Wan, Richard

Bifurcations, Instabilities and Degradations in Geomaterials

Wan, Richard - Bifurcations, Instabilities and Degradations in Geomaterials, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Failure in Granular Materials: Macro and Micro Views
F. Nicot, L. Sibille, F. Darve

2. Instability in Loose Sand: Experimental Results and Numerical Simulations with a Microstructural Model
A. Daouadji, P. -Y. Hicher, C. S. Chang, M. Jrad, H. Algali

3. Failure in Granular Materials in Relation to Material Instability and Plastic Flow Issues
Richard Wan, Mauricio Pinheiro

4. Loss of Controllability in Partially Saturated Soils
Giuseppe Buscarnera, Roberto Nova

5. Critical Plane Approach to Analysis of Failure Criteria for Anisotropic Geomaterials
Zenon Mróz, Jan Maciejewski

6. A Simple Method to Consider Density and Bonding Effects in Modeling of Geomaterials
Teruo Nakai, Mamoru Kikumoto, Hiroyuki Kyokawa, Hassain M. Shahin, Feng Zhang

7. Cyclic Mobility of Sand and Its Simulation in Boundary Value Problems
F. Zhang, Bin Ye, Y. J. Jin, T. Nakai

8. An Updated Hypoplastic Constitutive Model, Its Implementation and Application
Xuetao Wang, Wei Wu

9. A Chemo-Thermo-Mechanically Coupled Analysis of Ground Deformation Induced by Methane Hydrate Dissociation
Sayuri Kimoto, Fusao Oka, Tomohiko Fushita

10. Model for Pore-Fluid Induced Degradation of Soft Rocks
Marte Gutierrez, Randall Hickman

11. Natural Processes and Strength Degradation
Jim Graham, Marolo Alfaro, James Blatz

12. Local Behavior of Pore Water Pressure During Plane-Strain Compression of Soft Rock
M. Iwata, A. Yashima, K. Sawada

13. FE Investigations of Dynamic Shear Localization in Granular Bodies within Non-local Hypoplasticity Using ALE Formulation
M. Wójcik, J. Tejchman

14. Concurrent Multiscale Computational Modeling for Dense Dry Granular Materials Interfacing Deformable Solid Bodies
Richard A. Regueiro, Beichuan Yan

15. Performance of the SPH Method for Deformation Analyses of Geomaterials
H. Nonoyama, A. Yashima, K. Sawada, S. Moriguchi

16. CIP-Based Numerical Simulation of Snow Avalanche
K. Oda, A. Yashima, K. Sawada, S. Moriguchi, A. Sato, I. Kamiishi

17. A Mesh Free Method to Simulate Earthmoving Operations in Fine-Grained Cohesive Soils
Joseph G. Gaidos, Mustafa I. Alsaleh

18. Analysis of Deformation and Damage Processes in Soil-Tool Interaction Problems
Jan Maciejewski, Zenon Mróz

19. Modeling Excavator-Soil Interaction
M. G. Lipsett, R. Yousefi Moghaddam

Keywords: Engineering, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Geotechnical Engineering, Mineral Resources, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering

Publication year
Springer Series in Geomechanics and Geoengineering
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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