Hesselbach, Jürgen

Glocalized Solutions for Sustainability in Manufacturing

Hesselbach, Jürgen - Glocalized Solutions for Sustainability in Manufacturing, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Electricity Metering and Monitoring in Manufacturing Systems
S. Kara, G. Bogdanski, W. Li

2. Implementing Life Cycle Engineering efficiently into Automotive Industry Processes
Stephan Krinke

3. Leveraging Manufacturing for a Sustainable Future
David Dornfeld

4. Sustainability Engineering by Product-Service Systems
Günther Seliger

5. Solvis Zero-Emission Factory – The ‘Solvis way’ – Structure and Subject
Helmut Jäger

6. Manufacturing and the Science of Sustainability
Timothy G. Gutowski

7. Indian Solar Thermal Technology – Technology to Protect Environment and Ecology
Deepak Gadhia

8. Assessment of Energy and Resource Consumption of Processes and Process Chains within the Automotive Sector
R. Schlosser, F. Klocke, B. Döbbeler, B. Riemer, K. Hameyer, T. Herold, W. Zimmermann, O. Nuding, B. A. Schindler, M. Niemczyk

9. Assessment of Alternative Propulsion Systems for Vehicles
Christoph Herrmann, Kuldip Singh Sangwan, Mark Mennenga, Philipp Halubek, Patricia Egede

10. Concept and Development of Intelligent Production Control to enable Versatile Production in the Automotive Factories of the Future
Sarfraz Ul Haque Minhas, Christian Lehmann, Ulrich Berger

11. Resource Efficiency – what are the Objectives?
Marko Gernuks

12. Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Remanufacturing and New Manufacturing of a Manual Transmission
Jens Warsen, Marlisa Laumer, Wolfgang Momberg

13. Coordination of Design-for-Recycling Activities in Decentralized Product Design Processes in the Automotive Industry
Kerstin Schmidt, Thomas Volling, Thomas S. Spengler

14. A Strategic Framework for the Design of Recycling Networks for Lithium-Ion Batteries from Electric Vehicles
Claas Hoyer, Karsten Kieckhäfer, Thomas S. Spengler

15. Recovery of Active Materials from Spent Lithium-Ion Electrodes and Electrode Production Rejects
Christian Hanisch, Wolfgang Haselrieder, Arno Kwade

16. New Technologies for Remanufacturing of Automotive Systems Communicating via CAN Bus
Rolf Steinhilper, Stefan Freiberger, Matthias Albrecht, Josef Käufl, Eberhard Binder, Constantin Brückner

17. LCM applied to Auto Shredder Residue (ASR)
Luciano Morselli, Alessandro Santini, Fabrizio Passarini, Ivano Vassura, Luca Ciacci

18. Eco-Innovation by Integrating Biomimetic with TRIZ Ideality and Evolution Rules
Jahau Lewis Chen, Yung-Chiuan Yang

19. Reasoning New Eco-Products by Integrating TRIZ with CBR and Simple LCA Methods
Cheng Jung Yang, Jahau Lewis Chen

20. Proposal of an Integrated Eco-Design Framework of Products and Processes
Shinsuke Kondoh, Nozomu Mishima

21. Development of CAD System for Life Cycle Scenario-Based Product Design
Eisuke Kunii, Shinichi Fukushige, Yasushi Umeda

22. Environmental Impact Assessment Model for Wireless Sensor Networks
Jérémy Bonvoisin, Alan Lelah, Fabrice Mathieux, Daniel Brissaud

23. Considering the Social Dimension in Environmental Design
Berenice Dreux-Gerphagnon, Nizar Haoues

24. Proposal of an Ecodesign Maturity Model: supporting Companies to improve Environmental Sustainability
Daniela C. A. Pigosso, Henrique Rozenfeld

25. Environmental and Operational Analysis of Ecodesign Methods Based on QFD and FMEA
Fabio Neves Puglieri, Aldo Roberto Ometto

26. Synergico: a new “Design for Energy Efficiency” Method enhancing the Design of more environmentally friendly Electr(on)ic Equipments
Lucie Domingo, Damien Evrard, Fabrice Mathieux, Guillaume Moenne-Loccoz

