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High Performance Computing in Science and Engineering '10

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Table of contents

1. Spin-Liquid Phase in the Hubbard Model on the Honeycomb Lattice
Z. Y. Meng, T. C. Lang, S. Wessel, F. F. Assaad, A. Muramatsu

2. Massive and Massless Four-Loop Integrals
J. H. Kühn, P. Marquard, M. Steinhauser, M. Tentyukov

3. Ligand Protected Gold Alloy Clusters asSuperatoms
Michael Walter

4. The Chiral Critical Surface of QCD
Ph. Forcrand, O. Philipsen

5. Mesoscopic Simulations of Polyelectrolyte Electrophoresis in Nanochannels
Jens Smiatek, Friederike Schmid

6. The SuperN-Project: An Update onCore-Collapse Supernova Simulations
B. Müller, L. Hüdepohl, A. Marek, F. Hanke, H.-Th. Janka

7. Higgs Boson Mass Bounds from a Chirally Invariant Lattice Higgs-Yukawa Model
Philipp Gerhold, Karl Jansen, Jim Kallarackal

8. Dust, Chemistry & Radiation Transport in MRI-Turbulent Protoplanetary Discs
M. Flaig, W. Kley, R. Kissman, P. Ruoff

9. Organic-Metal Interface: Adsorption of Cysteine on Au(110) from First Principles
B. Höffling, F. Ortmann, K. Hannewald, F. Bechstedt

Ab-initio Characterization of Electronic Properties of PbTe Quantum Dots Embedded in a CdTe Matrix
R. Leitsmann, F. Bechstedt

11. Si(111)-In Nanowire Optical Response from Large-scale Ab Initio Calculations
W. G. Schmidt, S. Wippermann, E. Rauls, U. Gerstmann, S. Sanna, C. Thierfelder, M. Landmann, L. S. Santos

12. Laser Ablation of Metals
Johannes Roth, Carolina Trichet, Hans-Rainer Trebin, Steffen Sonntag

13. Conductance and Noise Correlations of Correlated Nanostructures
Alexander Branschädel, Peter Schmitteckert

14. Cu Substitutionals and Defect Complexes in the Lead-Free Ferroelectric KNN
Sabine Körbel, Christian Elsässer

15. Scalar Mixing in Droplet Arrays in Stagnant and Convective Environments
A. Kronenburg, M. R. G. Zoby, S. Navarro-Martinez, A. J. Marquis

16. Euler-Lagrange Simulation of a LOX/H2 Model Combustor with Single Shear Coaxial Injector
Markus Lempke, Peter Gerlinger, Michael Rachner, Manfred Aigner

17. Simulation of Triflux Heat Exchangers inUtility Boilers
Alan Matschke, Michael Müller, Uwe Schnell, Günter Scheffknecht

18. Direct Numerical Simulation of Swept-Wing Laminar Flow Control Using Pinpoint Suction
Tillmann A. Friederich, Markus J. Kloker

19. A Numerical Study of Turbulent Stably-Stratified Plane Couette Flow
Manuel García-Villalba, Elena Azagra, Markus Uhlmann

20. DNS of Unsteady Heat Transfer Increase on aCurved Surface Due to Wake-Induced Turbulence
D. Terzi, L. Venema, H.-J. Bauer, W. Rodi

21. Application of a Novel Turbulence Generator to Multiphase Flow Computations
Christian Huber, Hassan Gomaa, Bernhard Weigand

22. Numerical Investigation on the Deformation of Droplets in High-Pressure Homogenizers
Kathrin Kissling, Steffen Schütz, Manfred Piesche

23. Direct Numerical Simulation of Sediment Transport in Turbulent Open Channel Flow
Clemens Chan-Braun, Manuel García-Villalba, Markus Uhlmann

24. Grid Sensitivity of LES Heat Transfer Results of a Turbulent Round Impinging Jet
Sven Olaf Neumann, Naseem Uddin, Bernhard Weigand

25. Large Eddy Simulations of a Jet in Crossflow
Flavio Cesar Cunha Galeazzo, Peter Habisreuther, Nikolaos Zarzalis

26. The Impact of Secondary Mean Vortices on Turbulent Separation in 3D Diffusers
Dominic Terzi, Hayder Schneider, Hans-Jörg Bauer

27. Time-Dependent Three-Dimensional Simulation of the Turbulent Flow and Heat Transfer in Czochralski Crystal Growth Including the Three-Phase Boundary Movement
A. Raufeisen, M. Breuer, T. Botsch, A. Delgado

28. Numerical Investigation of Shock Wave Boundary-Layer Interaction Using a Zonal RANS-LES Ansatz
Benedikt Roidl, Matthias Meinke, Wolfgang Schröder

29. Large Eddy Simulation of the Cyclic Variations in an Internal Combustion Engine
F. Magagnato, A. Walcker, M. Gabi

30. CFD-CSD-Coupled Simulations ofHelicopter Rotors Using anUnstructured Flow Solver
Felix Bensing, Manuel Keßler, Ewald Krämer

31. Wake Signature of Finite-Span Flapping Rigid Wings
Joel E. Guerrero

32. Computational Design Study of a 3D Hypersonic Intake for Scramjet Demonstrator Testing
Birgit Reinartz, Marek Behr

33. Characterization of Mixing in Food Extrusion and Emulsification Processes by Using CFD
M. Azad Emin, Karsten Köhler, Marc Schlender, Heike P. Schuchmann

34. Modelling Regional Climate Change in Germany
Peter Berg, Hans-Jürgen Panitz, Gerd Schädler, Hendrik Feldmann, Christoph Kottmeier

35. Modelling the Extratropical Transition ofTropical Cyclones and Its Downstream Impact
Christian M. Grams, Sarah C. Jones

36. Global Long-Term MIPAS Data Processing: Some Aspects oftheDynamics oftheAtmosphere fromLower Stratosphere toLower Thermosphere
M. Kiefer, B. Funke, U. Grabowski, A. Linden

37. Computer Simulation for Building Implosion Using LS-DYNA
Georgios Michaloudis, Steffen Mattern, Karl Schweizerhof

38. Quaero Speech-to-Text and Text Translation Evaluation Systems
Sebastian Stüker, Kevin Kilgour, Jan Niehues

39. Molecular Modeling of Hydrogen Bonding Fluids: Transport Properties and Vapor-Liquid Coexistence
Jadran Vrabec, Gabriela Guevara-Carrion, Thorsten Merker, Hans Hasse

40. Software Framework UG: Parallel Simulation of a Three-Dimensional Benchmark Problem for Thermohaline-Driven Flow
Michael Lampe, Alfio Grillo, Gabriel Wittum

41. Tailored Usage of the NEC SX-8 and SX-9 Systems in Satellite Geodesy
M. Roth, O. Baur, W. Keller

42. A Geodynamic Model of the Evolution oftheEarth’s Chemical Mantle Reservoirs
Uwe Walzer, Roland Hendel

43. Three-Dimensional Simulation of Rarefied Plasma Flows Using a High Order Particle inCell Method
J. Neudorfer, T. Stindl, A. Stock, R. Schneider, D. Petkow, S. Roller, C.-D. Munz, M. Auweter-Kurtz

Keywords: Mathematics, Computational Science and Engineering, Theoretical, Mathematical and Computational Physics, Mathematics of Computing, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry

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