Odintsov, Sergey D.

Cosmology, Quantum Vacuum and Zeta Functions

Odintsov, Sergey D. - Cosmology, Quantum Vacuum and Zeta Functions, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Emili Elizalde. Perspectives on his Life and Work
Sebastiàn Xambó-Descamps

2. Colliding Hadrons as Cosmic Membranes and Possible Signatures of Lost Momentum
Irina Ya. Aref’eva

3. Vacuum Energy and the Topology of the Universe
Manuel Asorey, Inés Cavero-Peláez, José M. Muãoz-Castaãeda

4. The Low Temperature Corrections to the Casimir Force Between a Sphere and a Plane
Michael Bordag, Irina G. Pirozhenko

5. Casimir Effect for the Piecewise Uniform String
Iver Brevik

N = 2 and N = 4 Supersymmetric Low-Energy Effective Actions in Three Dimensions
Ioseph L. Buchbinder, Nicolay G. Pletnev, Igor B. Samsonov

7. Colour Confinement, the Goto-Imamura-Schwinger Term and Renormalization Group
Masud Chaichian

8. Non-central extensions of (Super) Poincaré algebra and (Susy) Electromagnetic Backgrounds
Joaquim Gomis

9. Multiple Scattering: Dispersion, Temperature Dependence, and Annular Pistons
Kimball A. Milton, Jef Wagner, Prachi Parashar, Inés Cavero-Peláez, Iver Brevik, Simen Å. Ellingsen

10. Brane Cosmology with an f (R) contribution
Mariam Bouhmadi-López

f (R)-Gravity Matched With Large Scale Structure and Cosmological Observations
Salvatore Capozziello

12. An analysis of the phase space of Hořava-Lifshitz cosmologies
Sante Carloni, Emilio Elizalde, Pedro J Silva

13. Gravitational Waves Astronomy: a cornerstone for gravitational theories
Christian Corda

14. Hamilton–Jacobi Method and Gravitation
R. Di Criscienzo, L. Vanzo, S. Zerbini

15. A characteristic signature of fourth order gravity
Kishore N. Ananda, Sante Carloni, Peter K S Dunsby

16. Horizons and Singularity in Clifton’s Spherical Solution of f (R) vacuum
Valerio Faraoni

17. Gravitational Zero Point Energy and the Induced Cosmological Constant
Remo Garattini

18. Lensing effects in ringholes and the multiverse black holes
Pedro F. González-Díaz

19. Hamiltonian ADM Gravity in Non-Harmonic Gauges with Well Defined Non-Euclidean 3-Spaces: How Much Darkness can be Explained as a Relativistic Inertial Effect?
Luca Lusanna

20. Dark energy and cosmic magnetic fields: electromagnetic relics from inflation
Jose Beltrán Jiménez, Antonio L. Maroto

21. On the Viability of a Non-Analytical f (R)-Theory
Nakia Carlevaro, Giovanni Montani, Massimiliano Lattanzi

22. Towards the unification of late-time acceleration and inflation by k-essence model
Shin’ichi Nojiri

23. Conformal Equivalence in Classical Gravity: the Example of “Veiled” General Relativity
Nathalie Deruelle, Misao Sasaki

24. Finite-Time Singularities in Modified F (R,G)-Gravity and Singularity Avoidance
Lorenzo Sebastiani

25. Asymptotic Darkness in the Hořava-Lifshitz Gravity
Pedro J. Silva

26. Testing Modified Gravity with Gravitational Wave Astronomy
Carlos F. Sopuerta, Nicolás Yunes

27. Gravitons in Flatland
Eric A. Bergshoeff, Olaf Hohm, Paul K. Townsend

28. Very Special Relativity and Noncommutative Space-Time
M. M. Sheikh-Jabbari, A. Tureanu

29. Pistons Modelled by Potentials
Guglielmo Fucci, Klaus Kirsten, Pedro Morales

30. Local ζ -functions, stress-energy tensor, field fluctuations, and all that, in curved static spacetime
Valter Moretti

31. Ergodic Solenoidal Geometry
Vicente Muñoz, Ricardo Pérez Marco

32. Zeta-regularization and exact WKB method for a general 1D Schrödinger equation
André Voros

33. Generalized Zeta Function Regularization and the Multiplicative Anomaly
Guido Cognola, Sergio Zerbini

34. Iso-Minkowskian Geometry For Interior Dynamical Problems
Ruggero Maria Santilli

35. Nuclear Fusion Drives Cosmic Expansion
Leong Ying

Keywords: Physics, Cosmology, Quantum Field Theories, String Theory, Classical and Quantum Gravitation, Relativity Theory, Mathematical Methods in Physics

Publication year
Springer Proceedings in Physics
Page amount
9 pages
Natural Sciences

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