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Advances in Aerospace Guidance, Navigation and Control

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Table of contents

I. Atmospheric Applications

1. A Decoupled Approach for Trajectory Generation for an Unmanned Rotorcraft
Sven Lorenz, Florian M. Adolf

2. A Linear Parameter Varying Controller for a Re-entry Vehicle Benchmark
Andrés Marcos, Samir Bennani

3. A Low Cost Small UAV Flight Research Facility
Austin M. Murch, Yew Chai Paw, Rohit Pandita, Zhefeng Li, Gary J. Balas

4. Adaptive Nonlinear Flight Control and Control Allocation for Failure Resilience
Thomas Lombaerts, Michiel Schravendijk, Ping Chu, Jan Albert Mulder

5. Coordinated Road Network Search for Multiple UAVs Using Dubins Path
Hyondong Oh, H. S. Shin, A. Tsourdos, B. A. White, P. Silson

6. Eigenstructure Assignment and Robustness Improvement Using a Gradient-Based Method
Erik Karlsson, Stephan Myschik, Florian Holzapfel

7. Helical Flight Path Trajectories for Autopilot Evaluation
Gertjan Looye

8. Maneuver Envelope Determination through Reachability Analysis
E. R. Oort, Q. P. Chu, J. A. Mulder

9. Modelica Landing Gear Modelling and On-Ground Trajectory Tracking with Sliding Mode Control
Fabrizio Re

10. Obstacle Avoidance Strategy for Micro Aerial Vehicle
Cezary Kownacki

11. Post-Optimal Sensitivities of Flight Trajectories with Respect to Selected Parameters
C. Büskens, F. Fisch, F. Holzapfel

12. Simple Control Law Structure for the Control of Airplanes by Means of Their Engines
Nicolas Fezans

13. The Development of Perspective Displays for Highly Precise Tracking Tasks
Alexander Efremov, Mikhail Tjaglik

14. UAV Lab, Open Research Platform for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Péter Bauer, Paw Yew Chai, Luigi Iannelli, Rohit Pandita, Gergely Regula, Bálint Vanek, Gary J. Balas, Luigi Glielmo, József Bokor

15. Visibility Cues for Communication Aware Guidance in Cluttered Environments
H. Claus Christmann, Eric N. Johnson

II. Guidance and Control

16. Adaptive Control of a High Agility Model Airplane in the Presence of Severe Structural Damage and Failures
Stephan Baur, Travis Gibson, Anuradha Annaswamy, Leonhard Höcht, Thomas Bierling, Florian Holzapfel

17. Adaptive Control of Non-minimum Phase Modal Systems Using Residual Mode Filters: Part I
Mark J. Balas, Susan A. Frost

18. Adaptive Control of Non-minimum Phase Modal Systems Using Residual Mode Filters: Part II
Mark J. Balas, Susan A. Frost

19. Global Tracking Control Structures for Nonlinear Singularly Perturbed Aircraft Systems
Anshu Siddarth, John Valasek

20. Motion Planning for a Fixed-Wing MAV Incorporating Closed-Loop Dynamics Motion Primitives and Safety Maneuvers
Michael Gros, Moritz Niendorf, Alfred Schöttl, Walter Fichter

21. Novel Dynamic Inversion Architecture Design for Quadrocopter Control
Jian Wang, Thomas Bierling, Leonhard Höcht, Florian Holzapfel, Sebastian Klose, Alois Knoll

22. Parallel Implementation of Constrained Nonlinear Model Predictive Controller for an FPGA-Based Onboard Flight Computer
Alexander Joos, Walter Fichter

23. Robust Linear-Parameter Varying Autopilot Design for a Tail/Thrust Vector Controlled Missile
Berno J. E. Misgeld, Marco Darcis, Thomas Kuhn

III. Sensors, Data Fusion and Navigation

24. A Single Frequency Strapdown Algorithm for Integrating IMUs in ECEF-Frame
Johann Dambeck, Benjamin Braun

25. Broadband Wind Estimation Algorithm for Gust Load Alleviation
Arndt Hoffmann, Kai Loftfield, Robert Luckner

26. Interval Analysis as a System Identification Tool
E. Kampen, Q. P. Chu, J. A. Mulder

27. Investigation of the Attitude Error Vector Reference Frame in the INS EKF
Stephen Steffes, Jan Philipp Steinbach, Stephan Theil

28. Nonlinear Filtering Using Sparse Grids
Carolyn Kalender, Alfred Schöttl

29. Observability of Star Tracker / Gyro Based Attitude Estimation Considering Time-Variant Sensor Misalignment
Stefan Winkler

30. Performance Comparison of Maneuver Detection Algorithms
Sebastian Bayerl, Georg Herbold, Lorenzo Pettazzi

31. Spacecraft Attitude Estimation and Gyro Calibration via Stochastic H
 ∞  Filtering
Daniel Choukroun, Lotan Cooper, Nadav Berman

IV. Space Applications

32. Advanced Optical Terrain Absolute Navigation for Pinpoint Lunar Landing
Marco Mammarella, Marcos Avilés Rodrigálvarez, Andrea Pizzichini, Ana María Sánchez Montero

33. Methodologies to Perform GNC Design and Analyses for Complex Dynamic Systems Using Multibody Software
G. Baldesi, T. Voirin, A. Martinez Barrio, M. Claeys

34. Optimal Guidance and Control of Lunar Landers with Non-throttable Main Engine
Thimo Oehlschlägel, Stephan Theil, Hans Krüger, Matthias Knauer, Jan Tietjen, Christof Büskens

35. Spiraling Approach for Angles-Only Navigation within On-Orbit Servicing Missions
J. Spurmann

Keywords: Engineering, Aerospace Technology and Astronautics, Control, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering

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