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Advances in Cartography and GIScience. Volume 1

Ruas, Anne - Advances in Cartography and GIScience. Volume 1, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Maple – a Web Map Service for Verbal Visualisation using Tag Clouds Generated from Map Feature Frequencies
Stefan Hahmann, Dirk Burghardt

2. Audio Cartography: Visual Encoding of Acoustic Parameters
A. -L. Kornfeld, J. Schiewe, J. Dykes

3. Classifying, Analysing and Experiencing Maps
Janos Szegö

4. Aesthetic Aspects of Early Maps
Jan D. Bláha

5. Representations, Diagrams and Visualizations of Space and Place
William Cartwright

6. A Map in a Movie – the Role and the Usage
Lucie Friedmanová, Karel Stanĕk

7. A Hazy Mirror? Testing the Reflection of Society in State Topographic Maps
Alexander J Kent

8. Map Collecting Practices
Chris Perkins

9. The Atlas Toolbox: Concept and Development of a Rule based Map Component for a GIS-VIS Production Environment
Hartmut Asche, Rita Engemaier

10. What do People prefer and What is more effective for Maps: a Decision making Test
André Luiz Alencar Mendonça, Luciene Stamato Delazari

11. On-demand Cartography for Trekkers
Catherine Dominguès, Charlotte Hoarau

12. Benefits through Linking of analogue and digital Maps
Christian Pauschert, Emanuel Riplinger, Carola Tiede, Volker Coors

13. Understanding the Influence of specific Web GIS Attributes in the Formation of non-experts’ Trust Perceptions
Artemis Skarlatidou, Jessica Wardlaw, Muki Haklay, Tao Cheng

14. Usability Evaluation of a Map-Based Multi-Publishing Service
Hanna-Marika Flink, Juha Oksanen, Ulla Pyysalo, Mikko Rönneberg, L. Tiina Sarjakoski

15. Contemporary and Collaborative Web Concepts as part of a Geo-Knowledge Tool to Assist Park Management
Monique Elsley, William Cartwright

16. Integrating User-contributed Geospatial Data with assistive Geotechnology Using a localized Gazetteer
Matthew T. Rice, William C. Hammill, Ahmad O. Aburizaiza, Sara Schwarz, R. Daniel Jacobson

17. Augmenting Quantum-GIS for collaborative and interactive Tabletops
Viard A., Bailly G., É. Lecolinet, Fritsch E

18. Ontology-Based Discovering of Geographic Databases Content
Ammar Mechouche, Nathalie Abadie, Emeric Prouteau, Sébastien Mustière

19. Place Names Ontologies
Željka Jakir, Željko Hećimović, Zvonko Štefan

20. Standardization of geographical Names in Croatia
Željka Jakir, Željko Hećimović, Zvonko Štefan

21. Location and Cartographic Integration for Multi-Providers Location Based Services
Roula Karam, Frank Favetta, Rima Kilany, Robert Laurini

22. Interactive Scale-dependent multidimensional Point Data Selection using enhanced Polarization Transformation
Stefan Peters

23. Automated Delineation of Stream Centerlines for the USGS National Hydrography Dataset
C. Anderson-Tarver, B. P. Buttenfield, L. V. Stanislawski, J. M. Koontz

24. Pattern Recognition and Typification of Ditches
Savino Sandro, Rumor Massimo, Zanon Matteo

25. Model Generalization of the Hydrography Network in the CARGEN Project
Savino Sandro, Rumor Massimo, Canton Fabio, Langiù Giovanni, Reineri Marco

26. Evaluation of Properties to determine the Importance of individual Roads for Map Generalization
Qi Zhou, Zhilin Li

27. A multi-agent System Approach for Feature-driven Generalization of isobathymetric Line
Xunruo Zhang, Eric Guilbert

28. Multiscale Hypsometric Mapping
Timofey Samsonov

29. Best Pratices for Polygon Generalisation from medium to small Scale in a GIS Framework
Andriani Skopeliti

30. CollaGen: Collaboration between automatic cartographic Generalisation Processes
Guillaume Touya, Cécile Duchêne

Keywords: Geography, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography, Computer Applications in Earth Sciences

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Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography
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16 pages
Natural Sciences

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