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Integrated Systems, Design and Technology 2010

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Table of contents

1. Using Homogenization by Asymptotic Expansion for Micro – Macro Behavior Modeling of Traumatic Brain Injury
Y. Remond, R. Abdel Rahman, D. Baumgartner, S. Ahzi

2. Diamond Coating of Hip Joint Replacement: Improvement of Durability
Z. Nibennaoune, D. George, S. Ahzi, Y. Remond, J. Gracio, D. Ruch

3. CAPAAL and CAPET – New Materials of High-Strength, High-Stiff Hybrid Laminates
Bernhard Wielage, Daisy Nestler, Heike Steger, Lothar Kroll, Jürgen Tröltzsch, Sebastian Nendel

4. Challenges in the Assembly of Large Aerospace Components
Mozafar Saadat

5. Improvement of Thermal Stability and Fire Behaviour of pmma by a (Metal Oxide Nanoparticles/Ammonium Polyphosphate/ Melamine Polyphosphate) Ternary System
B. Friederich, A. Laachachi, M. Ferriol, D. Ruch, M. Cochez, V. Toniazzo

6. Investigation of Mechanical Properties and Failure Behaviour of CFRP, C/C and C/C-SiC Materials Fabricated by the Liquid-Silicon Infiltration Process in Dependence on the Matrix Chemistry
Bernhard Wielage, Daisy Nestler, Kristina Roder

7. Investigation of Polymer Melt Impregnated Fibre Tapes in Injection Moulding Process
Jürgen Tröltzsch, Lothar Kroll

8. Numerical Analysis of Relaxation Test Based on Prony Series Material Model
Mahdi Mottahedi, Alexandru Dadalau, Alexander Hafla, Alexander Verl

9. Powder Metallurgy of Particle-Reinforced Aluminium Matrix Composites (AMC) by Means of High-Energy Ball Milling
Daisy Nestler, Steve Siebeck, Harry Podlesak, Swetlana Wagner, Matthias Hockauf, Bernhard Wielage

10. Initial Stress Behaviour of Micro Injection-Moulded Devices with Integrated Piezo-Fibre Composites
Lothar Kroll, Marco Walther, Wolfgang Nendel, Michael Heinrich, Matthias Klärner, Jürgen Tröltzsch

11. Development of Particle-Reinforced Silver-Based Contact Materials by Means of Mechanical Alloying
Bernhard Wielage, Thomas Lampke, Daisy Nestler, Heike Steger

12. Design of Sports Equipment Made from Anisotropic Multilayer Composites with Stiffness Related Coupling Effect
J. Kaufmann, L. Kroll, E. Paessler, S. Odenwald

13. Structural Optimization of Fibre-Reinforced Composites for Ultra-Lightweight Vehicles
Bernhard Wielage, Tobias Müller, Daisy Nestler, Thomas Mäder

14. Optimisation and Characterisation of Magnetoelastic Microsensors
Bernhard Wielage, Thomas Mäder, Daisy Nestler

15. Challenges and Opportunities in PEM Fuel Cell Systems
Amir M. Niroumand, Mehrdad Saif

16. An Overview of Current Research Activities on PEM Fuel Cell Technology at Florida Atlantic University
Amir Abtahi, Ali Zilouchian

17. BELBIC and Its Industrial Applications: Towards Embedded Neuroemotional Control Codesign
Caro Lucas

18. Intelligent 3D Programmable Surface
Michael Fielding, Samer Hanoun, Saeid Nahavandi

19. Manage Competence Not Knowledge
A. G. Hessami, M. Moore

20. Entropy Measure and Energy Map in Machine Fault Diagnosis
R. Tafreshi, F. Sassani, H. Ahmadi, G. Dumont

21. Enterprise Information Management for the Production of Micro- and Nanolayered Devices
Rainer Brück

22. An Interdisciplinary Study to Observe Users’ Online Search Tasks and Behavior for the Design of an IS&R Framework
I-Chin Wu

23. A Generic Knowledge Integration Approach for Complex Process Control
Stefan Berlik

24. A Novel Hybrid Adaptive Nonlinear Controller Using Gaussian Process Prior and Fuzzy Control
H. R. Jamalabadi, F. Boroomand, C. Lucas, A. Fereidunian, M. A. Zamani, H. Lesani

25. Image Based Analysis of Microstructures Using Texture Detection and Fuzzy Classifiers
Lars Hildebrand, Thomas Ploch

26. Fulfilling the Quality Demands of the Automotive Supply Chain through MES and Data Mining
Ralf Montino, Peter Czerner

27. Evaluation of Professional Skill and Kansei Based on Physiological Index: Toward Practical Education Using Professional Kansei

Koji Murai, Yuji Hayashi

28. WLoLiMoT: A Wavelet and LoLiMoT Based Algorithm for Time Series Prediction
Elahe Arani, Caro Lucas, Babak N. Araabi

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Design, Energy Technology, Computational Intelligence

Publication year
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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