Shackleton, Sheona

Non-Timber Forest Products in the Global Context

Shackleton, Sheona - Non-Timber Forest Products in the Global Context, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Non-timber Forest Products: Concept and Definitions
Charlie Shackleton, Claudio O. Delang, Sheona Shackleton, Patricia Shanley

2. Evolving Perspectives on Non-timber Forest Products
Erin Sills, Patricia Shanley, Fiona Paumgarten, Jenne Beer, Alan Pierce

3. From Subsistence to Safety Nets and Cash Income: Exploring the Diverse Values of Non-timber Forest Products for Livelihoods and Poverty Alleviation
Sheona Shackleton, Claudio O. Delang, Arild Angelsen

4. Non-timber Products and Markets: Lessons for Export-Oriented Enterprise Development from Africa
Anthony B. Cunningham

5. Cultural Importance of Non-timber Forest Products: Opportunities they Pose for Bio-Cultural Diversity in Dynamic Societies
Michelle Cocks, Citlalli López, Tony Dold

6. From the Forest to the Stomach: Bushmeat Consumption from Rural to Urban Settings in Central Africa
Nathalie Vliet, Robert Nasi, Andrew Taber

7. Harvesting Non-timber Forest Products Sustainably: Opportunities and Challenges
Tamara Ticktin, Charlie Shackleton

8. Timber and Non-timber Forest Product Extraction and Management in the Tropics: Towards Compatibility?
Manuel R. Guariguata, Carmen García-Fernández, Robert Nasi, Douglas Sheil, Cristina Herrero-Jáuregui, Peter Cronkleton, Ousseynou Ndoye, Verina Ingram

9. Pro-poor Governance of Non-timber Forest Products: The Need for Secure Tenure, the Rule of Law, Market Access and Partnerships
Mirjam A. F. Ros-Tonen, Koen Kusters

10. Non-timber Forest Products and Conservation: What Prospects?
Terry C. H. Sunderland, Ousseynou Ndoye, Susan Harrison-Sanchez

11. Regulating Complexity: Policies for the Governance of Non-timber Forest Products
Sarah A. Laird, Rachel Wynberg, Rebecca J. McLain

12. Building a Holistic Picture: An Integrative Analysis of Current and Future Prospects for Non-timber Forest Products in a Changing World
Charlie Shackleton, Sheona Shackleton, Patricia Shanley

Keywords: Life Sciences, Forestry Management, Plant Physiology, Environmental Economics

Publication year
Tropical Forestry
Page amount
22 pages
Natural Sciences

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