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Creating Balance?

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Table of contents

1. Integrating Professional Work and Life: Conditions, Outcomes and Resources
Cornelia U. Reindl, Stephan Kaiser, Martin L. Stolz

2. Introducing Theoretical Approaches to Work-Life Balance and Testing a New Typology Among Professionals
Johanna Rantanen, Ulla Kinnunen, Saija Mauno, Kati Tillemann

3. From ‘Balancers’ to ‘Integrators’? Young Professionals’ Talk About ‘Work’ and the Rest of ‘Life’ in the UK
Uracha Chatrakul Na Ayudhya, Suzan Lewis

4. Redefining Success: The Foundation for Creating Work-Life Balance
J. Lee Whittington, Rosemary Maellaro, Timothy Galpin

5. Personality and Work-Life Integration
Jesse S. Michel, Malissa A. Clark

6. Potential Antecedents and Consequences of Work-Family Conflict: A Three Country Study
Ronald J. Burke, Lisa Fiksenbaum, Ghada El-Kot, Mustafa Koyuncu, Weng Jing

7. Work-Family Balance, Role Integration and Employee Well-Being
Ann Chunyan Peng, Remus Ilies, Nikos Dimotakis

8. What to Expect When She’s Expecting
Jamie J. Ladge, Danna Greenberg, Judith A. Clair

9. Fatherhood and Flexible Working: A Contradiction in Terms?
Simon Burnett, Caroline Gatrell, Cary Cooper, Paul Sparrow

10. Dual-Career Couples: Specific Challenges for Work-Life Integration
Andrea E. Abele, Judith Volmer

11. Corporate Work-Life Balance Initiatives: Use and Effectiveness
T. Alexandra Beauregard

12. Temporal Workplace Flexibility and Associated Work-Life Outcomes for Professionals
E. Jeffrey Hill, Sarah June Carroll, Blake L. Jones, Lydia A. Buswell, Tamara A. Fackrell, Adam M. Galovan

13. Causes and Consequences of the Utilization of Work-Life Policies by Professionals: “Unconditional Supervisor Support Required”
Bram Peper, Josje Dikkers, Claartje Vinkenburg, Marloes Engen

14. The Pressures of Commitment: Taking Software Home
Jeff Hyman, Chris Baldry

15. The “Myth of Separate Worlds”: An Exploration of How Mobile Technology has Redefined Work-Life Balance
Linda Duxbury, Rob Smart

16. Working in Polycontextual Environments: An Empirical Analysis of Flexpatriates’ Lifestyles
Helene Mayerhofer, Barbara Müller, Angelika Schmidt

17. Spatial Aspects of Professionals’ Work-Life Integration
Deirdre Anderson, Clare Kelliher

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Personnel Management, Sociology, Behavioural Sciences

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