Jeschke, Sabina

Automation, Communication and Cybernetics in Science and Engineering 2009/2010

Jeschke, Sabina - Automation, Communication and Cybernetics in Science and Engineering 2009/2010, ebook


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Table of contents

1. How to Structure and Foster Innovative Research
Ursula Bach, Ingo Leisten

2. Innovation Rules 2030
Ursula Bach, Klaus Henning

3. Gestaltungsansätze für ein systemisches Fakultätsmanagement
Sabine Bischoff, Paul Flachskampf, Klaus Henning

4. Prävention und Innovation - Strategische Ausrichtung, aktuelle Fragen und Ausblick
Klaus Henning, Ursula Bach

5. Yes, we can! Warum Deutschland den Kopf nicht in den Sand stecken sollte
Klaus Henning, Frank Hees, Ursula Bach, Alan Hansen

6. Management and Optimal Distribution of Large Student Numbers
Sabina Jeschke, Gerald Lach, Robert Luce, Olivier Pfeiffer, Erhard Zorn

7. Spirit
Sabina Jeschke, Barbara Burr, Peter Göhner, Wolfram Ressel, Wolfgang Schlicht

8. Going diverse in the two Clusters of Excellence “Integrative Production Technology for High-wage Countries” and “Tailor-Made Fuels from Biomass” at RWTH Aachen University
Claudia Jooß, René Vossen, Anja Richert, Ingrid Isenhardt

9. Strategic Transfer Communication in Prevention Research as a Contribution to the Innovative and Competive Ability of Enterprises
Ingo Leisten, Frank Hees

10. A Methodology to Reduce Technical Risk in the Development of Telematic Rescue Assistance Systems
Matthias Müller, Michael Protogerakis, Klaus Henning

11. Defining a universal actor content-element model for exploring social and information networks considering the temporal dynamic
Claudia Müller, Benedikt Meuthrath, Sabina Jeschke

12. A Composite Calculation for Author Activity in Wikis: Accuracy Needed
Claudia Müller-Birn, Janette Lehmann, Sabina Jeschke

13. Experiences from an International Student and Staff Exchange Program and Some Still Unsolved Mysteries
Olivier Pfeiffer, Sabina Jeschke, Lars Knipping, Nina Reinecke, Erhard Zorn

14. A System Architecture for a Telematic Support System in Emergency Medical Services
Michael Protogerakis, Arno Gramatke, Klaus Henning

15. Designing Agile Processes in Information Management
Uschi Rick, René Vossen, Anja Richert, Klaus Henning

16. Kulturveränderung oder kulturbasierte Veränderung? Eine strategische Entscheidung
Robert Schmitt, Thilo Münstermann, Klaus Henning, Alexandra Ottong

17. Network Management for Clusters of Excellence - A Balanced-Scorecard Approach as a Performance Measurement Tool
Florian Welter, René Vossen, Anja Richert, Ingrid Isenhardt

18. Application of Remote Technology to Electrical Power System Laboratories
Saleh Al-Jufout, Sabina Jeschke, Abdullah Y. Al-Zoubi, Jarir Nsour, Olivier Pfeiffer

19. Environments for Work and Learning 2020
Stefan Brall, Ursula Bach, Frank Hees

20. Developing a PBL-based Rescue Robotics Course
Frank Hees, Sabina Jeschke, Nicole Natho, Olivier Pfeiffer

21. Networking Resources for Research and Scientific Education in BW-eLabs
Sabina Jeschke, Eckart Hauck, Michael Krüger, Wolfgang Osten, Olivier Pfeiffer, Thomas Richter

22. Networked Virtual and Remote Laboratories for Research Collaboration in Natural Sciences and Engineering
Sabina Jeschke, Arno Gramatke, Olivier Pfeiffer, Christian Thomsen, Thomas Richter

23. Natural Sciences in the Information Society First Experiences
Grit Köppel, Sabina Jeschke, Nicole Natho, Lars Knipping, Grit Petschik, Christian Schröder, Erhard Zorn

24. Bringing Problem Based Learning to Academic Engineering Education using Robotics as the Utility Vehicle
Nicole Natho, Sabina Jeschke, Lars Knipping, Olivier Pfeiffer, Ursula Vollmer, Marc Wilke

25. New Media in Education and Research – a Sophomore Lecture at TU Berlin
Nicole Natho, Sabina Jeschke, Erhard Zorn

26. Supporting Collaboration in Professional Soft-Skill Training Courses
Olivier Pfeiffer, Sabina Jeschke, Lars Knipping, Nicole Natho

27. LiLa: A European Project on Networked Experiments
Thomas Richter, David Boehringer, Sabina Jeschke

28. VIDEOEASEL - A Flexible Programmable Simulation Environment for Discrete Many Body Systems
Thomas Richter, Sabina Jeschke, Olivier Pfeiffer

29. An Intensive Course in Mathematics for Engineers: Experiences and Prospects
Mike Scherfner, Sabina Jeschke, Matthias Plaue

