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The Baltic Sea Basin

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Table of contents

1. The Baltic Sea Basin: Introduction
Jan Harff, Svante Björck, Peer Hoth

2. Geological Evolution and Resources of the Baltic Sea Area from the Precambrian to the Quaternary
Saulius Šliaupa, Peer Hoth

3. Glacial Erosion/Sedimentation of the Baltic Region and the Effect on the Postglacial Uplift
Aleksey Amantov, Willy Fjeldskaar, Lawrence Cathles

4. The Development of the Baltic Sea Basin During the Last 130ka
Thomas Andrén, Svante Björck, Elinor Andrén, Daniel Conley, Lovisa Zillén, Johanna Anjar

5. Late Quaternary Climate Variations Reflected in Baltic Sea Sediments
Jan Harff, Rudolf Endler, Emel Emelyanov, Sergey Kotov, Thomas Leipe, Matthias Moros, Ricardo Olea, Michal Tomczak, Andrzej Witkowski

6. Geological Structure of the Quaternary Sedimentary Sequence in the Klaipėda Strait, Southeastern Baltic
Albertas Bitinas, Aldona Damušytė, Anatoly Molodkov

7. Coastlines of the Baltic Sea – Zones of Competition Between Geological Processes and a Changing Climate: Examples from the Southern Baltic
Jan Harff, Michael Meyer

8. Palaeogeographic Model for the SW Estonian Coastal Zone of the Baltic Sea
Alar Rosentau, Siim Veski, Aivar Kriiska, Raivo Aunap, Jüri Vassiljev, Leili Saarse, Tiit Hang, Atko Heinsalu, Tõnis Oja

9. Palaeoreconstruction of the Baltic Ice Lake in the Eastern Baltic
Jüri Vassiljev, Leili Saarse, Alar Rosentau

10. Submerged Holocene Wave-Cut Cliffs in the South-eastern Part of the Baltic Sea: Reinterpretation Based on Recent Bathymetrical Data
Vadim Sivkov, Dimitry Dorokhov, Marina Ulyanova

11. Drowned Forests in the Gulf of Gdańsk (Southern Baltic) as an Indicator of the Holocene Shoreline Changes
Szymon Uścinowicz, Grażyna Miotk-Szpiganowicz, Marek Krąpiec, Małgorzata Witak, Jan Harff, Harald Lübke, Franz Tauber

12. Holocene Evolution of the Southern Baltic Sea Coast and Interplay of Sea-Level Variation, Isostasy, Accommodation and Sediment Supply
Reinhard Lampe, Michael Naumann, Hinrich Meyer, Wolfgang Janke, Regine Ziekur

13. On the Dynamics of “Almost Equilibrium” Beaches in Semi-sheltered Bays Along the Southern Coast of the Gulf of Finland
Tarmo Soomere, Terry Healy†

14. Modelling Coastline Change of the Darss-Zingst Peninsula with Sedsim
Michael Meyer, Jan Harff, Chris Dyt

15. Settlement Development in the Shadow of Coastal Changes – Case Studies from the Baltic Rim
Hauke Jöns

16. Geological Hazard Potential at the Baltic Sea and Its Coastal Zone: Examples from the Eastern Gulf of Finland and the Kaliningrad Area
Mikhail Spiridonov, Daria Ryabchuk, Vladimir Zhamoida, Alexandr Sergeev, Vadim Sivkov, Vadim Boldyrev

17. Seafloor Desertification – A Future Scenario for the Gulf of Finland?
Henry Vallius, Vladimir Zhamoida, Aarno Kotilainen, Daria Ryabchuk

18. Sources, Dynamics and Management of Phosphorus in a Southern Baltic Estuary
Gerald Schernewski, Thomas Neumann, Horst Behrendt†

19. Potential Change in Groundwater Discharge as Response to Varying Climatic Conditions – An Experimental Model Study at Catchment Scale
Maria-Theresia Schafmeister, Andreas Darsow

20. Monitoring the Bio-optical State of the Baltic Sea Ecosystem with Remote Sensing and Autonomous In Situ Techniques
Susanne Kratzer, Kerstin Ebert, Kai Sørensen

Keywords: Geography, Physical Geography, Ecotoxicology, Geology

Publication year
Central and Eastern European Development Studies (CEEDES)
Page amount
13 pages
Natural Sciences

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