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Experimental Methods in Hydraulic Research

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Table of contents

1. Experimental Investigations of Sandy Riverbed Morphology
Stephen Coleman

2. Entrainment Threshold of Loose Boundary Streams
Subhasish Dey

3. Particle Imaging Velocimetry and Its Applications in Hydraulics: A State-of-the-Art Review
Cristiana Cristo

4. Turbulent Flow Hydrodynamics and Sediment Transport: Laboratory Research with LDA and PIV
Rui M. L. Ferreira

5. Studies for Nuclear and Pumped-Storage Power Plant Żarnowiec
Wojciech Majewski

6. Integrated Experimental and Computational Hydraulic Science in a Unique Natural Laboratory
J. R. Manson, B. O. L. Demars, S. G. Wallis

7. Using Experimental Research for an Analysis of Sorption Term in Groundwater Contaminant Transport Equation
Andrzej Aniszewski

8. 2D Simulation of Discontinuous Shallow Flows
R. Canelas, J. Murillo, R. Ferreira

9. Laboratory Modeling of Buoyant Jet in a Rotating Fluid
Natalya Demchenko

10. Analysis of Turbulent Flow Measurements in a Flume with Induced Upward Seepage
Oscar Herrera-Granados, Stanisław W. Kostecki

11. Changes of Sediment Distribution in a Channel Bifurcation – 3D Modeling
Leszek Książek, Douwe G. Meijer

12. Model Investigations of Side Channel Spillway of the Złotniki Storage Reservoir on the Kwisa River
Jerzy Machajski, Dorota Olearczyk

13. Sediment Investigation at the 30° Water Intake
Mehdi Karami-Moghaddam, Mahmood Shafai-Bejestan, Hossein Sedghi

14. Estimation of River Banks Influence on Tachoida Shape at the Meridian
Zygmunt Meyer

15. Statistical Analysis of Topography of Isvika Bay, Murchisonfjorden, Svalbard
Mateusz Moskalik, Robert J. Bialik

16. Assessing Validity of the Dead Zone Model to Characterize Transport of Contaminants in the River Wkra
Magdalena M. Mrokowska, Marzena Osuch

17. Application of a Videometric Measurement System to Investigate Spatial Dike Breach
Lukas Schmocker

18. Spatial Variability, Mean Drag Forces, and Drag Coefficients in an Array of Rigid Cylinders
T. Schoneboom, J. Aberle, A. Dittrich

19. Experimental Study on Gabion Stepped Spillway
Mahmood Shafai-Bejestan, Gh. Kazemi-Nasaban

20. Bed Load Transport in a Physical Scale Model of Two Merging Mountain Streams
Sarah Simonett, Volker Weitbrecht

21. Cross-Section Changes in the Lower Part of a Mountain River After the Flood in Spring 2010, as Presented by Means of CCHE2D Program
Andrzej Strużyński, Maciej Wyrębek, Mateusz Strutyński, Krzysztof Kulesza

22. Application of Hydrodynamics Model for a Case Study of the Kolbudy II Reservoir Embankment Hypothetical Failure
Michał Szydłowski

23. Some Observations on the Similarity of Tracer Data from a Small River
S. G. Wallis, J. R. Manson

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Hydrogeology, Geoengineering, Foundations, Hydraulics, Fluid- and Aerodynamics, Environmental Engineering/Biotechnology, Energy Systems

Publication year
Geoplanet: Earth and Planetary Sciences
Page amount
21 pages
Natural Sciences

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