Pattern
Marta Mesquita, Margarida Moz, Ana Paias, Margarida Pato

40. Improved Destination Call Elevator Control Algorithms for Up Peak Traffic
Benjamin Hiller, Torsten Klug, Andreas Tuchscherer

41. A Two Stage Approach for Balancing a Periodic Long-Haul Transportation Network
Anne Meyer, Andreas Cardeneo, Kai Furmans

42. Design of Less-than-Truckload Networks: Models and Methods
Jens Wollenweber, Stefanie Schlutter

43. A Comparison of Recovery Strategies for Crew and Aircraft Schedules
Lucian Ionescu, Natalia Kliewer, Torben Schramme

44. A Case Study for a Location-Routing Problem
Sebastian Sterzik, Xin Wang, Herbert Kopfer

45. Planning and Control of Automated Material Handling Systems: The Merge Module
Sameh Haneyah, Johann Hurink, Marco Schutten, Henk Zijm, Peter Schuur

46. Securely Connected Facility Location in Metric Graphs
Maren Martens, Andreas Bley

47. Network Flow Optimization with Minimum Quantities
Hans Georg Seedig

48. A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Constrained Combinatorial Problems: An Application to Promotion Planning Problems
Paulo A. Pereira, Fernando A. C. C. Fontes, Dalila B. M. M. Fontes

49. Route Planning for Robot Systems
Martin Skutella, Wolfgang Welz

50. On Universal Shortest Paths
Lara Turner, Horst W. Hamacher

51. P-Median Problems with an Additional Constraint on the Assignment Variables
Paula Camelia Trandafir, Jesús Sáez Aguado

52. A Continuous-Time Markov Decision Process for Infrastructure Surveillance
Jonathan Ott

53. Stochastic Extensions to FlopC++
Christian Wolf, Achim Koberstein, Tim Hultberg

54. Quadratic Order Optimality Conditions for Extremals Completely Singular in Part of Controls
A. V. Dmitruk

55. On the Scalarization of Set-Valued Optimization Problems with Respect to Total Ordering Cones
Mahide Küçük, Mustafa Soyertem, Yalçin Küçük

56. A Branch & Cut Algorithm to Compute Nondominated Solutions in MOLFP via Reference Points
João Paulo Costa, Maria João Alves

57. Using a Genetic Algorithm to Solve a Bi-Objective WWTP Process Optimization
Lino Costa, Isabel A. C. P. Espírito Santo, Edite M. G. P. Fernandes

58. The q-Gradient Vector for Unconstrained Continuous Optimization Problems
Aline Cristina Soterroni, Roberto Luiz Galski, Fernando Manuel Ramos

59. Flow Shop Scheduling at Continuous Casters with Flexible Job Specifications
Matthias Wichmann, Thomas Volling, Thomas S. Spengler

60. Optimal Maintenance Scheduling of N-Vehicles with Time-Varying Reward Functions and Constrained Maintenance Decisions
Mohammad M. Aldurgam, Moustafa Elshafei

61. Alternative Quantitative Approaches for Designing Modular Services: A Comparative Analysis of Steward’s Partitioning and Tearing Approach
Hans Corsten, Ralf Gössinger, Hagen Salewski

62. Applying DEA Models for Benchmarking Service Productivity in Logistics
Marion Steven, Anja Egbers

63. Quality Performance Modeling in a Deteriorating Production System with Partially Available Inspection
Israel Tirkel, Gad Rabinowitz

64. Shelf and Inventory Management with Space-Elastic Demand
Alexander H. Hübner, Heinrich Kuhn

65. Quantity Flexibility for Multiple Products in a Decentralized Supply Chain
İsmail Serdar Bakal, Selçuk Karakaya

66. Achieving Better Utilization of Semiconductor Supply Chain Resources by Using an Appropriate Capacity Modeling Approach on the Example of Infineon Technologies AG
Hans Ehm, Christian Schiller, Thomas Ponsignon

67. Towards Leveled Inventory Routing for the Automotive Industry
Martin Grunewald, Thomas Volling, Thomas S. Spengler

68. Tactical Planning in Flexible Production Networks in the Automotive Industry
Kai Wittek, Thomas Volling, Thomas S. Spengler, Friedrich-Wilhelm Gundlach

69. Coordination by Contracts in Decentralized Product Design Processes – Towards Efficient Compliance with Recycling Rates in the Automotive Industry
Kerstin Schmidt, Thomas Volling, Thomas S. Spengler

70. Evaluating Procurement Strategies under Uncertain Demand and Risk of Component Unavailability
Anssi Käki, Ahti Salo

71. The Effects of Wholesale Price Contracts for Supply Chain Coordination under Stochastic Yield
Karl Inderfurth, Josephine Clemens

72. Parameters for Production/Inventory Control in the Case of Stochastic Demand and Different Types of Yield Randomness
Karl Inderfurth, Stephanie Vogelgesang

