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Advances in Cartography and GIScience. Volume 2

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Table of contents

1. Updating Research on Chernoff Faces for School Cartography
José Jesús Reyes Nuñez, Anita Rohonczi, Cristina E. Juliarena Moretti, Ana María Garra, Carmen Alicia Rey, María V. Alves Castro, Anabella S. Dibiase, Teresa A. Saint Pierre, Mariana A. Campos

2. The Production of Maps for Students in the Context of School Culture
Rosangela Doin Almeida

3. Geoinformation: a social Issue
Angelica Carvalho Di Maio, Cilene Gomes, Maria Lourdes Neves de Oliveira Kurkdjian

4. Passing GIS Knowhow from University Students to secondary School Students: pedagogical Approach in developing youngster’s Capabilities and Understanding in GIS
Amal Iaaly, Rola Jadayel, Oussama Jadayel

5. The Methodological Advantages of using Web Server in Teaching GIS
Andrea Pődör

6. Geovisualization and Archaeology: supporting Excavation Site Research
Spyridon Tsipidis, Alexandra Koussoulakou, Kostas Kotsakis

7. Virtual Recreation of the Monroy Roman Villa (Extremadura - Spain)
Alan D. J. Atkinson, Jose Juan Sanjose Blasco, Jorge Cilleros Recuero, Alberto García Martín, Fernando Berenguer Sempere

8. SEREDONA: a web platform to integrate historical geographic data into current georeferenced frameworks.
Eric Grosso

9. Digital Processing and 3D Modelling of an 18th Century Scenographic Map of Bologna
Gabriele Bitelli, Giorgia Gatta

10. Web Services and Historical Cadastral Maps: the first Step in the Implementation of the Web C.A.R.T.E. System
M. A. Brovelli, M. Minghini, L. Valentini

11. A Method for the Visual Representation of Historic Multivariate Point Data
Alwyn Davidson, Colin Arrowsmith, Deb Verhoeven

12. The Atlas and the Globe of Russian Geographical Explorations and Discoveries of the Earth: Concepts and Contents
N. N. Komedchikov, V. M. Kotlyakov, A. G. Khropov, A. A. Medvedev, L. N. Zinchuk

13. Crossing Borders: Cartographic and Military Operations and the International Borders in the Libyan Desert before WW II
Zsolt Győző Tőrök

14. Optimising the Distortions of sinusoidal- elliptical composite Projections
Gede Mátyás

15. Using Empirical Map Projections for Modeling Early Nautical Charts
Joaquim AlvesAlves Gaspar

16. Requirements for Planetary Symbology in Geographic Information Systems
A. Nass, S. Gasselt, R. Jaumann, H. Asche

17. Venus Mapping at small Scale: Source Data Processing and cartographic Interpretation
Lazarev E, Rodionova J

18. Planetary Nomenclature: a Representation of human Culture and alien Landscapes
Henrik I. Hargitai, Kira B. Shingareva

19. A New Version of the Multilingual Glossary of Planetary Cartography
Kira Shingareva, Bianna Krasnopevtseva

20. Cartographic Support of a New Landing Site for “Phobos-Grunt” Mission
Kira Shingareva, Bianna Krasnopevtseva, Anatoliy Konopikhin, Konstantin Zeljkov, Sergey Dubov

21. Evaluation of the spatial Dynamics of Great Oran (Algeria) using spatial Imagery and GIS
Fouzia Bendraoua, Ali Bedidi, Bernard Cervelle

22. Topographical Mapping at 1:50,000 Scale from Satellite Imagery using CARTOSAT-1
Takka El-hadi

23. 3D Topographic Mapping using TerraSAR-X Elevation
Frank Teufel, Ernest Fahrland, Henning Schrader

24. An Influence of Spatial Range of Input Data set on Terrain Relief form Classification Homogeneity for Glacial Area
Małgorzata Wieczorek

25. Accuracy Assessment of ASTER GDEM in North Shaanxi
Xin Yang, Guoan Tang, Wei Zhang, Shijie Zhu

26. DEM based Terrain Factor of Soil Erosion at regional Scale and Soil Erosion Mapping
Fayuan Li, Guoan Tang

27. Urban Growth Modeling with Road Network Expansion and Land Use Development
Yikang Rui, Yifang Ban

28. Conception of a GIS-Platform to simulate urban densification based on the analysis of topographic data
Anne Ruas, Julien Perret, Florence Curie, Annabelle Mas, Anne Puissant, Gregorz Skupinski, Dominique Badariotti, Christiane Weber, Pierre Gancarski, Nicolas Lachiche, Julien Lesbegueries, Agnès Braud

29. Realistic Road Modelling for Driving Simulators using GIS Data
Guillaume Despine, Caroline Baillard

30. Modeling and Mapping Traffic-Congested Corridors for Statewide Decision Support
Jeong C. Seong, Habtewold Kassa, David Choi

31. How to Map out the Routes of Walkers in a Forestry Environment Considered to be of Risk ?
Vincent Godard, Christelle Meha, Olivier Thomas

32. Estimation of the Locations of the Language-Versions of Wikipedia - a Case Study on Geographic Data Mining
Tobias Dahinden

Keywords: Geography, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography, Computer Applications in Earth Sciences

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Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography
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