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Sick Building Syndrome

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Table of contents

1. Introduction to Sick Building Syndrome
Janis Jansz

2. Theories and Knowledge About Sick Building Syndrome
Janis Jansz

3. Indoor Air Quality
S. Müjdem Vural

4. Perceived IEQ Conditions: Why the Actual Percentage of Dissatisfied Persons is Higher than Standards Indicate?
Risto Kosonen, Mervi Ahola, Kirsi Villberg, Tarja Takki

5. Sick Building Syndrome from the Perspective of Occupational and Public Health
Hülya Gül

6. Psychosocial Factors that Aggravate the Symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome and a Cure for Them
Nami Imai, Yoshiharu Imai

7. Building Biology and Examination Models for Buildings
Ayşe Balanlı

8. The Influence of School Environment on the SBS Symptoms and the Development of Asthma and Allergy
Motoko Takaoka, Dan Norbäck

9. Microbial Ecology of Indoor Environments: The Ecological and Applied Aspects of Microbial Contamination in Archives, Libraries and Conservation Environments
Flavia Pinzari

10. Indoor Air Quality: Monitoring and Modeling Protocol for Urban School Buildings
Radha Goyal, Mukesh Khare

11. Mould Growth on Library Materials Stored in Compactus-Type Shelving Units
Flavia Pinzari, Mariasanta Montanari

12. Is Your Library Building Sick? A Case Study from the Main Library of Sultan Qaboos University at Sultanate of Oman
Sabah A. Abdul-Wahab, Nahed Mohamed Bassiouni Salem

13. The Interaction Between the Physical Environment and People
Derek J. Clements-Croome

14. Necessity of Counseling Institutions for Sick Building Syndrome Patients
Nami Imai, Yoshiharu Imai

15. Investigation of Air Pollution in Large Public Buildings in Japan and of Employees’ Personal Exposure Levels
Naoki Kunugita, Keiichi Arashidani, Takahiko Katoh

16. Assessment of Chemical Hazards in Sick Building Syndrome Situations: Determination of Concentrations and Origin of VOCs in Indoor Air Environments by Dynamic Sampling and TD-GC/MS Analysis
Eva Gallego, Francisco Javier Roca, José Franciso Perales, Xavier Guardino

17. Is it Safe Enough to Depend on Ventilation? Recommendation of Radical Measures for Addressing Sick Building Syndrome
Yoshiharu Imai, Nami Imai

18. Building Related Illnesses
Gustavo Silveira Graudenz

19. A Continuous and Proactive Process to Enhance Well-being Indoors
Tarja Takki, Kirsi Villberg, Valtteri Hongisto, Risto Kosonen, Anne Korpi

20. Sick Building Syndrome from an Architectural Perspective
S. Müjdem Vural, Ayşe Balanlı

21. The Role of Demographic and Psychosocial Factors in Predicting SBS Symptoms in Workplaces
Gail Kinman, Andrew Clements

22. Epidemiologic Investigation Methods for Sick Building Syndrome
Omur Cinar Elci, Shelly Rodrigo, Muge Akpinar-Elci

23. Noninvasive Health Assessment Methods in Sick Building Syndrome
Muge Akpinar-Elci, Omur Cinar Elci

24. Solving Indoor Environmental Problems: What Can Be Found Out through Individual Measurements?
Anne Korpi, Tarja Takki, Maija Virta, Risto Kosonen, Kirsi Villberg

25. Sick Building Syndrome from a Medical Perspective-Symptoms and Signs
Berndt Stenberg

26. Improvement of the Illumination Levels Combined with Energy Savings for a Residential Building
Sabah A. Abdul-Wahab, Syed Uzair Ahmed

27. Passive Methods to Address the Sick Building Syndrome in Public Buildings
José A. Orosa, Armando C. Oliveira

28. Ventilation and the Air Ion Effect in the Indoor Building Environments: Impact on Human Health and Wellbeing
Milos Nedved

29. Sick Building Syndrome and Indoor Environmental Quality in China – A Review
Yufeng Zhang, Xiuling Ji

30. Sick Building Syndrome Identification and Risk Control Measures
Janis Jansz

31. The Way Forward
Mahmoud Yousef Abdulraheem

Keywords: Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Environmental Health, Building Types and Functions, Occupational Medicine/Industrial Medicine, Immunology, Building Construction

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