27. Improving Product Design based on Energy Considerations
Yingying Seow, Shahin Rahimifard

28. Eco-Design Tool to support the Use of Renewable Polymers within Packaging Applications
James Colwill, Shahin Rahimifard, Allen Clegg

29. State-of-the-art Ecodesign on the Electronics Shop Shelves? A Quantitative Analysis of Developments in Ecodesign of TV Sets
Casper Boks, Renee Wever, Ab Stevels

30. Simultaneous Application of Design for Sustainable Behavior and Linked Benefit Strategies in Practice
Johannes Schmalz, Casper Boks

31. Strategic Evaluation of Manufacturing Technologies
Gunther Reinhart, Sebastian Schindler, Pascal Krebs

32. Consideration of the Precautionary Principle – the Responsible Development of Nano Technologies
Marcel Weil

33. Proposal of a Design Support Method for Sustainability Scenarios 1st Report: Designing Forecasting Scenarios
Haruna Wada, Yusuke Kishita, Yuji Mizuno, Maki Hirosaki, Shinichi Fukushige, Yasushi Umeda

34. Evaluating Trade-Offs Between Sustainability, Performance, and Cost of Green Machining Technologies
Moneer Helu, Jan Rühl, David Dornfeld, Patrick Werner, Gisela Lanza

35. Sustainable Production by Integrating Business Models of Manufacturing and Recycling Industries
Christopher Jonsson, Johan Felix, Anders Sundelin, Björn Johansson

36. Life Cycle Engineering – Integration of New Products on Existing Production Systems in Automotive Industry
Waldemar Walla, Jens Kiefer

37. Managing Sustainability in Product Design and Manufacturing
Klimis Ioannou, Alireza Veshagh

38. A System for Resource Efficient Process Planning for Wire EDM
Sandeep Dhanik, Paul Xirouchakis, Roberto Perez

39. Increased Trustability of Reliability Prognoses for Machine Tools
Gisela Lanza, Patrick Werner, Dominic Appel, Benjamin Behmann

40. Hidden Aspects of Industrial Packaging The Driving Forces behind Packaging Selection Processes at Industrial Packaging Suppliers
Sandra Silgård Casell

41. Applying Functionally Graded Materials by Laser Cladding: a cost-effective way to improve the Lifetime of Die-Casting Dies
Sebastian Müller, Helge Pries, Klaus Dilger, Sörn Ocylok, Andreas Weisheit, Ingomar Kelbassa

42. A Total Life-Cycle Approach towards Developing Product Metrics for Sustainable Manufacturing
Ankur Gupta, Anshu Dhar Jayal, Michela Chimienti, I. S. Jawahir

43. Carbon Footprint Analysis for Energy Improvement in Flour Milling Production
Chee Wai Patrick Shi, Fatida Rugrungruang, Zhiquan Yeo, Bin Song

44. Modelling Machine Tools for Self-Optimisation of Energy Consumption
Robert Schmitt, José Luiz Bittencourt, Ralf Bonefeld

45. Energy-Efficient Machine Tools through Simulation in the Design Process
Christian Eisele, Sebastian Schrems, Eberhard Abele

46. Energy Consumption Characterization and Reduction Strategies for Milling Machine Tool Use
Nancy Diaz, Elena Redelsheimer, David Dornfeld

47. An Investigation into Fixed Energy Consumption of Machine Tools
Wen Li, André Zein, Sami Kara, Christoph Herrmann

48. Energy Efficiency Measures for the Design and Operation of Machine Tools: An Axiomatic Approach
André Zein, Wen Li, Christoph Herrmann, Sami Kara

49. Analyzing Energy Consumption of Machine Tool Spindle Units and Identification of Potential for Improvements of Efficiency
E. Abele, T. Sielaff, A. Schiffler, S. Rothenbücher

50. Energy Consumption as One Possible Exclusion Criterion for the Reuse of Old Equipment in New Production Lines
Lars Weyand, Helmut Bley, Martin Swat, Kirsten Trapp, Dirk Bähre

