Hesthaven, Jan S.

Spectral and High Order Methods for Partial Differential Equations

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Table of contents

hp-FEM for the Contact Problem with Tresca Friction in Linear Elasticity: The Primal Formulation
P. Dörsek, J. M. Melenk

2. On Multivariate Chebyshev Polynomials and Spectral Approximations on Triangles
Brett N. Ryland, Hans Z. Munthe-Kaas

3. Stochastic Spectral Galerkin and Collocation Methods for PDEs with Random Coefficients: A Numerical Comparison
Joakim Bäck, Fabio Nobile, Lorenzo Tamellini, Raul Tempone

4. Hybridizable Discontinuous Galerkin Methods
N. C. Nguyen, J. Peraire, B. Cockburn

5. Multivariate Modified Fourier Expansions
Ben Adcock, Daan Huybrechs

6. Constraint Oriented Spectral Element Method
E. Ahusborde, M. Azaïez, R. Gruber

7. Convergence Rates of Sparse Tensor GPC FEM for Elliptic sPDEs
Marcel Bieri, Roman Andreev, Christoph Schwab

8. A Conservative Spectral Element Method for Curvilinear Domains
Mick Bouman, Artur Palha, Jasper Kreeft, Marc Gerritsma

9. An Efficient Control Variate Method for Parametrized Expectations
Sébastien Boyaval

10. A Proof, Based on the Euler Sum Acceleration, of the Recovery of an Exponential (Geometric) Rate of Convergence for the Fourier Series of a Function with Gibbs Phenomenon
John P. Boyd

11. A Seamless Reduced Basis Element Method for 2D Maxwell’s Problem: An Introduction
Yanlai Chen, Jan S. Hesthaven, Yvon Maday

12. An hp-Nitsche’s Method for Interface Problems with Nonconforming Unstructured Finite Element Meshes
Alexey Chernov, Peter Hansbo

13. Hybrid Explicit–Implicit Time Integration for Grid-Induced Stiffness in a DGTD Method for Time Domain Electromagnetics
Victorita Dolean, Hassan Fahs, Loula Fezoui, Stéphane Lanteri

14. High-Order Quasi-Uniform Approximation on the Sphere Using Fourier-Finite-Elements
T. Dubos

15. An hp Certified Reduced Basis Method for Parametrized Parabolic Partial Differential Equations
Jens L. Eftang, Anthony T. Patera, Einar M. Rønquist

16. Highly Accurate Discretization of the Navier–Stokes Equations in Streamfunction Formulation
D. Fishelov, M. Ben-Artzi, J.-P. Croisille

17. Edge Functions for Spectral Element Methods
Marc Gerritsma

18. Modeling Effects of Electromagnetic Waves on Thin Wires with a High-Order Discontinuous Galerkin Method
N. Gödel, T. Warburton, M. Clemens

19. A Hybrid Method for the Resolution of the Gibbs Phenomenon
Jae-Hun Jung

20. Numerical Simulation of Fluid–Structure Interaction in Human Phonation: Verification of Structure Part
Martin Larsson, Bernhard Müller

21. A New Spectral Method on Triangles
Youyun Li, Li-Lian Wang, Huiyuan Li, Heping Ma

22. The Reduced Basis Element Method: Offline-Online Decomposition in the Nonconforming, Nonaffine Case
A. E. Løvgren, Y. Maday, E. M. Rønquist

23. The Challenges of High Order Methods in Numerical Weather Prediction
Catherine Mavriplis

24. GMRES for Oscillatory Matrix-Valued Differential Equations
Sheehan Olver

25. Sensitivity Analysis of Heat Exchangers Using Perturbative Methods
J. C. Pacio, C. A. Dorao, M. Fernandino

26. Spectral Element Approximation of the Hodge-⋆ Operator in Curved Elements
Artur Palha, Marc Gerritsma

27. Uncertainty Propagation for Systems of Conservation Laws, High Order Stochastic Spectral Methods
G. Poëtte, B. Després, D. Lucor

28. Reduced Basis Approximation for Shape Optimization in Thermal Flows with a Parametrized Polynomial Geometric Map
Gianluigi Rozza, Toni Lassila, Andrea Manzoni

29. Constrained Approximation in hp-FEM: Unsymmetric Subdivisions and Multi-Level Hanging Nodes
Andreas Schröder

30. High Order Filter Methods for Wide Range of Compressible Flow Speeds
H. C. Yee, Björn Sjögreen

hp-Adaptive CEM in Practical Applications
Adam Zdunek, Waldemar Rachowicz

32. Anchor Points Matter in ANOVA Decomposition
Zhongqiang Zhang, Minseok Choi, George Em Karniadakis

33. An Explicit Discontinuous Galerkin Scheme with Divergence Cleaning for Magnetohydrodynamics
Christoph Altmann

34. High Order Polynomial Interpolation of Parameterized Curves
Tormod Bjøntegaard, Einar M. Rønquist, Øystein Tråsdahl

35. A New Discontinuous Galerkin Method for the Navier–Stokes Equations
M. Borrel, J. Ryan

36. A
P_n^{alpha ,beta}-Based Method for Linear Nonconstant Coefficients High Order Eigenvalue Problems
F. I. Dragomirescu

37. Spectral Element Discretization of Optimal Control Problems
Loredana Gaudio, Alfio Quarteroni

38. Applications of High Order Methods to Vortex Instability Calculations
Leo M. González, Vassilis Theofilis, Fernando Meseguer-Garrido

39. Entropy Viscosity Method for High-Order Approximations of Conservation Laws
J. L. Guermond, R. Pasquetti

40. High-Order Accurate Numerical Solution of Incompressible Slip Flow and Heat Transfer in Microchannels
Kazem Hejranfar, Mir Hamed Mohafez, Ali Khajeh-Saeed

41. Spectral Methods for Time-Dependent Variable-Coefficient PDE Based on Block Gaussian Quadrature
James V. Lambers

42. The Spectral Element Method Used to Assess the Quality of a Global C
1 Map
A. E. Løvgren, Y. Maday, E. M. Rønquist

43. Stabilization of the Spectral-Element Method in Turbulent Flow Simulations
J. Ohlsson, P. Schlatter, P. F. Fischer, D. S. Henningson

44. The Spectral-Element and Pseudo-Spectral Methods: A Comparative Study
J. Ohlsson, P. Schlatter, C. Mavriplis, D. S. Henningson

45. Adaptive Spectral Filtering and Digital Total Variation Postprocessing for the DG Method on Triangular Grids: Application to the Euler Equations
S. Ortleb, A. Meister, Th. Sonar

46. BDDC and FETI-DP Preconditioners for Spectral Element Discretizations of Almost Incompressible Elasticity
Luca F. Pavarino, Olof B. Widlund

47. A Two-Dimensional DG-SEM Approach to Investigate Resonance Frequencies and Sound Radiation of Woodwind Instruments
Andreas Richter, Jörg Stiller

48. Spectral Properties of Discontinuous Galerkin Space Operators on Curved Meshes
Thomas Toulorge, Wim Desmet

49. Post-Processing of Marginally Resolved Spectral Element Data
Carl Erik Wasberg

Keywords: Mathematics, Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis, Computational Science and Engineering, Numerical and Computational Physics, Engineering Fluid Dynamics

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering
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11 pages
Natural Sciences

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