30. Moderne Studienform: Galilea und der Bachelorstudiengang „Naturwissenschaften in der Informationsgesellschaft“
Christian Schröder, Sabina Jeschke, Nicole Natho, Olivier Pfeiffer

31. Microtraining for Workplace-Related Learning
Anne Carina Thelen, Sascha Daniel Herr, Frank Hees, Sabina Jeschke

32. Teachers need robotics-training, too
Ursula Vollmer, Sabina Jeschke, Barbara Burr, Lars Knipping, Jörg Scheurich, Marc Wilke

33. RELOAD - A Semantic-based Learning and Knowledge Platform for Employees of the Do-It-Yourself Industry
Florian Welter, Olivier Pfeiffer, Anja Richert, Sabina Jeschke

34. Pre-Freshmen Students Gearing up with Early Bird
Erhard Zorn, Sabina Jeschke, Akiko Kato, Olivier Pfeiffer

35. Software Architecture, Knowledge Compiler and Ontology Design for Cognitive Technical Systems Suitable for Controlling Assembly Tasks
Eckart Hauck, Daniel Ewert, Arno Gramatke, Klaus Henning

36. Sustainable Transport - Knowledge and Innovations at RWTH Aachen University for Europe’s Systems of Tomorrow
Klaus Henning, Leonie Petry, Richard Ramakers, Julie Meinhold

37. Benefits of RFID for the Production of hybrid Micro Systems in flexible Production Networks of SMEs
Verena Jänen, Christian Tummel, Klaus Henning

38. Automated Truck Platoons on Motorways – A Contribution to the Safety on Roads
Ralph Kunze, Max Haberstroh, Richard Ramakers, Klaus Henning, Sabina Jeschke

39. Organization and Operation of Electronically Coupled Truck Platoons on German Motorways
Ralph Kunze, Richard Ramakers, Klaus Henning, Sabina Jeschke

40. Electronically Coupled Truck Platoons on German Highways
Richard Ramakers, Klaus Henning, Stefan Gies, Dirk Abel, Max Haberstroh

41. Determination of the Order of Electronically Coupled Trucks on German Motorways
Christian Tummel, Ralph Kunze, Klaus Henning

42. RENS – Enabling A Robot to Identify A Person
Xin Yan, Sabina Jeschke, Hinrich Schütze, Amit Dubey, Marc Wilke

43. Open Innovation - Strategie der offenen Unternehmensgrenzen für KMU
Sabine Bischoff, Gergana Aleksandrova, Paul Flachskampf

44. Criteria for Age Based Design of Active Vehicle Safety Systems
Max Haberstroh, Max Klingender, Richard Ramakers, Klaus Henning

45. Dynaxibility for Innovation – Global trends in the field of “Working, Learning, Developing Skills”
Klaus Henning, Frank Hees, Alan Hansen

46. Größere Nutzfahrzeuge - länger und schwerer? Chancen und Risiken für Europa
Max Klingender, Richard Ramakers, Klaus Henning

47. In-depth Safety Impact Study on longer and/or heavier commercial vehicles in Europe
Max Klingender, Richard Ramakers, Klaus Henning

48. Economic Assessment of Innovations – Application of the Value Oriented Cost-Effectiveness Estimation on Electronically Coupled Trucks
Ralph Kunze, Sabine Bischoff, Paul Flachskampf

49. User Acceptance as a Key to Success for the Implementation of a Telematic Support System in German Emergency Medical Services
Marie-Thérèse Schneiders, Michael Protogerakis, Ingrid Isenhardt

50. Benutzungsorientierte Entwicklung barrierefreier Benutzungsschnittstellen
Helmut Vieritz, Sabina Jeschke, Olivier Pfeiffer

51. Using Web Accessibility Patterns for Web Application Development
Helmut Vieritz, Sabina Jeschke, Olivier Pfeiffer

52. Crystalline Ge1−x
Heterostructures in Lateral High-Speed Devices
Sabina Jeschke, Olivier Pfeiffer, Joerg Schulze, Marc Wilke

53. Digitale Produktion via Enterprise Application Integration
Tobias Meisen, Philipp Meisen, Daniel Schilberg, Sabina Jeschke

54. Dynamische Gruppenarbeit
Thilo Münstermann, Jens Völzke, Paul Flachskampf

55. Knowledge Base Concepts in the KEA System Combined with Social Networking Techniques
Nicole Natho, Sabina Jeschke, Marc Wilke, Olivier Pfeiffer

56. Enterprise Application Integration für die virtuelle Produktion
Daniel Schilberg, Tobias Meisen, Philippe Cerfontaine, Sabina Jeschke

57. Ontology Based Semantic Interconnection of Distributed Numerical Simulations for Virtual Production
Daniel Schilberg, Tobias Meisen, Klaus Henning

58. Verkettung von Prozesssimulationen für die virtuelle Produktion
Daniel Schilberg, Arno Gramatke, Klaus Henning

Keywords: Mathematics, Computational Science and Engineering, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering, Information Systems and Communication Service

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