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Information Technologies in Environmental Engineering

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Table of contents

1. Interactive Technique to Build Fuzzy Rule-Based Systems for Classification
Inti Y. González-Herrera, Carlos Pérez Risquet

2. A Model for Generating Outputs for Multiple Location-based Services
Jiang-Liang Hou, Shih-Ting Yang, Yu-Hsuan Su

3. Multi-Label Text Categorization Forecasting Probability Problem Using Support Vector Machine Techniques
Hui-Min Chiang, Tai-Yue Wang, Yu-Min Chiang

4. Diatoms Classification with Weighted Averaging Fuzzy Operators for Eutrophication Prevention
Andreja Naumoski, Kosta Mitreski

5. Multi-Layer Topic Maps to Support Management-Systems by Structured Information
Hans-Knud Arndt, Stephan Jacob, Sebastian Tietz

6. Application of Bio-Inspired Optimization Techniques in Power Distribution Systems
Saumel Enriquez-Caro, Victor S. Ocaña-Guevara, Maybel Anido-Bada

7. Data Defects in Material Flow Networks
Nashida Barakat, Alexandra Pehlken

8. Modelling Solid Waste Recycling Processes Under the Consideration of Data Defects
Alexandra Pehlken, Jorge Marx Gómez, Nashida Barakat

9. A Model-Driven Approach to Uncertainty Reduction in Environmental Data
Marina G. Erechtchoukova, Peter A. Khaiter

10. Participatory Environmental Sensing for Quality of Life Information Services
Kostas D. Karatzas

11. Sketch Technology Roadmap by Using a Novel Vision-oriented Service Innovation Approach: Environmental-Technology Roadmap for Designing Sustainable City as an Example
Yu-Tso Chen

12. Problems of Practical CEMIS (Corporate Environment Information Management Systems) Usage
Horst Junker, Corinna V. Lang

13. Sustainable Online Reporting Model: A Web Based Sustainability Reporting Software
Andreas Solsbach, Daniel Süpke, Benjamin Wagner vom Berg, Jorge Marx Gómez

14. Web Service-enabled Collaborative Corporate Environmental Management Information Systems
Nabil Allam, Tariq Mahmoud, Jorge Marx Gómez

15. Classification of CEMIS Standard Software available on the German Market
Nabil Allam, Horst Junker, Manuel Christel

16. Green Software and Green IT: An End Users Perspective
Eva Kern, Markus Dick, Timo Johann, Stefan Naumann

17. Co-evolution and Co-management of Economic and Ecological Sustainability: A Semantic Approach to Modeling Climate Adapted Land Use Strategies in Northwestern Germany
Nana Karlstetter

18. Web-based Information Systems on ICT for Environmental Sustainability Research in Europe
Werner Geiger, Richard Lutz, Christian Schmitt

19. Sustainable CRM for Mobility Services based on SOA architecture
Ammar Memari, Benjamin Wagner vom Berg, Jorge Marx Gomez

20. Conception of Interactive Information and Decision Support System for Urban and Industrial Air Quality Management: Model and Evaluation
Cezary Orłowski, Łukasz Szczygielski

21. An Environmental Management Information System for the basin of Sagua la Grande, Cuba
Saumel Enriquez Caro, Maybel Anido Bada, Ramdy Ramirez Leal, Henly E. Garcia Solenzal, Zenia Padilla Velázquez

22. Including Environmental Performance Indicators into Kernel based Search Space Representations
Joerg Bremer, Barbara Rapp, Michael Sonnenschein

23. Light-Weight Composite Environmental Performance Indicators (LWC-EPI) Concept
Naoum Jamous, Frederik Kramer, Gamal Kassem, Jorge Marx Gómez, Reiner Dumke

24. Administrating Environmental Performance Indicators Utilizing Lightweight Semantic Web Services
Daniel Meyerholt, Tariq Mahmoud, Jorge Marx Gómez

25. Sustainability and Global Risks: Example of Selected Countries in Asia
Victoria A. Bakhtina

26. Uncovering Non-obvious Relationship Between Environmental Certification and Economic Performance at the Food Industry
Marival Segarra-Oña, Angel Peiró-Signes, Lluis Miret-Pastor, José Albors-Garrigós

27. Sustainable, Multi-Criteria Biomass Procurement: A Game Theoretical Approach
Barbara Rapp, Jörg Bremer, Michael Sonnenschein

28. An Integrated Decisions Support System and a GIS Tool for Sustainable Transportation Plans
Jesús Racero, Marta Hernández, Fernando Guerrero, Gregorio Racero

29. Do Companies Know Which are the Barriers and Facilitators that Enable Proactive Environmental Orientation of the Industry?
María-del-Val Segarra-Oña, Conrado Carrascosa- López, Baldomero Segura-García-del-Río

30. Environmental Management Systems In Learning Organizations In Health Care
Lars Rölker-Denker

31. ProPlaNET: Collaborative Sustainable Project Planning: A Comparison with Existing Approaches
Nils Giesen, Daniel Süpke

