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Ambient Assisted Living

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Table of contents

1. Architecture of the ‘Daily Care Journal’ for the Support of Health Care Networks
Manfred Wojciechowski, Helmut Ristok, Wolfgang Brandes, Bernd Lange, Günter Baumgarten

2. Technological Stress – Mental Strain of Younger and Older Users If Technology Fails
Annette Hoppe

3. Ubiquitous Life Support Systems for an Ageing Society in Japan
Thomas Linner, Bernhard Ellmann, Thomas Bock

4. An Intelligent House Control Using Speech Recognition with Integrated Localization
Jozef Ivanecký, Stephan Mehlhase, Margot Mieskes

5. Ambient Voice Control for a Personal Activity and Household Assistant
Niko Moritz, Stefan Goetze, Jens-E. Appell

6. Natural Gesture Interaction with Accelerometer-Based Devices in Ambient Assisted Environments
Kawa Nazemi, Dirk Burkhardt, Christian Stab, Matthias Breyer, Reiner Wichert, Dieter W. Fellner

7. An Elderly-Oriented Platform to Simplify the Use of Physical Activity Controlled Game Consoles
Ian Somlai Schweiger, Axel Czabke, Tim C. Lueth

8. System Architecture for Palliative Care in the Home Environment
Christiane Gaefke, Hannah Baumgartner, Melina Brell, Steffen Simon, Andreas Hein

9. openURC: Standardisation towards “User Interfaces for Everyone, Everywhere, on Anything”
Jan Alexandersson, Jürgen Bund, Eduardo Carrasco, Gorka Epelde, Martin Klíma, Elena Urdaneta, Gregg Vanderheiden, Gottfried Zimmermann, Ingo Zinnikus

10. universAAL – An Open and Consolidated AAL Platform
Sten Hanke, Christopher Mayer, Oliver Hoeftberger, Henriette Boos, Reiner Wichert, Mohammed-R. Tazari, Peter Wolf, Francesco Furfari

11. Towards a Unified Ambient Assisted Living and Personal Health Environment
Mohammad Reza Tazari, Reiner Wichert, Thomas Norgall

12. Preventive Emergency Detection Based on the Probabilistic Evaluation of Distributed, Embedded Sensor Networks
Björn-Helge Busch, Alexander Kujath, Heiko Witthöft, Ralph Welge

13. Detection and Classification of Acoustic Events for In-Home Care
Jens Schroeder, Stefan Wabnik, Peter W. J. Hengel, Stefan Goetze

14. An Approach to the Fusion of Probabilities of Activities for the Robust Identification of Activities of Daily Living (ADL)
Olaf Wilken, Andreas Hein, Matthias Gietzelt, Jens Spehr

15. A Gesture Based System for Context – Sensitive Interaction with Smart Homes
Robert Neßelrath, Chensheng Lu, Christian H. Schulz, Jochen Frey, Jan Alexandersson

16. Enhancing Mobile Robots’ Navigation through Mobility Assessments in Domestic Environments
Melvin Isken, Björn Vester, Thomas Frenken, Enno-E. Steen, Melina Brell, Andreas Hein

17. Emergency Indoor and Outdoor User Localization
Michael Kruppa

18. Unobtrusive In-Car Vital Parameter Acquisition and Processing
Lorenzo T. D’Angelo, Jan Parlow, Wolfgang Spiessl, Stefan Hoch, Tim C. Lueth

19. Overview of Indoor Positioning Technologies for Context Aware AAL Applications
Corina K. Schindhelm, Asa MacWilliams

20. Ambulatory Treatment and Telemonitoring of Patients with Parkinson’s Disease
Simon Herrlich, Sven Spieth, Rachid Nouna, Roland Zengerle, Libero I. Giannola, Diego Esteban Pardo-Ayala, Eugenio Federico, Pierangelo Garino

21. Prototype Implementation of Standard-Based Interoperability Guidelines: Experiences and Results Regarding Telemonitoring Applications
Tom Döhring, Martin Staemmler

Keywords: Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, R & D/Technology Policy, Aging, Geriatrics/Gerontology, Computer Appl. in Social and Behavioral Sciences

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Technology, Energy, Traffic

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