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Table of contents

1. Advanced Steel and Our Society: Better Steel, Better World (Opening Address and the Introduction of the Specific Proceedings)
Yong Gan

2. Innovative Steels for Low Carbon Economy
Lejiang Xu

3. Development and Outlook of Advanced High Strength Steel in Ansteel
Xiaogang Zhang

4. Technical Progress and Product Development of TISCO Stainless Steel
Xiao Bo Li

5. The State of Steel Industry in India and its Future Prospects
Sanak Mishra

6. On the Performance Improvement of Steels through M3
Structure Control
Han Dong, Xingjun Sun, Wenquan Cao, Zhengdong Liu, Maoqiu Wang, Yuqing Weng

7. High-Strength Steels: Control of Structure and Properties
A. S. Oryshchenko, E. I. Khlusova

8. Ultra-high Strength Steel Treated by Using Quenching–Partitioning–Tempering Process
T. Y. Hsu (Zuyao Xu), Xuejun Jin

9. Long-term Stabilization of Steel Availability under Limited Resources
Kotobu Nagai

10. Grain Boundary Carbon Segregation Estimated by McLean and Seah-Hondros Models
Setsuo Takaki, Nobuo Nakada, Toshihiro Tsuchiyama

11. Nano-Preciptates Design with Hydrogen Trapping Character in High Strength Steel
Fu-Gao Wei, Toru Hara, Kaneaki Tsuzaki

12. Micro-Mechanical Behavior of Inclusions in Advanced Steels
Xishan Xie, Yanpin Zeng, Miaomiao Wang, Hongmei Fan

13. Dislocation Assisted Phase Transformation Observed in Iron Alloys
Yoon-Uk Heo, Masaki Takeuchi, Kazuo Furuya, Hu-Chul Lee

14. Solution and Precipitation of Secondary Phase in Steels: Phenomenon, Theory and Practice
Qilong Yong, Xinjun Sun, Gengwei Yang, Zhengyan Zhang

15. Ways to Manage Both Strength and Ductility in Nanostructured Steels
Nobuhiro Tsuji

16. Steels: Data Exploration for Discovery and Data-Sharing
Guoquan Liu

17. Long Life High Strength Steels to Resist Fatigue Failure and Delayed Fracture
Weijun Hui, Han Dong, Yuqing Weng, Jie Shi, Maoqiu Wang

18. Metallurgical Perspectives on Advanced Sheet Steels for Automotive Applications
Debanshu Bhattacharya

19. Recent Development of Nb-Containing DP590, DP780 and DP980 Steels for Production on Continuous Galvanizing Lines
K. Cho, K. V. Redkin, M. Hua, C. I. Garcia, A. J. DeArdo

20. Lightweight Car Body and Application of High Strength Steels
Mingtu Ma, Hongliang Yi

21. Design of Lean Maraging TRIP Steels
Dirk Ponge, Julio MiUán, Dierk Raabe

22. The 3rd Generation Automobile Sheet Steels Presenting with Ultrahigh Strength and High Ductility
Wenquan Cao, Jie Shi, Chang Wang, Cunyu Wang, Le Xu, Maoqiu Wang, Yuqing Weng, Han Dong

23. Challenges Toward the Further Strengthening of Sheet Steel
K. Ushioda, J. Takahashi, S. Takebayashi, D. Maeda, K. Hayashi, Y.R. Abe

24. Developments in High Strength Steels with Duplex Microstructures of Bainite or Martensite with Retained Austenite: Progress with Quenching and Partitioning Heat Treatment
David Edmonds, David Matlock, John Speer

25. Development and Application of Q&P Sheet Steels
Li Wang, Weijun Feng

26. Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Al-Added High Mn Austenitic Steel
Jae-Eun Jin, Young-Kook Lee

27. Microstructure and Property Control of Advanced High Strength Automotive Steels
Lin Li

28. Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of a TRIP Steel Containing 7 Mass% Mn
Seong-Jun Park, Chang-Seok Oh, Sung-Joon Kim