51. Optimizing Energy Costs by Intelligent Production Scheduling
Agnes Pechmann, Ilka Schöler

52. Methodology for an Energy and Resource Efficient Process Chain Design
Sebastian Schrems, Christian Eisele, Eberhard Abele

53. A New Shop Scheduling Approach in Support of Sustainable Manufacturing
Kan Fang, Nelson Uhan, Fu Zhao, John W. Sutherland

54. Comparison of the Resource Efficiency of Alternative Process Chains for Surface Hardening
Gunther Reinhart, Saskia Reinhardt, Tobias Föckerer, Michael F. Zäh

55. Synergies from Process and Energy Oriented Process Chain Simulation – A Case Study from the Aluminium Die Casting Industry
Christoph Herrmann, Tim Heinemann, Sebastian Thiede

56. Context-Aware Analysis Approach to Enhance Industrial Smart Metering
C. Herrmann, S.-H. Suh, G. Bogdanski, A. Zein, J.-M. Cha, J. Um, S. Jeong, A. Guzman

57. Exergy Efficiency Definitions for Manufacturing Processes
Renald , Karel Kellens, Wim Dewulf, Joost R. Duflou

58. State of Research and an innovative Approach for simulating Energy Flows of Manufacturing Systems
Sebastian Thiede, Christoph Herrmann, Sami Kara

59. Modular Modeling of Energy Consumption for Monitoring and Control
Alexander Verl, Eberhard Abele, Uwe Heisel, Anton Dietmair, Philipp Eberspächer, Raphael Rahäuser, Sebastian Schrems, Steffen Braun

60. Architecture for Multilevel Monitoring and Control of Energy Consumption
Alexander Verl, Engelbert Westkämper, Eberhard Abele, Anton Dietmair, Jan Schlechtendahl, Jens Friedrich, Holger Haag, Sebastian Schrems

61. Green Performance Map – An Industrial Tool for Enhancing Environmental Improvements within a Production System
Karin Romvall, Martin Kurdve, Monica Bellgran, Joacim Wictorsson

62. Analysis and Quantification of Improvement in Green Manufacturing Process of Silicon Nitride Products
Nozomu Mishima, Shinsuke Kondoh, Hideki Hyuga, You Zhou, Kiyoshi Hirao

63. Evaluation of the Environmental Impact of different Lubrorefrigeration Conditions in Milling of γ-TiAl Alloy
Giovanna Rotella, Paolo Claudio Priarone, Stefania Rizzuti, Luca Settineri

64. Quantitative and Qualitative Benefits of Green Manufacturing: an Empirical Study of Indian Small and Medium Enterprises
Kuldip Singh Sangwan

65. Preliminary Environmental Assessment of Electrical Discharge Machining
Karel Kellens, Renaldi , Wim Dewulf, Joost R. Duflou

66. Development of an Interpretive Structural Model of Obstacles to Environmentally Conscious Technology adoption in Indian Industry
Varinder Kumar Mittal, Kuldip Singh Sangwan

67. Identifying Carbon Footprint Reduction Opportunities through Energy Measurements in Sheet Metal Part Manufacturing
Chee Wai Patrick Shi, Fatida Rugrungruang, Zhiquan Yeo, Kenneth Hong Kiat Gwee, Ruisheng Ng, Bin Song

68. Sustainable Production Research - a Proposed Method to design the Sustainability Measures
Maria Knutson Wedel, Björn Johansson, Andreas Dagman, Johan Stahre

69. Green Production of CFRP Parts by Application of Inductive Heating
Michael Frauenhofer, Stefan Kreling, Holger Kunz, Klaus Dilger

70. Saving Potential of Water for Foundry Sand Using Treated Coolant Water
Jefferson O. Gomes, Victor E. O. Gomes, Janaina Fracaro Souza, Elizabete Y. Kawachi

71. Modular Grouping Exploration to design Remanufacturable Products
Nicolas Tchertchian, Dominique Millet, Olivier Pialot

