Haj, Alicia

8th International Conference on Cell & Stem Cell Engineering (ICCE)

Haj, Alicia - 8th International Conference on Cell & Stem Cell Engineering (ICCE), ebook


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Table of contents

1. Online Monitoring the Mechanical Remodeling of Hydrogels by Corneal Fibroblasts
M. Ahearne, Alicia J. Haj, S. Rauz, Ying Yang

2. New Improved Technique of Plastic Compression of Collagen Using Upward Fluid Flow
T. Alekseeva, H. Jawad, M. Purser, R. A. Brown

3. A Morphological Study of Cell Aggregations on Mineralization
Halil M. Aydin, Bin Hu, Swati Kesri, Alicia J. Haj, Ying Yang

4. O2 Diffusion through Collagen Scaffolds at Defined Densities: Implications for Cell Survival and Angiogenic Signalling in Tissue Models
U. Cheema, A. J. MacRobert, Z. Rong, T. Alekseeva, O. Kirresh, P. Vadgama, R. A. Brown

5. Finite Element Modeling of Cell Deformation When Chondrocyte Seeded Agarose Is Subjected to Compression
Jinju Chen, D. L. Bader, D. A. Lee, M. M. Knight

6. Matrix Elasticity Directs Stem Cell Fates – How Deeply Can Cells Feel?
D. E. Discher, I. Ivanovska, A. Buxboim

7. Mechanical Conditioning Using Magnetic Nanoparticles Bound to PDGF Receptors on HBMSCs Promotes the Smooth Muscle Alpha Actin (SMA) Expression
Bin Hu, Ying Yang, J. P. Dobson, Alicia J. Haj

8. Introducing Microchannels into Chondrocyte-Seeded Agarose Hydrogels Influences Matrix Accumulation in Response to Dynamic Compression and TGF-β3 Stimulation
T. Mesallati, C. T. Buckley, T. Nagel, D. J. Kelly

9. Dirty Surface – Cleaner Cells? Some Observations with Bio-assembled Extracellular Matrices
Y. Peng, F. C. Loe, A. Blocki, M. Raghunath

10. Acute Stimulation of Dissociated Cortical Neurons of Newborn Rats with Orexin A: Effect on the Network Activity
I. I. Stoyanova, J. Feber, W. L. C. Rutten

11. Atomistic Simulations of Collagen Fibrils
I. Streeter, N. H. Leeuw

12. Can Dynamic Compression in the Absence of Growth Factors Induce Chondrogenic Differentiation of Bone Marrow Derived MSCs Encapsulated in Agarose Hydrogels?
S. D. Thorpe, C. T. Buckley, D. J. Kelly

13. Influences of Extracellular Matrix Properties and Flow Shear Stresses on Stem Cell Shape in a Three-Dimensional Dynamic Environment
B. Weyand, K. Reimers, P. M. Vogt

14. Cell-Matrix Interaction Study during Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Differentiation
Haiyang Yu, Lay Poh Tan

Keywords: Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Physics of the Cell, Stem Cells

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IFMBE Proceedings
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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