29. Development of High Strength and High Performance Linepipe and Shipbuilding Steels
Ki Bong Kang, Ju Seok Kang, Jang Yong Yoo, Dong Han Seo, In Shik Suh, Gyu Baek An

30. MoNb-Based Alloying Concepts for Low-Carbon Bainitic Steels
Hardy Mohrbacher, Xinjun Sun, Qilong Yong, Han Dong

31. Vanadium in Bainitic Steels: A Review of Recent Developments
Yu Li, David Milbourn

32. Nanostructural Engineering of TMCP Steels
Peter D. Hodgson, Ilana B. Timokhina, Hossein Beladi, Subrata Mukherjee

33. Research of Low Carbon Nb-Ti-B Microalloyed High Strength Hot Strip Steels with Yield Strength≥700MPa
Hongtao Zhang, Chengbin Liu, Ganyun Pang

34. Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of X80 Hot-Rolled Steel Strip for the Second West-East Gas Pipeline
Junhua Kong, Lin Zheng, Lixin Wu, Xiaoguo Liu, Liwei Li

35. Refinement of Prior Austenite Grain in Advanced Pipeline Steel
Chengjia Shang, Chengliang Miao

36. Grain Boundary Hardening and Single Crystal Plasticity in High Nitrogen Austenitic Stainless Steels
Markus O. Speidel

37. Unexplored Possibilities of Nitrogen Alloying of Steel
Jacques Foct

38. High-Nitrogen Steels: the Current State and Development Trends
Anatoly G. Svyazhin, Jerzy Siwka, Ludmila M. Kaputkina

39. Development of Stainless Steels with Superior Mechanical Properties: A Correlation Between Structure and Properties in Nanoscale/Sub-micron Grained Austenitic Stainless Steel
S. Rajasekhara, L. P. Karjalainen, A. Kyröläinen, P. J. Ferreira

40. Advanced Heat Resistant Austenitic Stainless Steels
Guocai Chai, Jan-Olof Nilsson, Magnus Boström, Jan Högberg, Urban Forsberg

41. Research and Development of Advanced Boiler Steel Tubes and Pipes Used for 600°C USC Power Plants in China
Z. D. Liu, S. C. Cheng, H. S. Bao, G. Yang, Y. Gan, S. Q. Xu, Q. J. Wang, Y. R. Guo, S. P. Tan

42. Strengthening Mechanisms in Creep of Advanced Ferritic Power Plant Steels Based on Creep Deformation Analysis
Fujio Abe

43. New Products and Techniques of Mould Steels
Xiaochun Wu, Luoping Xu

44. Research on Large-size Pre-hardened Mould Blocks of Plastic Mould Steels
Dangshen Ma, Lin Wang, Aijun Kang, Qiang Guo, Yongwei Wang, Zaizhi Chen, Lihong Cao, Weiji Zhou, Nailu Chen

45. Developments and Challenges of China High-Speed Steel Industry over Last Decade
Lizhi Wu

46. Study of Weldability of High Nitrogen Stainless Steel
Zhiling Tian, Yun Peng, Lin Zhao, Hongjun Xiao, Chengyong Ma

47. Thermomechanical Processing and Role of Microalloying in Eutectoid Steels
J. M. Rodriguez-Ibabe, B. López

48. Study of Non-metallic Inclusions in High Strength Alloy Steel Refined by Using High Basicity and High Al2O3 Content Slag
Xinhua Wang, Min Jiang, Bing Chen, Wanjun Wang

49. Formation of Ultrafine Grained Ferrite+Cementite Duplex Structure by Warm Deformation
Tadashi Furuhara, Behrang Poorganji

50. Pangang Rail Production System Innovation and New Products Development
Dongsheng Mei

51. The Influence of Strong Magnetic Field on Alloy Carbide Precipitation in Fe-C-Mo Alloy
Tingping Hou, Kaiming Wu

Keywords: Materials Science, Metallic Materials, Nanotechnology, Operating Procedures, Materials Treatment

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