Rauh, Andreas

Modeling, Design, and Simulation of Systems with Uncertainties

Rauh, Andreas - Modeling, Design, and Simulation of Systems with Uncertainties, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Implementing a Rigorous ODE Solver Through Literate Programming
Nedialko S. Nedialkov

2. A New Method for Inner Estimation of Solution Sets to Interval Linear Systems
Sergey P. Shary

3. Structural Analysis for the Design of Reliable Controllers and State Estimators for Continuous-Time Dynamical Systems with Uncertainties
Andreas Rauh, Harald Aschemann

4. Analyzing Reachability of Linear Dynamic Systems with Parametric Uncertainties
Matthias Althoff, Bruce H. Krogh, Olaf Stursberg

5. Robustness Comparison of Tracking Controllers Using Verified Integration
Marco Kletting, Felix Antritter

6. Probabilistic Set-Membership State Estimator
Luc Jaulin

7. Verified Global Optimization for Estimating the Parameters of Nonlinear Models
Michel Kieffer, Mihály Csaba Markót, Hermann Schichl, Eric Walter

8. Optimal Control of Induction Heating: Theory and Application
Darya Filatova, Marek Grzywaczewski

9. Coherent Upper and Lower Conditional Previsions Defined by Hausdorff Outer and Inner Measures
Serena Doria

10. Two Approaches for Guaranteed State Estimation of Nonlinear Continuous-Time Models
Marco Kletting, Michel Kieffer, Eric Walter

11. Quantifying Spacecraft Failure in an Uncertain Environment: the Case of Jupiter Europa Orbiter
Mehrdad Moshir

12. Robust State and Parameter Estimation for Nonlinear Continuous-Time Systems in a Set-Membership Context
Denis Efimov, Tarek Raässi, Ali Zolghadri

13. Nonlinear Adaptive Control of a Bioprocess Model with Unknown Kinetics
Neli S. Dimitrova, Mikhail I. Krastanov

14. Verified Analysis of a Model for Stance Stabilization
Ekaterina Auer, Haider Albassam, Andrés Kecskeméthy, Wolfram Luther

15. Adaptive Control Strategies in Heat Transfer Problems with Parameter Uncertainties Based on a Projective Approach
Vasily V. Saurin, Georgy V. Kostin, Andreas Rauh, Harald Aschemann

16. State and Disturbance Estimation for Robust Control of Fast Flexible Rack Feeders
Harald Aschemann, Dominik Schindele, Jèran Ritzke

Keywords: Engineering, Control, Robotics, Mechatronics, Systems Theory, Control, Software Engineering/Programming and Operating Systems

Publication year
Mathematical Engineering
Page amount
20 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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