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Engineering of Software

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Table of contents

1. Introduction to “Engineering of Software: The Continuing Contributions of Leon J. Osterweil”
Peri L. Tarr, Alexander L. Wolf

2. Data Flow Analysis for Software Dependability: The Very Idea
Matthew B. Dwyer

3. The SAFE Experience
Eran Yahav, Stephen Fink

4. Checking Concurrent Typestate with Access Permissions in Plural: A Retrospective
Kevin Bierhoff, Nels E. Beckman, Jonathan Aldrich

5. Data Flow Analysis In Software Reliability
Lloyd D. Fosdick, Leon J. Osterweil

6. Anomaly Detection in Concurrent Software by Static Data Flow Analysis
Richard N. Taylor, Leon J. Osterweil

7. Cecil: A Sequencing Constraint Language for Automatic Static Analysis Generation
Kurt M. Olender, Leon J. Osterweil

8. Lifecycle Environments
Lori A. Clarke

9. Software Architecture, (In)consistency, and Integration
Richard N. Taylor

10. Process Programming in the Service Age: Old Problems and New Challenges
Gianpaolo Cugola, Carlo Ghezzi, Leandro Sales Pinto

11. Toolpack—An Experimental Software Development Environment Research Project
Leon J. Osterweil

12. A Mechanism for Environment Integration
Geoffrey Clemm, Leon Osterweil

13. Foundations for the Arcadia Environment Architecture
Richard N. Taylor, Frank C. Belz, Lori A. Clarke, Leon Osterweil, Richard W. Selby, Jack C. Wileden, Alexander L. Wolf, Michal Young

14. Issues Encountered in Building a Flexible Software Development Environment

15. From Process Programming to Process Engineering
Stanley M. Sutton

16. The Mechatronic UML Development Process
Joel Greenyer, Jan Rieke, Wilhelm Schäfer, Oliver Sudmann

17. Software Processes are Software Too
Leon Osterweil

18. Software Processes Are Software Too, Revisited
Leon J. Osterweil

19. Language Constructs for Managing Change in Process-Centered Environments
Stanley M. Sutton, Dennis Heimbigner, Leon J. Osterweil

20. Using Little-JIL to Coordinate Agents in Software Engineering
Alexander Wise, Aaron G. Cass, Barbara Staudt Lerner, Eric K. McCall, Leon J. Osterweil, Stanley M. Sutton

21. Analyzing Medical Processes
Bin Chen, George S. Avrunin, Elizabeth A. Henneman, Lori A. Clarke, Leon J. Osterweil, Philip L. Henneman

Keywords: Computer Science, Software Engineering, Management of Computing and Information Systems

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Information Technology, Telecommunications

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