Howlett, Robert J.

Sustainability in Energy and Buildings

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Table of contents

1. Achieving Energy Efficiency in Office Building
Rusdy Hartungi, Liben Jiang

2. Energy Analysis of Ventilated Roof
F. Patania, A. Gagliano, F. Nocera, A. Ferlito, A. Galesi

3. An Analytic Hierarchy Process Model for Assessing Occupants’ Adaptations to Thermal Comfort in Offices
Jing Liu, Runming Yao, Rachel McCloy

4. Advantages of Using Raw Materials in Ancient and Recent Buildings
A. Murta, H. Varum, J. Pinto

5. Energy Saving Technologies for Conventional Dwellings – A ‘Whole House’ Concept
Pat Addy, Dave Webb

6. Modifying Courtyard Wall Geometries to Optimize the Daylight Performance of the Courtyard
Ahmed A. Freewan

7. Research on the Current Condition of Rural Housing and Strategy of Low-Consumption in Northern China
Wei Zhao, Hong Jin

8. The Design Study of Energy-Saving Rural House in Rural Areas in Heilongjiang Province, China
Xin-yu Zhang, Hong Jin

9. Numerical and Experimental Study of the Natural Convection in a Tall Closed Cavity
Jesús Benito Pérez Valenzuela, Armando Piña Ortiz, Jesús Fernando Hinojosa Palafox, Rafael E. Cabanillas López

10. Numerical Study of Heat Transfer by Free and Forced Convection in a Ventilated Cavity
Norma Alejandra Rodríguez Muñoz, Jesús Fernando Hinojosa Palafox, Karl Kohlhof

11. Model Predictive Control of Wind Energy Storage System for Frequency Regulation
Muhammad Khalid, Andrey V. Savkin

12. Development of a Simulation Tool to Predict Urban Wind Potential
Christina Beller

13. Direction Dependent Power Curves for Wind Power Prediction: A Case Study
Muhammad Khalid, Andrey V. Savkin

14. Tools and Techniques for Intelligent Characterization of Fuels
S. D. Walters, C. Crua

15. Use of Super-Capacitor to Enhance Charging Performance of Stand-Alone Solar PV System
B. J. Huang, P. C. Hsu, P. Y Ho

16. Displacement of Conventional Domestic Energy Demands by Electricity: Implications for the Distribution Network
Roger Morgan

17. Experimental Investigation of CI Engine Operated Micro-Trigeneration System Fuelled with Karanj Methyl Ester-Diesel Blend
Dilip Sharma, Kamal Kishore Khatri, S. L. Soni, Deepak Tanwar

18. Renewable Energies in the EU Energy Policy: Model of Territorial Distribution of Efforts to Meet the Strategic Goal for 2020
A. Tolón-Becerra, X. Lastra-Bravo, F. Bienvenido-Bárcena

19. Future-Proofed Design for Sustainable Communities
Maria-Christina Georgiadou, Theophilus Hacking

20. Enabling Low Carbon Living in New Housing Developments – A Triple Bottom Line Analysis
Steffie Broer, Helena Titheridge

21. Aspects of Life Cycle Investing for Sustainable Refurbishments in Australia
Eckhart Hertzsch, Chris Heywood, Mirek Piechowski, Adrian Rowe

22. Advent of Climate Change and Resultant Energy Related Obsolescence in the Built Environment
T. E. Butt, B. D. Giddings, J. C. Cooper, B. B. N. Umeadi, K. G. Jones

23. Environmental Attitudes and Energy Initiatives within the Greek Hotel Sector
Eva Maleviti, Yacob Mulugetta, Walter Wehrmeyer

24. The EcoSense Project: An Intelligent Energy Management System with a Wireless Sensor and Actor Network
Pedro Díaz, Teresa Olivares, Raúl Galindo, Antonio Ortiz, Fernando Royo, Tomás Clemente

25. The Use of Intelligent Systems for Monitoring Energy Use and Occupancy in Existing Homes
Catalina Spataru, Mark Gillott

26. Assessing the Energy Performance of Office Buildings
Chr. Konstantinidou, A. Dimoudi, P. Kosmopoulos

27. Optimisation of Integrated Low-Carbon Energy Strategies: A Case Study for ‘Zero Carbon’ Social Housing in the UK
Li Mei, P. N. Rowley

28. Characterisation of a Line-Axis Solar Thermal Collector for Building Façade Integration
M. Ramirez-Stefanou, T. Mallick, M. Smyth, J. D. Mondol, A. Zacharopoulos, T. J. Hyde

29. Proposed Model for Design of Photovoltaic Mounted Steep Roof Systems and Case Study: Istanbul, Turkey
A. Mutlu, A. N. Turkeri

Keywords: Engineering, Renewable and Green Energy, Sustainable Development, Civil Engineering, Operating Procedures, Materials Treatment, Environmental Monitoring/Analysis, Energy Efficiency (incl. Buildings)

Publication year
Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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