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Computational Science and High Performance Computing IV

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Table of contents

1. Adaptive Modelling of Two-Dimensional Shallow Water Flows with Wetting and Drying
Andreas Dedner, Dietmar Kröner, Nina Shokina

2. HPC Processor Technologies and Their Impact on Simulation
Michael M. Resch, Uwe Küster

3. A Parallel Implementation of FEM for a Boundary Value Problem for the Shallow Water Equations
Evgeniya D. Karepova, Vladimir V. Shaidurov

4. Parallel FVTD for Solving Maxwell Equations in Dielectric-Metal Composite Media
Yurii I. Shokin, Lyudmila Yu. Prokopyeva, Mikhail P. Fedoruk, Alexander S. Lebedev, Dmitry L. Chubarov

5. Numerical Modeling of Work of Pulse Aerosol System of Fire Fighting on Computer Clusters
Alexander D. Rychkov, Yurii I. Shokin

6. Stagnant Vortex Flow
Egon Krause

7. Numerical Modelling of Surface Water Waves Arising Due to Movement of Underwater Landslide on Irregular Bottom Slope
Leonid B. Chubarov, Gayaz S. Khakimzyanov, Nina Shokina

8. Simulation of Geophysical Problems with DUNE-FEM
Slavko Brdar, Andreas Dedner, Robert Klöfkorn, Mirko Kränkel, Dietmar Kröner

9. On Modeling of Mechanical Properties of Fibrous Composites
Kseniya S. Golushko, Sergey K. Golushko, Andrey V. Yurchenko

10. Well-Balanced Path-Consistent Finite Volume EG Schemes for the Two-Layer Shallow Water Equations
Michael Dudzinski, Mária Lukáčová-Medviďová

11. Some Features of the Landslide Mechanism of Surface Waves Generation in Real Basins
Sofia A. Beisel, Leonid B. Chubarov, Yurii I. Shokin

12. Multiscale Analyses for the Shallow Water Equations
Didier Bresch, Rupert Klein, Carine Lucas

13. Shallow Water Equations for Shear Flows
Alexander A. Chesnokov, Valery Yu. Liapidevskii

14. A Language for the Definition of Fortran Source to Source Transformations
Uwe Küster

15. Tsunami Modelling with Unstructured Grids. Interaction between Tides and Tsunami Waves
Alexey Androsov, Jörn Behrens, Sergey Danilov

16. A Geometry Independent Slope Limiter for the Discontinuous Galerkin Method
Vadym Aizinger

17. Two-Fluid Barotropic Models for Powder-Snow Avalanche Flows
Yannick Meyapin, Denys Dutykh, Marguerite Gisclon

18. Hierarchy Analysis and Reduction of Reacting Flow Systems
Viatcheslav Bykov, Ulrich Maas

19. Two-Dimensional Nonstationary Mathematical Model of Water Catchment
Dmitry A. Burakov, Evgeniya D. Karepova, Vladimir V. Shaidurov

20. Central-Upwind Schemes for Boussinesq Paradigm Equations
Alina Chertock, Christo I. Christov, Alexander Kurganov

21. Parallel Lattice-Boltzmann Simulation of Transitional Flow on Non-uniform Grids
Maik Stiebler, Sören Freudiger, Manfred Krafczyk, Martin Geier

22. Combined Approach to Numerical Simulation of Spatial Nonlinear Waves in Shallow Water with Various Bottom Topography
Dmitry G. Arkhipov, Georgy A. Khabakhpashev, Nurziya S. Safarova

23. Algorithm for Solving Non-stationary Three-Dimensional Navier-Stokes Equations with Large Reynolds Numbers on Multiprocessor Systems
Nargozy T. Danaev, Dauren B. Zhakebaev, Abugamil U. Abdibekov

24. Numerical Modeling of Non-homogeneous Turbulence on Cluster Computing System
Ualikhan S. Abdibekov, Dauren B. Zhakebaev, Bakytzhan T. Zhumagulov

25. Dynamic Finite Element Analysis of Cancellous Bone Micro Structure
Ralf Schneider, Ulrich Hindenlang, Peter Copf

26. Three-Dimensional Numerical Modeling of Stratified Flows in Littoral Zone of Israel Using Shallow Water Approximation
Michael Sladkevich, Anna Levin, Eliezer Kit

27. A Cartesian Cut-Cell Solver for Compressible Flows
Daniel Hartmann, Matthias Meinke, Wolfgang Schröder

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering, Numeric Computing, Fluid- and Aerodynamics

Publication year
Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Multidisciplinary Design
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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