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Table of contents

1. Design of On-Line Electric Vehicle (OLEV)
N.P. Suh, D.H. Cho, C.T. Rim

2. Process Planning and Supply Chain Integration: Implications for Design Process
L. Qiao, S.P. Lv, C. Ge

3. Method and Tools for the Effective Knowledge Management in Product Life Cycle
S. Tichkiewitch

4. General Adaptable Product Design
P. Gu, D. Xue, Y. Chen

5. The Multiple Traditions of Design Research
C. McMahon

6. Evolution Over the Life Span of Complex Systems
M. Pena, E.S. Ibragimova, M.K. Thompson

7. Rethinking the Role of Time in Formal Design Theories
M.K. Thompson, M.A. Doroshenko

8. Semantic Knowledge Based Approach for Product Maintenance Support
I. Sanya, E. Shehab, R. Roy, O. Houseman, M. Jonik

9. Towards a Guideline for the Early Stage of Product Development
A. Hesmer, H. Duin, K.-D. Thoben

10. A New Approach for the Development of a Creative Method to Stimulate Responsible Innovation
B. Tyl, J. Legardeur, D. Millet, A. Falchi, B. Ranvier

11. Configuration of Complex Custom Products in Early Design Phases Using Dependencies Systems
I. Alexandrescu, H.-J. Franke, T. Vietor

12. Integrating Innovations into Vehicle Projects – Towards a Robust “Touch Down” Process
G. Buet, T. Gidel, D. Millet

13. Requirements and Features Clarifying for Eco-Design Tools
F. Vallet, B. Eynard, D. Millet

14. ACLODS – A Holistic Framework for Environmentally Friendly Product Lifecycle Design
S. Kota, A. Chakrabarti

15. A New Approach to Transform a Constrained Geometric Object
M. Moinet, P. Serré, A. Rivière, A. Clement

16. Design Method Taking into Account Geometric Variations Management Along the Design Process
R. Costadoat, L. Mathieu, H. Falgarone

17. Integration of Multiphysical Phenomena in Robust Design Methodology
D. S. Nguyen, F. Vignat, D. Brissaud

18. A Multi-dimensional Model for Structuring Stakeholder Requirements
H.-A. Crostack, S. Klute, R. Refflinghaus

19. Coordinate Free Approach for the Calculation of Geometrical Requirement Variations
G. Mandil, P. Serré, A. Desrochers, A. Clement, A. Rivière

20. Abstract Objectives Can Become More Tangible with the Contact and Channel Model (C&CM)
A. Albers, J. Oerding, T. Alink

21. Integrating Product Model and Whiteboard to Ease Collaborative Work in Global Product Development
H. Vu-Thi, P. Marin, F. Noël

22. Multi-user Collaborative Design Tools for Use in Product Development
R.G.J. Damgrave, D. Lutters

23. The Collaborative Product Design and Help to Decision Making: Interactive Mind-Mapping
T. Luz, E. Loup-Escande, H. Christofol, S. Richir

24. Integrated New Product Introduction Challenges in Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering
M. Maginness, E. Shehab, C. Beadle

25. A Multi-process Manufacturing Approach Based on STEP-NC Data Model
R. Laguionie, M. Rauch, J.Y. Hascoet

26. DFM Synthesis Approach Based on Product-Process Interface Modelling: Application to the Peen Forming Process
J. Elgueder, L. Roucoules, E. Rouhaud, F. Cochennec

27. Product Modelling for Configurable Design in Advanced CAD System
E. Ostrosi, A. Coulibaly, M. Ferney

28. Proposition of a Methodology for Developing a Database of Design Methods
N. Lahonde, J.-F. Omhover, A. Aoussat

29. Interdisciplinary Function-Oriented Design and Verification for the Development of Mechatronical Products
R. Stark, H. Hayka, A. Figge, R. Woll

30. Towards Semantic Virtual Prototypes for the Automatic Model Combination
R. Radkowski

31. Application of PLM Processes to Respond to Mechanical SMEs Needs
J. Duigou, A. Bernard, N. Perry, J.-C. Delplace

32. A Holistic Approach for Sustainable Product Design
H.S. Abdalla, M.A. Ebeid

33. Method-Supported Product Development for Post-series Supply
U. Dombrowski, S. Weckenborg, S. Schulze

34. Set Based Robust Design of Systems – Application to Flange Coupling
A.J. Qureshi, J.Y. Dantan, J. Bruyere, R. Bigot

35. A Product Life-Cycle Oriented Approach for Knowledge-Based Product Configuration Systems
V. Schubert, H. Wicaksono, S. Rogalski

36. Integration of Life Cycle Engineering and Multi-attribute Analysis to Support Product Development: Process Design and Material Selection for a Clothes Peg
C. Inácio, I. Ribeiro, P. Peças, E. Henriques

37. Multiobjective Design Optimization of 3–PRR Planar Parallel Manipulators
S. Caro, D. Chablat, R. Ur-Rehman, P. Wenger

