Azoulay, Elie

Pulmonary Involvement in Patients with Hematological Malignancies

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Table of contents

1. Managing Patients with Hematological Malignancies for 25 Years
Benoit Schlemmer

2. Pulmonary Involvement in Patients with Hematological Malignancies
Élie Azoulay

3. Respiratory Infections in Patients with Hematological Malignancies
Ayman O. Soubani

4. Epidemiology of Respiratory Events in Patients with HM (Not Including ICU)
Georg Maschmeyer

5. Epidemiology of Acute Respiratory Failure in Patients with HM (ICU Only)
Carlos Agustí, Carmen Lucena, Antoni Torres

6. Noninfectious Lung Involvement in Patients with Hematological Malignancies (Excluding BMT)
Bernard Maitre

7. Noninfectious Pulmonary Involvement in Hematopoietic Stem Cell or Bone Marrow Transplant Recipients
Bekele Afessa

8. Are There Any Pulmonary Issues Specifically Related to Cord Blood Transplants?
Jonathan Gutman

9. Cardiovascular Complications of Cancer Therapeutics
Aarif Y. Khakoo, Callie S. Kwartler

10. Prophylaxis: Peace of Mind?
Benoit Guery, Karine Faure

11. How Type of Malignancy and Treatment Assist in the Etiological Diagnosis
Alexandre Boyer, Didier Gruson

12. Contribution of Radiology in Patients with Hematological Malignancies and Pulmonary Involvement
Claus Peter Heussel

13. Is There Still a Place for Transbronchial Lung Biopsy or Other Lung Biopsy Techniques?
Christophe Dooms, Vincent Ninane

14. The Increasing Role for Core Needle Biopsy of Pulmonary Lesions in Immunocompromised Patients
Cédric Bazelaire, Raphael Calmon, Marion Chapelier, Amélie Pluvinage, Eric Kerviler

15. Minimally Invasive Diagnostic Strategy in Immunocompromised Patients with Pulmonary Infiltrates
Laurent Camous, Virginie Lemiale, Achille Kouatchet, David Schnell, Sandra Miranda, Élie Azoulay

16. Pleural Effusions and Thoracentesis in Patients with Hematological Malignancies
Michael G. Alexandrakis, Paschalis Steiropoulos, Demosthenes Bouros

17. Diagnostic Yield of BAL Fluid Cytology in Hematologic Malignancies
Jean-François Bernaudin, Jocelyne Fleury-Feith

18. New Methods for Bacterial Diagnosis in Patients with Hematological Malignancies
Agnès Ferroni, Jean-Ralph Zahar

19. FDG-PET Imaging in Haematological Patients with Pulmonary Infiltrates
Tomohiko Yamane

20. What Has Been Learned from Postmortem Studies?
Stephen M. Pastores, Alina O. Dulu, Shilpa A. DeSouza

21. Common Viral Pneumonia
David Schnell, Jérôme Legoff, Élie Azoulay

22. Emerging Viral Infections
Oliver Schildgen

23. Cytomegalovirus Pneumonia in Patients with Hematologic Malignancies
Karen J. Vigil, Roy F. Chemaly

24. Herpes Simplex Virus Pneumonia in Patients with Hematologic Malignancies
Jharna N. Shah, Roy F. Chemaly

25. Pneumocystis Pneumonia in Non-AIDS Immunocompromised Patients
Élie Azoulay, Virginie Lemiale, Achille Kouatchet, François Vincent, Antoine Roux, Guillaume Bollée, Patricia Roux

26. Diagnosis of Invasive Pulmonary Aspergillosis in Patients with Hematologic Diseases
Marie-Elisabeth Bougnoux, Fanny Lanternier, Emilie Catherinot, Felipe Suarez, Olivier Lortholary

27. Emerging Fungal Infections
Marcia Garnica, Marcio Nucci

Candida Pneumonia in Patients with Hematological Neoplasia
Carlos Carvajal, Jordi Rello, Jeffrey Lipman

29. Parasitic Lung Infections
Jean-François Timsit, Jean-Paul Brion, Hervé Pelloux

30. Pulmonary Mycobacterial Infections in Patients with Hematological Malignancies
Khalid A. Al-Anazi, Asma M. Al-Jasser

31. Pleuropulmonary Changes Induced by Drugs in Patients with Hematologic Diseases
Philippe Camus

32. Cardiovascular Complications of Cancer and Radiation Therapy
Callie S. Kwartler, Aarif Y. Khakoo

33. Diffuse Alveolar Hemorrhage in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Recipients and Patients with Hematologic Malignancy
Bekele Afessa

34. Venous Thromboembolism in Patients with Hematologic Malignancies
Tarek Sousou, Alok A. Khorana

35. Transfusion-Related Acute Lung Injury in Children with Hematological Malignancies
Rachel S. Bercovitz, J. Bradley Ball, Marguerite R. Kelher, Christopher C. Silliman

36. Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) in Neutropenic Patients
Mokart Djamel, Textoris Julien, Ettori Florence, Bruno Chetaille, Blache Jean-Louis

37. Pulmonary Venoocclusive Disease Following Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
Matthew C. Bunte, Linda J. Burns

