Minai, Ali A.

Unifying Themes in Complex Systems

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Table of contents

1. A Simple Approach to Multi-Predator Multi-Prey Pursuit Domain
Javier A. Alcazar

2. Simulated niche partitioning by bacteria
Steven S. Andrews, Adam P. Arkin

3. Predictive Modelling for Fisheries Management in the Colombian Amazon
Jacob Beal, Sara Bennett

4. Complexity and Diversity of Digraphs
Steven H. Bertz, Gil Z. Pereira, Christina M. D. Zamfirescu

5. Complex Knowledge Networks and Invention Collaboration
Thomas F. Brantle, M. Hosein Fallah

6. Random Evolution of Idiotypic Networks: Dynamics and Architecture
Markus Brede, Ulrich Behn

7. Constructing scale-free networks by a matrix stability approach
Markus Brede, John Finnigan

8. Fractal Statistics of Modeled Zoning Patterns in Calcite
Natalia Bryksina, Norman Halden, Sergio Mejia

9. Complexity and Army Transformation
Mark T. Calhoun

10. A Model of Biological Attacks on a Realistic Population
Kathleen M. Carley, Douglas Fridsma, Elizabeth Casman, Neal Altman, Li-Chiou Chen, Boris Kaminsky, Demian Nave, Alex Yahja

11. Cartography applications for autonomous sensory agents
Sarjoun Doumit, Ali Minai

12. Dissipation and Statistical Mechanics of granular gas
Pierre Evesque

13. The Nash Equilibrium Revisited: Chaos and Complexity Hidden in Simplicity
Philip V. Fellman

14. Adaptation and Coevolution on an Emergent Global Competitive Landscape
Philip Vos Fellman, Jonathan Vos Post, Roxana Wright, Usha Dasari

15. Complex Dynamics of the Cardiac Rhythms
S. Filippi, C. Cherubini

16. The Ecological Ideal Free Distribution and Distributed Networked Control Systems
Jorge Finke, Kevin M. Passino

17. Protocol Requirements for Self-organizing Artifacts: Towards an Ambient Intelligence
Carlos Gershenson, Francis Heylighen

18. Modeling Social Structure as Network Effects: Rewards for Learning Improves Performance
James K. Hazy, Brian F. Tivnan, David R. Schwandt

19. Permeable Boundaries in Organizational Learning
James K. Hazy, Brian F. Tivnan, David R. Schwandt

20. Mobility of Innovators and Prosperity of Geographical Technology Clusters
Jiang He, M. Hosein Fallah

21. Towards Computing the Battle for Hearts and Minds: Lessons from the Vendée
Roger Hurwitz

22. The Structure of Algal Population in the Presence of Toxicants
Valentina Ipatova, Valeria Prokhotskaya, Aida Dmitrieva

23. Vortex Analogue of Molecules
Bharat Khushalani

24. Handling Resource Oscillations Through Selective Misinformation
Mark Klein, Richard Metzler, Yaneer Bar-Yam

25. On the evolution of structure in ecological networks
Matthew Labrum, Terence Soule, Aaron Blue, Stephen M. Krone

26. Spatio-temporal dynamics in a Turing model
T. Leppänen, M. Karttunen, R. A. Barrio, K. Kaski

27. Evolution of Money Distribution in a Simple Economic Model
X. San Liang, Thomas J. Carter

28. Chaos as a Bridge between Determinism and Probability in Quantum Mechanics
Wm. C. McHarris

29. The use of fractal dimension calculation algorithm to determine the nature of autobiographical memories distribution across the life span
Olga V. Mitina, Veronica V. Nourkova

30. An formally exact solution for a time-dependent quantum system
J. D. Morales-Guzmán, V. González-Vélez

31. Human-technology Integration
Katharine M. Mullen

32. Crafting a Social Context for Medical Informatics Networks
Salil H. Patel

33. Modeling Safety Outcomes on Patient Care Units
Anita Patil, Judith Effken, Kathleen Carley, Ju-Sung Lee

34. Defining Emergent Descriptions by Information Preservation
Daniel Polani

35. Universality classes of complexity
David B. Saakian

36. Networks of genetic loci and the scientific literature
J. R. Semeiks, L. R. Grate, I. S. Mian

37. A Multi-Modeling Approach to the Study of Animal Behavior
Jeffrey Schank, Sanjay Joshi, Christopher May, Jonathan T. Tran, Randy Bish

38. Patterns of Negotiation
Suresh Sood, Hugh Pattinson

39. Organized All the Way Down
David Sylvan

40. Comparing the dynamics of stomatal networks to the problem-solving dynamics of cellular computers
Jevin D. West, David Peak, Keith Mott, Susanna Messinger

41. A New Approach to Ecological Risk Assessment: Simulating Effects of Global Warming on Complex Ecological Networks
Yun Zhou, Ulrich Brose, William Kastenberg, Neo D. Martinez

Keywords: Physics, Statistical Physics, Dynamical Systems and Complexity, Complexity, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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