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Sustainable Automotive Technologies 2011

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Table of contents

1. A Holistic Approach to Sustainability Evaluations in the Automotive Industry
J. Weber, M. Bowler, T. Kurfess

2. Flexural Creeping Analysis of Polyurethane Composites Produced by an Innovative Pultrusion Process
S. Bruckmeier, J. Wellnitz

3. Manufacturing Microstructured Surfaces for Automotive Applications
A. Cannon, M. Maguire, R. Hulseman, W. King

4. The First Water Based Pretreatment System for Direct Glazing
W.-R. Huck

5. Hybrid Command Issuing in a 2-Dof Servomechanism Operated Under Vision-Based Feedback Control
C. Montes, C. Wong, J. Ziegert, L. Mears

6. Alternative Methods to Increase the Long Term Performance of Laser-Welded Copper Aluminum Connections for Electronic Applications in Mobile Systems
M. Weigl, F. Albert, M. Schmidt

7. Investigation and Optimization of Biodiesel Chemistry for HCCI Combustion
B. Bunting, M. Bunce, B. Joyce, R. Crawford

8. New Potential of Old Wankel-Type Machines
B. Schapiro

9. RPM – Rotary Piston Machines: New Class of Innovative Machines
E. Wilhelm, J. Wellnitz

10. Inductive Power Transfer System Integration for Battery-Electric Vehicles
A. Lorico, J. Taiber, T. Yanni

11. Performance Comparison of Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine Racing Cars
G. Pearson, M. Leary, A. Subic, J. Wellnitz

12. Design of Basic Structural Composite Elements
H. Bansemir

13. Enhancing Sustainability Through the Targeted Use of Synergy Effects Between Material Configuration, Process Development and Lightweight Design at The Example of a Composite Seat Shell
W. Hufenbach, M. Krahl, R. Kupfer, S. Rothenberg, T. Weber, P. Lucas

14. Sustainable Design of A Side Door Reinforcing Assembly – Exploratory Optimisation
M. Kajtaz

15. Research and Development of a New and Sustainable Composite: “Natural Stone Laminate”
L. Müller, J. Wellnitz

16. In-Wheel Coupled Suspension and Drive: Design, Development, and Modeling
R. Clippard, J. Ziegert

17. Optimisation of Automotive Seat Kinematics
M. Leary, M. Mazur, T. Mild, A. Subic

Keywords: Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Industrial and Production Engineering, Structural Materials, Sustainable Development

Publication year
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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