Boos, Margarete

Coordination in Human and Primate Groups

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Table of contents

1. Coordination in Human and Non-human Primate Groups: Why Compare and How?
Margarete Boos, Michaela Kolbe, Peter M. Kappeler

2. An Inclusive Model of Group Coordination
Margarete Boos, Michaela Kolbe, Micha Strack

3. Coordination of Group Movements in Non-human Primates
Claudia Fichtel, Lennart Pyritz, Peter M. Kappeler

4. Dimensions of Group Coordination: Applicability Test of the Coordination Mechanism Circumplex Model
Micha Strack, Michaela Kolbe, Margarete Boos

5. The Role of Coordination in Preventing Harm in Healthcare Groups: Research Examples from Anaesthesia and an Integrated Model of Coordination for Action Teams in Health Care
Michaela Kolbe, Michael Burtscher, Tanja Manser, Barbara Künzle, Gudela Grote

6. Developing Observational Categories for Group Process Research Based on Task and Coordination Requirement Analysis: Examples from Research on Medical Emergency-Driven Teams
Franziska Tschan, Norbert K. Semmer, Maria Vetterli, Andrea Gurtner, Sabina Hunziker, Stephan U. Marsch

7. Assessing Coordination in Human Groups: Concepts and Methods
Thomas Ellwart

8. Assessing Team Coordination Potential
Kristina Lauche

9. Measurement of Team Knowledge in the Field: Methodological Advantages and Limitations
Thomas Ellwart, Torsten Biemann, Oliver Rack

10. An Observation-Based Method for Measuring the Sharedness of Mental Models in Teams
Petra Badke-Schaub, Andre Neumann, Kristina Lauche

11. Effective Coordination in Human Group Decision Making: MICRO-CO: A Micro-analytical Taxonomy for Analysing Explicit Coordination Mechanisms in Decision-Making Groups
Michaela Kolbe, Micha Strack, Alexandra Stein, Margarete Boos

12. Primatological Approaches to the Study of Group Coordination
Peter M. Kappeler

13. Communicative and Cognitive Underpinnings of Animal Group Movement
Julia Fischer, Dietmar Zinner

14. Communicative Cues Among and Between Human and Non-human Primates: Attending to Specificity in Triadic Gestural Interactions
Juliane Kaminski

15. Coordination in Primate Mixed-Species Groups
Eckhard W. Heymann

Keywords: Life Sciences, Behavioural Sciences, Developmental Psychology, Evolutionary Biology, Zoology

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