72. Development of Part Agents for the Promotion of Reuse of Parts through Experiment and Simulation
Hiroyuki Hiraoka, Kazuma Ito, Kengo Nishida, Kazuki Horii, Yusuke Shigeji

73. Systematic Categorization of Reuse and Identification of Issues in Reuse Management in the Closed Loop Manufacturing
Takako Sakai, Shozo Takata

74. Approach for Integration of Sustainability Aspects into Innovation Processes
Semih Severengiz, Pia Gausemeier, Günther Seliger, Fernando Augusto Pereira

75. Remanufacturing Engineering Literature Overview and Future Research Needs
Qingdi Ke, Hong-chao Zhang, Guangfu Liu, Bingbing Li

76. Effects of Lateral Transshipments in Multi-Echelon Closed-Loop Supply Chains
Kirsten Tracht, Michael Mederer, Daniel Schneider

77. Development of an Interpretive Structural Model of Barriers to Reverse Logistics Implementation in Indian Industry
Anil Jindal, Kuldip Singh Sangwan

78. Recycling of LCD Screens in Europe - State of the Art and Challenges
Stefan Salhofer, Markus Spitzbart, Kurt Maurer

79. End of Life Strategies in the Aviation Industry
Jörg Feldhusen, Judith Pollmanns, Jan Erik Heller

80. Contribution of Recycling Processes to Sustainable Resource Management
Alexandra Pehlken, Klaus-Dieter Thoben

81. Business Issues in Remanufacturing: Two Brazilian Cases in the Automotive Industry
Olívia Toshie Oiko, Ana Paula B. Barquet, Aldo Roberto Ometto

82. A Systematic Investigation for Reducing Shredder Residue for Complex Automotive Seat Subassemblies
Siobhan Barakat, Jill Urbanic

83. Eco Quality Polymers-EQP
Conrad Luttropp, Emma Strömberg

84. Intelligent Products to Support Closed-Loop Reverse Logistics
Karl A. Hribernik, Moritz Stietencron, Carl Hans, Klaus-Dieter Thoben

85. The Prospects of Managing WEEE in Indonesia
Jessica Hanafi, Helena J. Kristina, Eric Jobiliong, Agustina Christiani, Audry V. Halim, Dwiyono Santoso, Eliss Melini

86. Medical Electrical Equipment - Good Refurbishment Practice at Siemens AG Healthcare
Martin Plumeyer, Markus Braun

87. Sustainable Product Lifecycle Management: A Lifecycle based Conception of Monitoring a Sustainable Product Development
Martin Eigner, Michael Hauff, Patrick D. Schäfer

88. Semantic Web Based Dynamic Energy Analysis and Forecasts in Manufacturing Engineering
Ken Wenzel, Jörg Riegel, Andreas Schlegel, Matthias Putz

89. Energy Data Acquisition and Utilization for Energy-Oriented Product Data Management
Thomas Reichel, Gudula Rünger, Daniel Steger, Uwe Frieß, Markus Wabner

90. Integrating Energy-Saving Process Chains and Product Data Models
Gudula Rünger, Andreas Schubert, Sven Goller, Björn Krellner, Daniel Steger

91. Challenges in Data Management in Product Life Cycle Engineering
Tommaso Fasoli, Sergio Terzi, Erkki Jantunen, Juha Kortelainen, Juha Sääski, Tapio Salonen

92. Business Game for Total Life Cycle Management
Christoph Herrmann, Julius Othmer, Mark Mennenga, Rolf Nohr, Stefan Böhme, Tim Heinemann

93. Requirements Management – a Premise for adequate Life Cycle Design
Sandra Klute, Constanze Kolbe, Robert Refflinghaus

94. Towards a Methodology for Analyzing Sustainability Standards using the Zachman Framework
Sudarsan Rachuri, Prabir Sarkar, Anantha Narayanan, Jae Hyun Lee, Paul Witherell

95. Sustainability through Next Generation PLM in Telecommunications Industry
Julius Golovatchev, Oliver Budde

96. Challenges of an Efficient Data Management for Sustainable Product Design
Thomas Leitner, Marek Stachura, Andreas Schiffleitner, Nick Stein

