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Functional Thinking for Value Creation

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Table of contents

1. Service Cost Estimation Challenges in Industrial Product-Service Systems
Rajkumar Roy, John Ahmet Erkoyuncu

2. The Volkswagen combined Heat and Power Unit - Automotive Know-How for Intelligent Energy Production
Falko Rudolph, Holger Manz

3. Service Knowledge Management for Product Service Systems – a systems design approach –
Andy Harrison

4. Consumable and Expendable Material Support as an Element of Modular Product Service Systems in the Aviation MRO Industry
Markus Mansour

5. Fan Out of Japanese Service Engineering - the State of the Art -
Yoshiki Shimomura, Kentaro Watanabe, Fumiya Akasaka, Koji Kimita

6. Elements of Change in the Transformation towards Product Service Systems
Doroteya Vladimirova, Stephen Evans, Veronica Martinez, Jennifer Kingston

7. Research on Services in the Manufacturing Industry based on a Holistic Viewpoint and Interdisciplinary Approach
Tomohiko Sakao, Christian Berggren, Mats Björkman, Christian Kowalkowski, Mattias Lindahl, Jan Olhager, Jörgen Sandin, Erik Sundin, Ou Tang, Patrik Thollander, Lars Witell

8. Product Adaptation for Industrial Product-Service Systems – Characteristics, Motives and Challenges
Sabine Biege, Marcus Schröter, Marion Weissenberger-Eibl

9. Mechanisms to conduct Life Cycles of Extended Products
Marcus Seifert, Klaus-Dieter Thoben, Jens Eschenbächer

10. Towards a Framework for developing Product/Service Systems
Ola Isaksson, Tobias C. Larsson, Pär Johansson

11. Communicating the Value of PSS Design Alternatives using Color-Coded CAD Models
Alessandro Bertoni, Marco Bertoni, Ola Isaksson

12. Influences of the IPS2 Business Model on the Development of a Micro Milling Spindle
Eckart Uhlmann, Christian Gabriel, Niels Raue, Christian Stelzer

13. Eco-Innovative Design of Product Service Systems by using the Substance-Field Analysis Method
Jahau Lewis Chen, Shih-Che Huang

14. Case Based Idea Generation Method for Sustainable Businesses
Shinsuke Kondoh, Nozomu Mishima

15. Ontology-Based Approach for Supporting Creativity in a PSS Design Methodology
Mircea Fulea, Stelian Brad

16. Customer oriented Configuration of Product-Service Systems
Carsten Mannweiler, Jan C. Aurich

17. An Engineering Method for Supporting Customer-Oriented Service Improvement
Fumiya Akasaka, Ryosuke Chiba, Yoshiki Shimomura

18. Customer Value Optimization in Product Service System Design
Yuanling Tan, Xuening Chu, Zaifang Zhang, Xiuli Geng

19. Integrating PSS Design Methods with Systems for Customer Value Management and Customer Satisfaction Management
Amir Taabodi, Tomohiko Sakao

20. Problem Definition in Designing Product-Service Systems
Gokula Annamalai, Rajkumar Roy, Mehmet Cakkol

21. Small Scale Socio-Technical Experiments as Stepping Stones for Eco-Efficient Product-Service Systems Diffusion: a New Role for Strategic Design for Sustainability
Fabrizio Ceschin, Carlo Vezzoli, Philip J. Vergragt

22. Towards Sustainability-Driven Innovation through Product-Service Systems
Anthony W. Thompson, Tobias C. Larsson, Göran Broman

23. A New PSS Conceptual Design Approach Driven by User Task Model
Xiuli Geng, Xuening Chu

24. Product-Service Systems (PSS) Design Process and Design Support Systems
Y. S. Kim, S. W. Lee, H. Jin, J. H. Shin, J. A. Park, Y. G. Lee, C. D. Kim, B. H. Seo, S. J. Lee

25. Analyzing the Practical Usability of the Heterogeneous Modeling Approach for Conceptual Product-Service System Development
Tim Sadek, Matthias Köster

26. Criteria for assessing the Value of Product Service System Design Alternatives: an Aerospace Investigation
Marco Bertoni, Hakki Eres, Ola Isaksson

27. Design of a Product-Service Systems Business Model: Strategic Analysis and Option Generation
Joris Ostaeyen, Bart Neels, Joost R. Duflou

28. Integrated Evaluation of a PSS Business Case and a PSS Design Method – Application of the PSS Layer Method to an industrial Drilling Solution
Tomohiko Sakao, Svante Paulsson, Patrick Müller

29. Simulation of Life Cycle Costs of a Product Service System
Gisela Lanza, Benjamin Behmann, Patrick Werner, Stephan Vöhringer

30. Flexible Resource Planning in the Context of Dynamic IPS2 Business Models
Horst Meier, Birgit Funke, Mario Boßlau

31. Learning About Product Service Systems – Conveying Information to Improve the Benefit Evaluation and Stabilize Preferences
Mario Rese, Wolf-Christian Strotmann, Markus Karger, Judith Gesing

