Bekiaris, Evangelos

Infrastructure and Safety in a Collaborative World

Bekiaris, Evangelos - Infrastructure and Safety in a Collaborative World, ebook


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Table of contents

1. From Accidents to Measures
Karel A. Brookhuis, Marion Wiethoff, Evangelos Bekiaris, Evangelia Gaitanidou

2. Towards Forgiving and Self-Explanatory Roads
Evangelos Bekiaris, Evangelia Gaitanidou

3. Structuring the Way
Klaas Brucker, Cathy Macharis, Knut Veisten

4. Putting the Legos in Place
Manfred Dangelmaier, Gunter Wenzel, Maria Gemou, Evangelos Bekiaris, Marion Wiethoff, Dick Waard, Karel Brookhuis, Ewoud Spruijtenburg, Vincent Marchau

5. Drawing the Picture. Approach to Optimize Messages on Roads by Design
Stefan Egger

6. Models on the Road
Thomas Benz, Evangelia Gaitanidou, Andreas Tapani, Silvana Toffolo, George Yannis, Ioanna Spyropoulou

7. Exploring Driver Behaviour Using Simulated Worlds
Andreas Tapani, Anna Anund, Nick Reed, Alan Stevens

8. Managing the Risks. Road Risk Analysis Tools
J. Stefan Bald, Katja Stumpf, Tim Wallrabenstein, Le Thu Huyen

9. Back to School
Evangelia Gaitanidou, Evangelos Bekiaris, Maria Panou, Maria Gemou, Stella Nikolaou, Martin Winkelbauer

10. The Impact of Lateral ADAS in Traffic Safety
Tom Alkim

11. Easy Going. Multi-Level Assessment of ISA
Sven Vlassenroot, Jan-Willem Pas, Karel Brookhuis, Johan Mol, Vincent Marchau, Frank Witlox

12. Watch Out! Something Precious is Moving
Anna Anund, Andreas Tapani, Eleni Chalkia

13. A Message for You
Karin Siebenhandl, Michael Smuc, Florian Windhager

14. A Sign Equals Thousand Words
Christian Galinski

15. As You Like IT

Evangelos Bekiaris, Evangelia Gaitanidou, Maria Panou, Konstantinos Kalogirou, Pavlos Spanidis

16. Best Things First. The Application of Multi-Criteria Analysis to Derive Implementation Priorities for Innovative Road Safety Measures
Klaas Brucker, Cathy Macharis

17. Value for Money. Cost–Benefit Analysis
Knut Veisten, Alena Erke, Rune Elvik

18. Anybody Listening?
Marion Wiethoff, Cathy Macharis, Evangelia Gaitanidou

19. Our Future
Evangelos Bekiaris, Evangelia Gaitanidou

Keywords: Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Regional/Spatial Science

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31 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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