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Algorithms Unplugged

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Table of contents

1. Binary Search
Thomas Seidl, Jost Enderle

2. Insertion Sort
Wolfgang P. Kowalk

3. Fast Sorting Algorithms
Helmut Alt

4. Parallel Sorting - The Need for Speed
Rolf Wanka

5. Topological Sorting - How Should I Begin to Complete My To Do List?
Hagen Höpfner

6. Searching Texts - But Fast! The Boyer-Moore-Horspool Algorithm
Markus E. Nebel

7. Depth-First Search (Ariadne & Co.)
Michael Dom, Falk Hüffner, Rolf Niedermeier

8. Pledge's Algorithm - How to Escape from a Dark Maze
Rolf Klein, Tom Kamphans

9. Cycles in Graphs
Holger Schlingloff

10. PageRank - What Is Really Relevant in the World-Wide Web?
Ulrik Brandes, Gabi Dorfmüller

11. Multiplication of Long Integers - Faster than Long Multiplication
Arno Eigenwillig, Kurt Mehlhorn

12. The Euclidean Algorithm
Friedrich Eisenbrand

13. The Sieve of Eratosthenes - How Fast Can We Compute a Prime Number Table?
Rolf H. Möhring, Martin Oellrich

14. One-Way Functions - Mind the Trap - Escape Only for the Initiated
Rüdiger Reischuk, Markus Hinkelmann

15. The One-Time Pad Algorithm - The Simplest and Most Secure Way to Keep Secrets
Till Tantau

16. Public-Key Cryptography
Dirk Bongartz, Walter Unger

17. How to Share a Secret
Johannes Blömer

18. Playing Poker by Email
Detlef Sieling

19. Fingerprinting
Martin Dietzfelbinger

20. Hashing
Christian Schindelhauer

21. Codes - Protecting Data Against Errors and Loss
Michael Mitzenmacher

22. Broadcasting - How Can I Quickly Disseminate Information?
Christian Scheideler

23. Converting Numbers into English Words
Lothar Schmitz

24. Majority - Who Gets Elected Class Rep?
Thomas Erlebach

25. Random Numbers - How Can We Create Randomness in Computers?
Bruno Müller-Clostermann, Tim Jonischkat

26. Winning Strategies for a Matchstick Game
Jochen Könemann

27. Scheduling of Tournaments or Sports Leagues
Sigrid Knust

28. Eulerian Circuits
Michael Behrisch, Amin Coja-Oghlan, Peter Liske

29. High-Speed Circles
Dominik Sibbing, Leif Kobbelt

30. Gauss-Seidel Iterative Method for the Computation of Physical Problems
Christoph Freundl, Ulrich Rüde

31. Dynamic Programming - Evolutionary Distance
Norbert Blum, Matthias Kretschmer

32. Shortest Paths
Peter Sanders, Johannes Singler

33. Minimum Spanning Trees - Sometimes Greed Pays Off
Katharina Skutella, Martin Skutella

34. Maximum Flows - Towards the Stadium During Rush Hour
Robert Görke, Steffen Mecke, Dorothea Wagner

35. Marriage Broker
Volker Claus, Volker Diekert, Holger Petersen

36. The Smallest Enclosing Circle - A Contribution to Democracy from Switzerland?
Emo Welzl

37. Online Algorithms - What Is It Worth to Know the Future?
Susanne Albers, Swen Schmelzer

38. Bin Packing - How Do I Get My Stuff into the Boxes
Joachim Gehweiler, Friedhelm Meyer auf der Heide

39. The Knapsack Problem
Rene Beier, Berthold Vöcking

40. The Travelling Salesman Problem
Stefan Näher

41. Simulated Annealing
Peter Rossmanith

Keywords: Popular Science, Popular Science in Mathematics/Computer Science/Natural Science/Technology, Computers and Education, Algorithm Analysis and Problem Complexity

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