Hülsmann, Michael

Strategies and Communications for Innovations

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Table of contents

1. Challenges, Approaches, and Strategic Aspects of Innovation
Michael Hülsmann, Nicole Pfeffermann

2. Strategic Open Innovation: Basics, Actors, Tools and Tensions
Kathrin M. Möslein, Bastian Bansemir

3. Challenges and Visual Solutions for Strategic Business Model Innovation
Martin J. Eppler, Friederike Hoffmann

4. Cognitive Diversity of Top Management Teams as a Competence-Based Driver of Innovation Capability: How to Decode Its Contribution Comprehensively
Michael Hülsmann, Meike Tilebein, Philip Cordes, Vera Stolarski

5. Developing a Technology Intelligence Strategy to Access Knowledge of Innovation Clusters
Rani J. Dang, Letizia Mortara, Ruth Thomson, Tim Minshall

6. Social Innovation and Interactive Value Creation as Strategic Demand for Management
Ralf Kopp

7. Communication of Innovation: Marketing, Diffusion, and Frameworks
Nicole Pfeffermann, Michael Hülsmann

8. Innovation Marketing: An Introduction
Fee Steinhoff, Volker Trommsdorff

9. The Role of Word of Mouth in the Diffusion of Innovation
Tim Mazzarol

10. An Integrated Approach to Communications in the Open Innovation Process
Manfred Bruhn, Grit Mareike Ahlers

11. Managing Emotions Matters: A Balanced Framework for Communicating Innovations in Companies
Claudia Mast

12. The Scent of Innovation: Towards an Integrated Management Concept for Visual and Scent Communication of Innovation
Nicole Pfeffermann

13. The Linkage Between Strategy and Communication for Innovation
Nicole Pfeffermann, Michael Hülsmann

14. Research and Development, Innovation and Marketing: How to Convince Internal and External Stakeholders of Technological Innovations
Alexander Brem, Mostafa Hashem Sherif, Liora Katzenstein, Kai-Ingo Voigt, Dominique Marcel Lammer

15. A Relational Communication Strategy for Successful Collaborative Innovation in Business-to-Business Markets
Bill Donaldson, Thomas O’Toole, Mary Holden

16. Strategic Planning for Communication of Innovation: Crowdsourcing as Social Capital
Sherry Devereaux Ferguson

17. Achieving Market Leadership for Innovation Through Communication
Eric Viardot

18. Innovation Communication as a Cross-Functional Dynamic Capability: Strategies for Organizations and Networks
Nicole Pfeffermann

19. Science Comes Alive! The Internet Film Portal DFG Science TV
Eva-Maria Streier, Nicole Pfeffermann, Jörn Grapp

20. DHL Open Innovation: Program for the Development, Deployment and Promotion of Innovative Solutions in Logistics
Keith Ulrich

21. Communication Management Via Web: The Web-Based Tool ICOM Compass

Hans-Werner Jäger, Annegret Jäger

22. Case Study Electro-Mobility: RWE Mobility
Katja Reimann, Carolin Reichert

23. A Holistic Approach to Communicating Innovations: Siemens and Its Environmental Portfolio
Ulrich Eberl

24. User-Centered Radical Innovation at Deutsche Telekom Laboratories
Fee Steinhoff, Henning Breuer

25. The High-Tech Innovation “ParcelRobot”: Patent Strategy and Communication Tools
Moritz Rohde, Nicole Pfeffermann, Wolfgang Echelmeyer, Carsten Rasch

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Technology Management, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Industrial Organization

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30 pages

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