Corchado, Juan M.

Trends in Practical Applications of Agents and Multiagent Systems

Corchado, Juan M. - Trends in Practical Applications of Agents and Multiagent Systems, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Improving Context-Awareness in a Healthcare Multi-Agent System
Ricardo S. Alonso, Dante I. Tapia, Óscar García, David Sancho, Miguel Sánchez

2. Elder Care Alert Management - Decision Support by a Logistic Regression Model
Alexandra Seco, Miguel Felgueiras, Florentino Fdez-Riverola, António Pereira

3. A New Adaptive Algorithm for Detecting Falls through Mobile Devices
Miguel Sánchez, Patricia Martín, Laura Álvarez, Vidal Alonso, Carolina Zato, Alberto Pedrero, Javier Bajo

4. Agent-Supported Assessment for Adaptive and Personalized Ambient Assisted Living
Helena Lindgren, Dipak Surie, Ingeborg Nilsson

5. A Multi-Agent System for Remote Eldercare
Boštjan Kaluža, Erik Dovgan, Violeta Mirchevska, Božidara Cvetković, Mitja Luštrek, Matjaž Gams

6. iRoute: Cognitive Support for Independent Living Using BDI Agent Deliberation
Shabbir Hossain, Kasper Hallenborg, Yves Demazeau

7. Dynamic Distribution of Tasks in Health-Care Scenarios
Carolina Zato, Ana Luis, Juan F. Paz

8. Automating the Development of Agent-Based Warehouse Control Systems
Jacques Verriet, Bruno Wijngaarden, Eef Heusden, Roelof Hamberg

9. Manufacturing Material Flow Analysis Based on Agent and Movable Resource Concept
Pawel Pawlewski

10. How to Successfully Combine Case Based Reasoning and Multi-Agent Systems for Supply Chain Improvement
Paul-Eric Dossou, Philip Mitchell, Pawel Pawlewski

11. Market Strategy Choices Made by Company Using Reinforcement Learning
Dawid Chodura, Paweł Dominik, Jarosław Koźlak

12. Myopic Behaviour in Holonic Multiagent Systems for Distributed Control of FMS
Emmanuel Adam, Gabriel Zambrano, Cyrille Pach, Thierry Berger, Damien Trentesaux

13. Agent-Based System for Planning and Coordination of Intermodal Transport
Paulina Golinska, Marcin Hajdul

14. Boosting Bitext Compression
Joaquín Adiego, Miguel A. Martínez-Prieto, Javier E. Hoyos-Torío, Felipe Sánchez-Martínez

15. Web Document Duplicate Detection Using Fuzzy Hashing
Carlos G. Figuerola, Raquel Gómez Díaz, José L. Alonso Berrocal, Angel F. Zazo Rodríguez

16. An Implementation of a Trading Service for Building Open and Interoperable DT Component Applications
Carmelo Maturana, Antonio Jesús Fernández-García, Luis Iribarne

17. Towards Semi-automatic Construction of Data Mashups
Javier López, Fernando Bellas, Alberto Pan, Paula Montoto

18. Adding Semantics to the Discovery of Web Services in Life Sciences
María Pérez, Ismael Sanz, Rafael Berlanga, María José Aramburu

19. Bringing Statistical Methodologies for Enterprise Integration of Conversational Agents
David Griol, José Manuel Molina

20. Mining Web Pages Using Features of Rendering HTML Elements in the Web Browser
F. J. Fernández, José L. Álvarez, Pedro J. Abad, Patricia Jiménez

21. An Experiment on Using Datamining Techniques to Extract Information from the Web
Gretel Fernández, Hassan A. Sleiman

22. BRENHET2, A MAS to Facilitate the Reutilization of LOs through Federated Search
F. Prieta, A. Gil, S. Rodríguez, B. Martín

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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