32. Reporting Models for Corporate Sustainability in SMEs
Frank Medel, Lourdes García, Saumel Enriquez, Maybel Anido

33. Decision Making Model in Integrated Assessment of Business-Environment System: a Case Study
Lukasz Hadas, Agnieszka Stachowiak, Piotr Cyplik

34. Pro-ecological Solutions Applied in Hotels: Examples
Joanna Oleskow-Szlapka, Agnieszka Stachowiak, Paulina Golinska

35. Towards Sustainable Tourism: Utilizing E-Commerce Applications for Minimizing Impacts of Climate Change
J. J. Masele

36. Introduction to Strategic Eco-Controlling to Support Strategic Decision Making
Miada Naana, Junker Horst

37. Corporate Social Responsibility in Approach to Business Reality: Case Study with Cuban Enterprises
Yaima Yiri Antelo González, Daniel Alfonso Robaina, Desislava M. Dechkova, Jorge Marx Gómez

38. Reference Model for Stimulating Cooperation Between Group of Manufacturing and Transport Enterprises in the Sphere of Transport Processes
Marcin Hajdul

39. One Common Framework for Information and Communication Systems in Transport and Logistics: Case Study
Marcin Hajdul, Marta Cudzilo

40. Global Influence of Multi-area Integration of Logistic Processes
Marta Cudzilo, Karolina Kolinska

41. Automatic Generation of Transshipment and Loading Plans Through a Linear Programming Model in Railway Terminal
José Ángel González Manteca, Eva Ponce-Cueto

42. Analysis of Logistics Processes According to BPMN Methodology
Maciej Stajniak, Bartosz Guszczak

43. Declarative Modeling of Multimodal Cyclic Processes
Grzegorz Bocewicz, Zbigniew A. Banaszak

44. Reverse Logistics in the Automotive Industry: Organizational Models for Waste Generated in Repair Shops
Ruth Carrasco-Gallego, Joaquín Delgado-Hipólito, Eva Ponce-Cueto

45. Recovery Network Arrangements: The WEEE Case
Paulina Golinska, Arkadiusz Kawa

46. Reverse Logistics for Used Portable Batteries in Spain: An Analytical Proposal for Collecting Batteries
Eva Ponce-Cueto, José Ángel González Manteca, Ruth Carrasco-Gallego

47. Using Environmental Demands to Improve Supply Chain Performance
Paul Eric Dossou, Philip Mitchell

48. ERP Integration as a Support for Logistics Controlling in Supply Chain
Adam Koliński, Paweł Fajfer

49. Potential Benefits of Applying e-Markets to Waste Management
Żaneta Pruska, Martyna Malak, Joanna Oleśków-Szłapka, Agnieszka Stachowiak, Paulina Golińska

50. Application of Eco-Balance in Area of Logistics: A Case Study
Mateusz Piaskowski, Anna Stasiuk

51. Comparison of Enterprise Integration Concepts (PLM and EA) from the Point of View Green Manufacturing
Pawel Pawlewski, Paul Eric Dossou

52. “Green” Possibilities of Simulation Software for Production and Logistics: A Survey
Pawel Pawlewski, Jakub Borucki

53. Balance Index, Balance Analysis and IT Tools Supporting Environmental Decisions Making
Marek Fertsch

54. Influence of Selected Methods of Production flow Control on Environment
Justyna Trojanowska, Krzysztof Żywicki, Edward Pająk

55. Maintenance Management Initiatives Towards Achieving Sustainable Development
Malgorzata Jasiulewicz-Kaczmarek, Przemyslaw Drozyner

56. Automated Event Sampling and Real-Time data Access Within Hydrological Measuring Networks by Means of Low-Earth-Orbiting Satellites
Hermann Stadler, Albrecht Leis, Markus Plieschnegger, Paul Skritek, Kurt Woletz, Andreas Farnleitner

57. Parallel and GPU Based Strategies for Selected CFD and Climate Modeling Models
Krzysztof Kurowski, Michał Kulczewski, Mikołaj Dobski

58. Design of the Efficient Archival Warehouse for Weather Forecast System
Slawomir Walkowiak, Lukasz Ligowski, Konrad Wawruch, Witold R. Rudnicki

59. Impact of Improved Land-Surface Model Coupled to NWP System on Convective Boundary Layer Variables
Richard Hodur, Bogumil Jakubiak

60. Survey of Rainwater Quality Modification as Water Supply in Northern Part of Iran
M. Tahghighi Haji Alizadeh, M. T. Ghaneian, M. Bahram Abady

61. A New Environmental Image Processing Method for Chemical Weather Forecasts in Europe
Victor Epitropou, Kostas D. Karatzas, Anastasios Bassoukos, Jaakko Kukkonen, Taru Balk

62. Implementation of a Detailed Shadow Model into the EULAG CFD Model for Urban Applications: Madrid Case Study
R. San Jose, J. L. Perez, R. M. Gonzalez

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Engineering/Biotechnology

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Environmental Science and Engineering
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11 pages
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