38. Radiation Pneumonitis
Miguel Gallego Díaz, Jordi Rello Condomines

39. Leukostasis, Infiltration and Pulmonary Lysis Syndrome Are the Three Patterns of Leukemic Pulmonary Infiltrates
François Vincent

40. Pulmonary MALT Lymphoma: Clinical, Molecular and Therapeutic Aspects
Marie Wislez, Raphael Borie, Catherine Thieblemont, Marie-France Carette, Martine Antoine, Jacques Cadranel

41. ARDS During Neutropenia Recovery
Élie Azoulay, Eric Ezingeard, Choupi-Salomon Berckowski, Michael Darmon

42. Fibrosing Alveolitis in Hematologic Malignancy Patients Undergoing Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation
Huda Salman, Kenneth R. Cooke, Hillard M. Lazarus

43. Antibiotic Therapy in Neutropenic Patients
Matthieu Legrand, Adeline Max, Bertrand Gachot

44. Antifungal Therapy in Patients with Hematological Malignancies
Raoul Herbrecht, Yasmine Nivoix

45. Antiviral Agents in Patients with Hematological Malignancies and Acute Respiratory Failure
Michael Sandherr

46. Mechanical Ventilation in Patients with Hematological Malignancies
Márcio Soares, Jorge I. F. Salluh, Pieter O. Depuydt

47. Optimizing Noninvasive Ventilation in Hematological Patients with Acute Respiratory Failure
Gilles Hilbert

48. Noninvasive Ventilation to Ensure the Safety of Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy
Massimo Antonelli, Giuseppe Bello, Riccardo Maviglia

49. NIV Outside the ICU
Stefano Nava, Sebastiano Mercadante

50. Palliative Noninvasive Mechanical Ventilation in Patients with Hematological Malignancies
Anne-Pascale Meert, Thierry Berghmans, Jean-Paul Sculier

51. Acute Kidney Injury in Cancer Patients
Michael Darmon, Laurent Camous, Camille Devanlay, Emmanuel Canet, Benoit Schlemmer, Fabrice Zeni

52. Septic Shock
David Grimaldi, Frédéric Pène

53. Prognostic Factors for Mortality in the Critically Ill Cancer Patient
Kathleen N. S. Cathcart, Jeffrey S. Groeger

54. Managing Critically Ill Cancer Patients: Another Medical Success Story
Élie Azoulay, Marcio Soares, Michael Darmon, Dominique Benoit, Stephen Pastores, Bekele Afessa

55. Palliative Care and Dyspnea Management in Patients with Hematological Malignancies and Acute Respiratory Failure
Amy P. Abernethy, Jane L. Wheeler, David C. Currow

56. End-of-Life Decisions in Cancer Patients
Lieve Block, Agnes Heide, Luc Deliens

57. An Unexpected Diagnosis of Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Virginie Lemiale, A. Seguin, Élie Azoulay

58. Respiratory Symptoms Occurring 4 Months After Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
Anne Bergeron, Séverine Feuillet, Véronique Meignin, Patricia Ribaud, Abdellatif Tazi

59. Pulmonary Complications of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
Melhem Solh, Punit Wadhwa

60. Clinical Pearls: Pulmonary Veno-occlusive Disease
Jonathan Gutman

61. Cytarabine-Induced Pulmonary Toxicity in Leukemic Patients
Fabio Forghieri, Leonardo Potenza, Monica Morselli, Monica Maccaferri, Giuseppe Torelli, Mario Luppi

62. Histoplasmosis in a Patient with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia
Vincent Peigne, Benoît Schlemmer, Olivier Lortholary

63. Pulmonary Toxicity of Imatinib and Other BCR-ABL Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors
François Vincent

64. Rituximab-Related Pulmonary Toxicity
Yair Herishanu, Chava Perry, Aaron Polliack

65. Cardiogenic Causes of Respiratory Failure in Patients with Hematological Malignancies
Julien Maizel, Berengere Gruson, Jean-Pierre Marolleau, Michel Slama

66. Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis
François Vincent, H. Tandjaoui, P. Y. Brillet

Pneumocystis jiroveci Pneumonia in a Patient with Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma
Hung Chang, Lee-Yung Shih

68. Pulmonary Infiltration in Anaplastic T-Cell Lymphoma
Christophe Cracco, Julien Mayaux, Sylvain Choquet, Catherine Beigelman, Frédéric Charlotte

69. A Rapidly Reversible Cause of Pulmonary Embolism
Sophie Georgin-Lavialle, Élie Azoulay, Fabrice Zeni, Michael Darmon

70. Hairy Cell Leukemia with Pulmonary Infiltrates
Virginie Lemiale, Véronique Meignin, Élie Azoulay

Trichosporon asahii Infection in a Neutropenic Patient
Djamel Mokart, Antoine Sannini, Jean-Paul Brun, Laurent Chow-chine, Jean-Louis Blache

72. Who Is This Book for? Reserved to Highly Specialized Teams?
Laurent Brochard

73. Pulmonary Involvement in Patients with Hematological Malignancies: And Now?
Patricia Ribaud, Gérard Socié

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