32. A Simplified Decision Making Model for Employing Product Service System in Industry at a Preliminary Planning Stage
Rachata Khumboon, Sami Kara, Suphunnika Ibbotson

33. Indoor Location Analytics for Designing a Location-Based Product-Service System
Sun K. Kim, Jin-Wook Ro

34. Opportunities for enhanced Project Management in PSS Development
Patrick Müller, Rainer Stark

35. Toward Establishing Design Methods for Cloud-Based Business Platforms
S. Hosono, K. Kimita, F. Akasaka, T. Hara, Y. Shimomura, T. Arai

36. Sharing Expertise: Easier Said Than Done
Johan Holmqvist, Johan Wenngren, Åsa Ericson, Christian Johansson, Peter Thor

37. Measuring Innovation Capability – Assessing Collaborative Performance in Product-Service System Innovation
Johanna Wallin, Andreas Larsson, Ola Isaksson, Tobias Larsson

38. Descriptive Service Product Architecture for Communication Service Provider
Oliver Budde, Julius Golovatchev

39. Knowledge Feedback to the IPS2 Development
H. Bochnig, E. Uhlmann, R. Gegusch, G. Seliger

40. Enhancement in Industrial PSS Design based on TRIZ: a Case Study
Giuditta Pezzotta, Daniele Regazzoni, Sergio Cavalieri, Caterina Rizzi

41. An Ontology for Product-Service Systems
Gokula Annamalai, Romana Hussain, Mehmet Cakkol, Rajkumar Roy, Stephen Evans, Ashutosh Tiwari

42. Data Stream Mining for Increased Functional Product Availability Awareness
Ahmad Alzghoul, Magnus Löfstrand, Lennart Karlsson, Magnus Karlberg

43. Industry Practices and Challenges in Using Product in Use Data to Inform PSS Conceptual Design
Romana Hussain, Helen Lockett, Gokula Annamalai Vasantha

44. Pathways of Servitisation in Mobility Systems
Christoph Herrmann, Katrin Kuntzky, Julian Stehr

45. Development of an Evaluation Scheme for Product-Service Systems
Kwang-Jae Kim, Dong-Hee Lee, Chie-Hyeon Lim, Jun-Yeon Heo, Yoo-Suk Hong, Kwang-Tae Park

46. Economic Relevance of IPS2 Flexibility
Marion Steven, Solmaz Alevifard, Johannes Keine genannt Schulte

47. Customers’ Satisfaction on Estimates of Queue Waiting Time in Service Delivery
Satoshi Shimada, Kei Taira, Tatsunori Hara, Tamio Arai

48. Integrating Environmental Assessment Methods: Development of a New Approach
Valentine Moreau, Natacha Gondran, Valérie Laforest

49. Application of Eco-Services in Automotive Industry for Commercial Customers
Katrin Kuntzky, Christoph Herrmann

50. Scenario Management for Sustainable Strategy Development in the Automotive Aftermarket
Uwe Dombrowski, Christian Engel, Sven Schulze

51. PSS Contracts for Rail and Road Infrastructure
Sofia Lingegård, Mattias Lindahl, Niclas Svensson

52. A Study on Determination of Upgradability of Laptop PC Components
Kuniko Mishima, Nozomu Mishima

53. A Study on Comparison of Different PSS Concepts Based on Value Creation Efficiency
Yoon-Young Chun, Shinsuke Kondoh, Nozomu Mishima, Kun-Mo Lee

54. An Overview on Degradation Modelling for Service Cost Estimation
Pedro Fernandes, Rajkumar Roy, Jörn Mehnen, Andrew Harrison

55. Complexity and Flexibility of IPS2 across various Planning Levels
Horst Meier, Marion Steven, Birgit Funke, Mario Boßlau, Johannes Keine gen. Schulte

56. Present Situation of Customer Participation in Service Design and Production - Interviewing Tour Agent, Airline and Elevator Maintenance Company -
Tsuyoshi Koga, Tatsunori Hara, Yoshinori Taniguchi, Kazuhiro Aoyama, Tamio Arai

57. The Smart Real-Time Factory as a Product Service System
Bilal Hameed, Jörge Minguez, Michael Wörner, Philip Hollstein, Sema Zor, Stefan Silcher, Frank Dürr, Kurt Rothermel

58. Business Model Elements for Product-Service System
Ana Paula B Barquet, Vitor P. Cunha, Maicon G. Oliveira, Henrique Rozenfeld

59. Organizational Buying Behavior in Case of IPS2

Mario Rese, Kira Maiwald

60. Building a Network of SME for a Global PSS Infrastructure in Complex High-Tech Systems: Example of Urban Applications
Alan Lelah, Fabrice Mathieux, Daniel Brissaud

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Engineering Design, Production/Logistics/Supply Chain Management

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