73. Optimising Procurement Portfolios to Mitigate Risk in Supply Chains
Atilla Yalçin, Achim Koberstein

74. Using Simulation for Setting Terms of Performance Based Contracts
James Ferguson, Manbir Sodhi

75. A Credit Risk Modelling Approach to Assess Supplier Default Risk
Stephan M. Wagner, Christoph Bode

76. Considering Distribution Logistics in Production Sequencing: Problem Definition and Solution Algorithm
Christian Schwede, Bernd Hellingrath

77. Hybrid Flow Shop Scheduling: Heuristic Solutions and LP-Based Lower Bounds
Verena Gondek

78. Solving the Earth Observing Satellite Constellation Scheduling Problem by Branch-and-Price
Pei Wang, Gerhard Reinelt

79. The Joint Load Balancing and Parallel Machine Scheduling Problem
Yassine Ouazene, Faicel Hnaien, Farouk Yalaoui, Lionel Amodeo

80. Estimating the Short-Term Impact of the European Emission Trade System on the German Energy Sector
Carola Hammer, Gunther Friedl

81. The Water Pricing Problem in a Complex Water Resources System: A Cooperative Game Theory Approach
G. M. Sechi, R. Zucca, P. Zuddas

82. Analysis of Electrical Load Balancing by Simulation and Neural Network Forecast
Cornelius Köpp, Hans-Jörg von Mettenheim, Marc Klages, Michael H. Breitner

83. Stationary or Instationary Spreads – Impacts on Optimal Investments in Electricity Generation Portfolios
Katrin Schmitz, Christoph Weber, Daniel Ziegler

84. Market Modeling, Forecasting and Risk Analysis with Historical Consistent Neural Networks
Hans-Georg Zimmermann, Ralph Grothmann, Christoph Tietz, Holger Jouanne-Diedrich

85. Dynamic Simulations of Kidney Exchanges
M. Beccuti, V. Fragnelli, G. Franceschinis, S. Villa

86. Production Planning for Pharmaceutical Companies Under Non-Compliance Risk
Marco Laumanns, Eleni Pratsini, Steven Prestwich, Catalin-Stefan Tiseanu

87. A Model for Telestroke Network Evaluation
Anna Storm, Franziska Günzel, Stephan Theiss

88. Sub-Scalar Parameterization in Multi-Level Simulation
Marko A. Hofmann

89. Exploring Anti-Counterfeiting Strategies: A Preliminary System Dynamics Framework for a Quantitative Counterstrategy Evaluation
Oliver Kleine, Marcus Schröter

90. Microscopic Pedestrian Simulations: From Passenger Exchange Times to Regional Evacuation
Gerta Köster, Dirk Hartmann, Wolfram Klein

91. Unexpected Positive Effects of Complexity on Performance in Multiple Criteria Setups
Stephan Leitner, Friederike Wall

92. Towards a Methodical Synthesis of Innovation System Modeling
Silvia Ulli-Beer, Alexander Wokaun

93. Operations Research at the Swiss Military Academy: Supporting Military Decisions in the 21st Century
Peter T. Baltes, Mauro Mantovani, Beat Suter

94. Formalization of Models for the Analysis of the Phenomenon of Cross-Culture in a Multi-Ethnic Scholastic Environment
Rina Manuela Contini, Antonio Maturo

95. Mastering Complexity of Social Work – Why Quantification by Moral Scales and by Inspiring Diagnosis of Biographical Factors may bring more Effectiveness and Humanity
Bo Hu, Markus Reimer, Hans-Rolf Vetter

96. Scheduling in the Context of Underground Mining
Marco Schulze, Jürgen Zimmermann

97. Multi-Attribute Choice Model: An Application of the Generalized Nested Logit Model at the Stock-Keeping Unit Level
Kei Takahashi

98. Judgment Based Analysis via an Interactive Learning Software for Modern Operations Research Education and Training
Arnold Dupuy, Victor Ishutkin, Stefan Pickl, Romana Tschiedel

99. Non-Linear Offline Time Synchronization
Li Luo, Björn Scheuermann

100. Dynamic Airline Fleet Assignment and Integrated Modeling
Rainer Hoffmann

101. Solving Multi-Level Capacitated Lot Sizing Problems via a Fix-and-Optimize Approach
Florian Sahling

102. Online Optimization: Probabilistic Analysis and Algorithm Engineering
Benjamin Hiller

103. Solving Stochastic Energy Production Problems by a Scenario Tree-Based Decomposition Approach
Debora Mahlke

104. Train Scheduling in a Large and Highly Utilised Railway Network
Gabrio Caimi

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Operations Research/Decision Theory, Operations Research, Management Science, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering, Optimization, Mathematical Modeling and Industrial Mathematics

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Operations Research Proceedings
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