Schofield, Norman

Political Economy of Institutions, Democracy and Voting

Schofield, Norman - Political Economy of Institutions, Democracy and Voting, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Norman Schofield, Gonzalo Caballero

2. Institutions: Rules or Equilibria?
Avner Greif, Christopher Kingston

3. War, Wealth and the Formation of States
Carles Boix, Bruno Codenotti, Giovanni Resta

4. Why Do Weak States Prefer Prohibition to Taxation?
Desiree A. Desierto, John V. C. Nye

5. Self-Enforcing, Public-Order Institutions for Contract Enforcement: Litigation, Regulation, and Limited Government in Venice, 1050–1350
Yadira González Lara

6. Judicial Stability During Regime Change: Apex Courts in India 1937–1960
Alfred W. Darnell, Sunita Parikh

7. Institutional Arrangements Matter for Both Efficiency and Distribution: Contributions and Challenges of the New Institutional Economics
Fernando Toboso

8. Institutional Foundations, Committee System and Amateur Legislators in the Governance of the Spanish Congress: An Institutional Comparative Perspective (USA, Argentina, Spain)
Gonzalo Caballero

9. Coalition Governments and Electoral Behavior: Who Is Accountable?
Ignacio Urquizu-Sancho

10. Empirical and Formal Models of the United States Presidential Elections in 2000 and 2004
Norman Schofield, Christopher Claassen, Maria Gallego, Ugur Ozdemir

11. Modelling Elections in Post-Communist Regimes: Voter Perceptions, Political Leaders and Activists
Norman Schofield, JeeSeon Jeon, Marina Muskhelishvili, Ugur Ozdemir, Margit Tavits

12. Electoral Systems and Party Responsiveness
Lawrence Ezrow

13. Electoral Institutions and Political Corruption: Ballot Structure, Electoral Formula, and Graft
Daniel Max Kselman

14. A Model of Party Entry in Parliamentary Systems with Proportional Representation
Daniel M. Kselman, Joshua A. Tucker

15. Moving in Time: Legislative Party Switching as Time-Contingent Choice
Carol Mershon, Olga Shvetsova

16. On the Distribution of Particularistic Goods
Jon X. Eguia, Antonio Nicolò

17. Vote Revelation: Empirical Content of Scoring Rules
Andrei Gomberg

Keywords: Social Sciences, Political Science, Public Finance & Economics, Economic Theory

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