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Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications 2010

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Table of contents

1. Embedded Systems: The Migration from ICE Vehicles to Electric Vehicles
Marco Ottella, Pietro Perlo, Ovidiu Vermesan, Reiner John, Kees Gehrels, Harald Gall, Jordi Aubert

2. Green Combustion Cars Drive on Electric (BLDC) Motors
Dirk Leman

3. Achieving Efficient Designs for Energy and Power Systems of Electric Vehicles
Emilio Larrodé, Jesús Gallego, Sara Sánchez

4. Inverter Losses Reduction Control Techniques for Plug-In HEV and FEV Traction Drive
Federico Cheli, Davide Tarsitano, Ferdinando Mapelli

5. Start
Federico Cheli, Ferdinando Mapelli, Roberto Viganò, Davide Tarsitano

6. Smart Power Control and Architecture for an Efficient Vehicle Alternator - Capacitor - Load System
Ludwig Brabetz, Mohamed Ayeb, Dirk Tellmann, Jiayi Wang

7. Advanced Mobile Information and Planning Support for EVs (MIPEV)
Philipp Bouteiller, Peter Conradi

8. TU VeLog: A Small Competitive Autarkic GPS Data Logging System
Fabian Schueppel, Stefanie Marker, Paul Waldowski, Volker Schindler

9. Monitoring of Batteries and Variable Dynamic Behaviour of an Electric Vehicle
Esteban Cañibano, J. Romo, M.-I. González, L. De Prada, S. Benito, A. Pisonero

10. Vehicle Energy Management – Energy Related Optimal Operating Strategies for CO2 Reduction
Thomas Eymann, Athanasios Vikas

11. Active Engine Management Sensors for Power Train Efficiency
Peter Slama

12. Thermal Systems Integration for Fuel Economy - TIFFE
Carloandrea Malvicino, Seccardini Riccardo

13. Estimation of the Driver-Style Economy and Safety Via Inertial Measurements
Sergio M. Savaresi, Vincenzo Manzoni, Andrea Corti, Pietro De Luca

14. Stable Road Lane Model Based on Clothoids
Christina Gackstatter, Patrick Heinemann, Sven Thomas, Gudrun Klinker

15. Utilizing Near-Infrared and Colour Information in an Automotive Wide-Dynamic-Range Night Vision System for Driver Assistance
Dirk Hertel, Cliff De Locht

16. ADOSE – Bio-Inspired In-Vehicle Sensor Technology for Active Safety
Jürgen Kogler, Christoph Sulzbachner, Erwin Schoitsch, Wilfried Kubinger, Martin Litzenberger

17. Improving Pedestrian Safety in Urban Scenarios Through Autonomous Collision Avoidance
Martin Roehder, Sean Humphrey, Björn Giesler, Karsten Berns

18. Saferider On Bike Information System
Roberto Montanari, Andrea Spadoni, Marco Pieve, Maurizio Terenziani, Sara Granelli

19. The Multi-Functional Front Camera Challenge and Opportunity
Andreas Tewes, Matthias Nerling, Harry Henckel

20. An Occupancy Grid Based Architecture for ADAS
Olivier Aycard, Trung-Dung Vu, Qadeer Baig

21. A Concept Vehicle for Rapid Prototyping of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Robin Schubert, Eric Richter, Norman Mattern, Philipp Lindner, Gerd Wanielik

22. INTERSAFE-2: Progress on Cooperative Intersection Safety
Bernd Roessler, Daniel Westhoff

23. Intersection Safety for Heavy Goods Vehicles Safety Application Development
Malte Ahrholdt, Grant Grubb, Erik Agardt

24. Progress of Intersection Safety System Development: Volkswagen Within the INTERSAFE-2 Project
Jörn Knaup, Simon Herrmann, Marc-Michael Meinecke, Marian Andrzej Obojski

25. On-Board 6D Visual Sensor for Intersection Driving Assistance
Sergiu Nedevschi, Tiberiu Marita, Radu Danescu, Florin Oniga, Silviu Bota, Istvan Haller, Cosmin Pantilie, Marius Drulea, Catalin Golban

26. Cooperative Intersection Infrastructure Monitoring System
Matti Kutila, Pasi Pyykönen, Jussi Yliaho, Bernd Rössler

27. From Sensors to Sensor Systems
Stefan Guenthner, Bernhard Schmid, Alexander Kolbe

28. Solutions for Safety Critical Automotive Applications
Marc Osajda

29. Secure Wireless Control Area Network
Dat Tien Nguyen, Jack Singh, Hai Phuong Le, Ben Soh

30. Design and Control of a Linear Electromagnetic Actuator for Active Vehicle Suspension
Jiabin Wang, Weiya Wang, Simon Tuplin, Matthew Best

31. Optimising Efficiency using Hardware Co-Processing for the CORDIC Algorithm
Andrew Glascott-Jones, Philippe Kuntz, Thierry Masson, P. A. Pinconcely, B. Diasparra, A. Tatat, Franck Berny, F. Salvi, M. Fadlallah, David Kerr-Munslow

32. Microsensor Based 3D Inertial Measurement System for Motion Tracking in Crash Tests
Fabian Niestroj, Joachim Melbert

33. Virtual Reality and Hardware In-the-Loop Testing Methods in the eCall In-Vehicle Module Research and Verification
Jerzy Merkisz, Rafal Grzeszczyk

34. 2020 Auto Sensor Vision
Richard Dixon, Jérémie Bouchaud

35. Towards an Active Approach to Guaranteed Arrival Times Based on Traffic Shaping
Dan Marinescu, Mélanie Bouroche, Vinny Cahill

36. Simulation Process for Vehicle Applications Depending on Alternative Driving Routes Between Real-World Locations
Andreas Lamprecht, Thomas Ganslmeier

37. Priority System and Information Workflow for BHLS Services: An Interregional Project Between Italy and Germany
Saverio Gini, Giorgio Ambrosino, Paolo Frosini, Fabio Schoen, Heribert Kirschfink

38. iTETRIS - A System for the Evaluation of Cooperative Traffic Management Solutions
Daniel Krajzewicz, Robbin J. Blokpoel, Fabio Cartolano, Pasquale Cataldi, Ainara Gonzalez, Oscar Lazaro, Jérémie Leguay, Lan Lin, Julen Maneros, Michele Rondinone

39. A Comprehensive Simulation Tool Set for Cooperative Systems
Thomas Benz, Ralf Kernchen, Moritz Killat, Andreas Richter, Björn Schünemann

40. GuideWeb: A New Paradigm for Navigation Support based on V2V Communication
Bernd X. Weis, Astrid Sandweg

41. Road Course Estimation Using Local Maps and Digital Maps
Marcus Konrad, Klaus Dietmayer

42. Galileo GNSS Based Mobility Services
Rainer Uhle

Keywords: Engineering, Electronics and Microelectronics, Instrumentation, Automotive Engineering, Industrial and Production Engineering

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Technology, Energy, Traffic

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