38. Product-Driven Process Value Analysis
Y. Borgianni, G. Cascini, F. Rotini

39. Decision Making and Value Considerations During the Early Stages of Engineering Design
G. Medyna, E. Coatanéa

40. Product Design for Global Production
G. Lanza, S. Weiler

41. Systematic Preparation for Marketing a New Technology
W. Kästel

42. Knowledge Management for Mass Customization
J. Daaboul, A. Bernard, F. Laroche

43. Using Ontology for Design Information and Knowledge Management: A Critical Review
Y. Liu, S.C.J. Lim

44. A Framework to Support Semantic Interoperability in Product Design and Manufacture
N. Chungoora, R.I.M. Young

45. Knowledge Management for Innovative Design
J. Xu, R. Houssin, E. Caillaud, M. Gardoni

46. Acquiring Innovative Manufacturing Engineering Knowledge for the Preliminary Design of Complex Mechanical Components
S. Mountney, R. Roy, J. Gao

47. A Unified Assembly Information Model for Design and Manufacturing
L. Qiao, F. Han, A. Bernard

48. Ontological Semantics of Standards and PLM Repositories in the Product Development Phase
M. Franke, P. Klein, L. Schröder, K.-D. Thoben

49. Computerised Range of Products in the Automotive Supply Industry
J. Feldhusen, A. Nagarajah, S. Schubert

50. Case-Based Reasoning for Adaptive Aluminum Extrusion Die Design Together with Parameters by Neural Networks
S. Butdee, S. Tichkiewitch

51. Knowledge Based Plants Layout Configuration and Piping Routing
P. Cicconi, R. Raffaeli

52. An Interactive-Based Approach to the Layout Design Optimization
J. Bénabès, F. Bennis, E. Poirson, Y. Ravaut

53. A Case Study of Capitalisation and Valorisation of Our Technical Heritage
F. Laroche, J.-L. Kerouanton, A. Bernard

54. A Design Logistics Support Tool on an Operational Level
L. Louis-sidney, V. Cheutet, S. Lamouri, O. Puron, A. Mezza

55. Knowledge Based Engineering Approach Through CAD Systems: Results of a 2 Years Experimentation in an Industrial Design Office
J.B. Bluntzer, J.C. Sagot, M. Mahdjoub

56. Computer-Aided Comparison of Thesauri Extracted from Complementary Patent Classes as a Means to Identify Relevant Field Parameters
G. Cascini, M. Zini

57. Knowledge Extraction from Patent: Achievements and Open Problems. A Multidisciplinary Approach to Find Functions
D. Russo

58. Acquisition of Evolution Oriented Knowledge from Patent Texts
F. Rousselot, C. Zanni-Merk, D. Cavallucci

59. An ISAL Approach for Design Rationale Discovery Using Patent Documents
Y. Liang, Y. Liu, C.K. Kwong, W.B. Lee

60. Automatically Characterizing Products through Product Aspects
P.-A. Verhaegen, J. D’hondt, D. Vandevenne, S. Dewulf, J.R. Duflou

61. Towards a Quality Referential for Performance in Design
A. Poulet, B. Rose, E. Caillaud

62. Performance Evaluation of Parallel Manipulators for Milling Application
A. Pashkevich, A. Klimchik, S. Briot, D. Chablat

63. Priority Evaluation of Product Metrics for Sustainable Manufacturing
A. Gupta, R. Vangari, A.D. Jayal, I.S. Jawahir

64. Using Systems Analysis Techniques to Understand the Relationships Between Skills, Effort and Learning
R.J. Urbanic, W.H. ElMaraghy

65. Towards a Performance Measurement System for Lean-Oriented NPD Processes
M. Taisch, D. Corti, S. Terzi

66. A Framework for Assessing the Reliability of Mechatronic Systems
A. Coulibaly, E. Ostrosi

67. Reverse Engineering for Incorporation Stage of Forming Dies
C. Schoene, D. Suesse, R. Stelzer, U. Schmidt

68. Reverse Engineering of a Piston Using Knowledge Based Reverse Engineering Approach
A. Durupt, S. Remy, G. Ducellier

69. Model Construction Based on CMM and Optical Scanning Data for Reverse Engineering
P.X. Liu, Y. Wang

70. Virtual-Reality-Based Simulation of NC Programs for Milling Machines
R. Neugebauer, P. Klimant, V. Wittstock

71. Virtual Reality in Planning of Non-destructive Testing Solutions
N. Avgoustinov, C. Boller, G. Dobmann, B. Wolter

72. A Systems Approach to Hybrid Design: Fused Deposition Modeling and CNC Machining
V. Townsend, R.J. Urbanic

73. Design for Wire and Arc Additive Layer Manufacture
J. Mehnen, J. Ding, H. Lockett, P. Kazanas

74. Characterization of Selective Laser Sintered Implant Alloys: Ti6Al4V And Co-Cr-Mo
A. Gatto, S. Bortolini, L. Iuliano

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Design, Computer-Aided Engineering (CAD, CAE) and Design, Innovation/Technology Management, Sustainable Development

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