97. Product and Policy Life Cycle Inventories with Market Driven Demand: An Engine Selection Case Study
Hillary Grimes-Casey, Carol Girata, Katie Whitefoot, Gregory A. Keloeian, James J. Winebrake, Steven J. Skerlos

98. A Case-study: Finding References to Product Development Knowledge from Analysis of Face-to-Face Meetings
Barry Piorkowski, James Gao, Richard Evans

99. CAD-Integrated LCA Tool: Comparison with dedicated LCA Software and Guidelines for the Improvement
Alessandro Morbidoni, Claudio Favi, Michele Germani

100. Comparison of two LCA Methodologies in the Machine-Tools Environmental Performance Improvement Process
Mariana Azevedo, Marta Oliveira, João P. Pereira, Ana Reis

101. Developing Impact Assessment Methods: an Approach for addressing inherent Problems
Marten Toxopeus, Vincent Kickert, Eric Lutters

102. Developing a Conceptual Framework for UT based LCA
Jae-Min Cha, Suk-Hwan Suh

103. Towards the Integration of Local and Global Environmental Assessment Methods: Application to Computer System Power Management
Valentine Moreau, Natacha Gondran, Valérie Laforest

104. Cradle to Cradle and LCA – is there a Conflict?
Anders Bjørn, Michael Z. Hauschild

105. Environmental Assessment of Printed Circuit Boards from Biobased Materials
Yelin Deng, Karel Acker, Wim Dewulf, Joost R. Duflou

106. Application of Life Cycle Engineering for the Comparison of Biodegradable Polymers Injection Moulding Performance
Duarte Almeida, Paulo Peças, Inês Ribeiro, Pedro Teixeira, Elsa Henriques

107. Using Ecological Assessment during the Conceptual Design Phase of Chemical Processes – a Case Study
Laura Grundemann, Jan C. Kuschnerow, Tobias Brinkmann, Stephan Scholl

108. Environmental Footprint of Single-Use Surgical Instruments in Comparison with Multi-Use Surgical Instruments
Joachim Schulz, Juergen Pschorn, Sami Kara, Christoph Herrmann, Suphunnika Ibbotson, Tina Dettmer, Tobias Luger

109. Comparative Carbon Footprint Assessment of Door made from Recycled Wood Waste versus Virgin Hardwood: Case Study of a Singapore Wood Waste Recycling Plant
Ruisheng Ng, Chee Wai Patrick Shi, Jonathan Sze Choong Low, Hui Mien Lee, Bin Song

110. A Target Costing-Based Approach for Design to Energy Efficiency
Annett Bierer, Uwe Götze

111. Life Cycle Costing Assessment with both Internal and External Costs Estimation
Sylvain Martinez, Mehrdad Hassanzadeh, Youcef Bouzidi, Nicolas Antheaume

112. Environmental and Economic Evaluation of Solar Thermal Panels using Exergy and Dimensional Analysis
Galina Medyna, Eric Coatanea, Dominique Millet

113. Implications of Material Flow Cost Accounting for Life Cycle Engineering
Tobias Viere, Martina Prox, Andreas Möller, Mario Schmidt

114. Aircraft Engine Component Deterioration and Life Cycle Cost Estimation
Yuyang Zhao, Andrew Harrison, Rajkumar Roy, Jorn Mehnen

115. Life Cycle Cost Estimation using a Modeling Tool for the Design of Control Systems
Hitoshi Komoto, Tetsuo Tomiyama

116. Assessing the Value of Sub-System Technologies including Life Cycle Alternatives
Alessandro Bertoni, Ola Isaksson, Marco Bertoni, Tobias Larsson

117. Costing for Avionic Through-Life Availability
Linda Newnes, Antony Mileham, Gwion Rees, Paul Green

118. Eco Global Evaluation: Cross Benefits of Economic and Ecological Evaluation
Nicolas Perry, Alain Bernard, Magali Bosch-Mauchand, Julien LeDuigou, Yang Xu

Keywords: Engineering, Industrial and Production Engineering, Sustainable Development, Energy Efficiency (incl. Buildings), Energy Economics, Engineering Design

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