Wu, Desheng Dash

Modeling Risk Management in Sustainable Construction

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Table of contents

1. An Improved Approach for Supplier Selection in Project Material Bidding Procurement
Maozeng Xu, Qiaoyu Chen, Ligang Cui

2. Modeling the Out-of-Stock Risk and the EOQ–JIT Cost Indifference Point
Min Wu

3. A Partner Selection Method Based on Risk Evaluation Using Fuzzy Soft Set Theory in Supply Chain
Zhi Xiao, Weijie Chen

4. A Quantitative Analysis for Degree of Supplier Involvement Under Market Uncertainty
Zi-jian Zhang, Hua Pan

5. Dynamic Network Planning Simulation for Scheduling Risk Analysis Base on Hybrid System
Lin Yang, Yanlong Zhao, Yueyue Chen

6. Research on the Integrated Risk Management Information System of Construction Project
Yun-li Gao

7. Sensitivity Analysis for the Relationship Between Toll Rate and Traffic Volume for Freeway
Lian-yu Wei, Yi Cao, Pei Chen

8. The Application of Dynamic Priority of AHP on Operation Risk Assessment of Metro
Yunhao Gao, Xiuli Du, Mingju Zhang

9. Study on Construction Project Bidding Risk Assessment Model
Guofeng Wen, Liwen Chen

10. Study on Prophase Risk Management in Informatization of Chinese Construction Enterprises
Luo Fu-zhou, Wang La-Yin

11. Managing Construction Risk in SMEs: The Case of Coastal Construction
Hosein Piranfar

12. A Study on Management Risk Evaluation System of Large-Scale Complex Construction Projects
Linlin Xie, Yu Yang

13. Risk-Based Determination of the Prenium Rate of Construction Work Safety Liability Insurance
Hongxia Wang, Gui Ye, Chuanjing Ju

14. Multi-criteria Decision Model for BOT Project Selection
Min-Ren Yan

15. Equitable Risk Allocation in Chinese Public–Private Partnership Power Projects
Yongjian Ke, ShouQing Wang, Albert P. C. Chan

16. Developing a Construction Safety Management System
Jian Zhang, Weng Tat Chan

17. Analysis of the Equipment’s Maintenance Period Under Different Operation Stages
Jie Chi, Miao Chi

18. An Evolutionary Game Model for the Risk Management Cooperation Among the Project Participants
Guo-jun Zhang, Yun-li Gao

19. Application of Industrialized Housing System in China: A Chongqing Study
Yuhong Pan, Francis K. W. Wong, Eddie C. M. Hui

20. The Study on Energy Consumption and Pollutant Emission of Civil Vehicles in Beijing
Li-xiang Zhao, Yi-long Xiong, Fei Ye

21. An Investigation of the Coal Demand in China Based on Variable Weight Combination Forecasting Model
Guohao Zhao, Shufen Guo, Jing Shentu, Yongguang Wang

22. Investment Cost Analysis for Key Industries of New Energy Based on Boston Experience Curve
Yuanying Chi, Benkun Chi, Xiangyang Li, Dongxiao Niu

23. Green Adaptive Reuse: Issues and Strategies for the Built Environment
Craig Langston

24. Risk Assessment of Regional Industrial Clusters
Yongheng Fang, Zhouping Jia

25. Subway System Safety Risk Analysis Based on Bayesian Network
Ying Lu, Qiming Li, Jimmie Hinze

26. Eco-Efficiency Assessment for the Eco-Industrial Park Based on the Emergy Analysis
Hua Shang, Jiabo Li

27. The Study of Green Risk Assessment for Construction Project Based on “AHP–FCE” Method
Danfeng Xie, Shurong Guo, Sulei Li

28. Intensive Land Use Evaluation of Urban Development Zones: A Case Study of Xi’an National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone in China
Wei Xiao, Qingqi Wei

29. Industrial Planning, Macro-economic Control and Government’s Role in the Perspective of Economic Crisis
Bo Cao, Yang Yu

30. Evaluation and Simulation for Ecology Risk of Urban Expansion Based on SERA Model
Xiaoxia Shi, Yue Wu, Han Zhang

31. The Gerber–Shiu Discounted Penalty Function for the Credit Risk Model with Dependent Rates of Interest
Dan Peng, Zaiming Liu

32. A Risk-Sensitivity Analysis on NPV Model of Investment Projects
Xiansheng Qin, Xuyao Ma, Hongwei Bai

33. Research on Appraisal of High-Tech Entrepreneurial Risk Based on Osculating Value Method
Yan-Rong Wang, Qiao-Ling Xu

34. An Approach to Overseas Iron Ore Investment Risk Assessment Based on Fuzzy Neural Network
Li Guo, Caiwu Lu, Zhen Yang

35. Analysis on Structure Risk and Its Countermeasures of International Trade Corridor in Inland China
Xiao-dong Xie, Mao-zeng Xu, Shun-yong Li, Li Huang

36. Asphalt Pavement Surface Penetrate Rejuvenate Restore Technology: Application and Evaluation
Xiaohong Guo, Bangyin Liu

37. A Study of Construction Project Conflict Management Based on Evolutionary Game Theory
Jie Ding

38. Study on the Management Mechanism of Emergency Telecommunication in China
Zhenyu Jin, Xiaoyu Wan, Xingming Yang

39. Forewarning for Urban Sustainable Development Based on Fuzzy Matter Element Model: Taking Nan Tong City for Example
Wen-jin Zhang, De-shan Tang

40. Resident Population Prediction Based on Cohort-Component Method
Biyu Lv, Jiantong Zhang, Hong He

41. Dynamic Monitoring of Land Utilization Security of Mining City
Jin-sheng Zhou

42. Risk Assessment of Water Transportation in Three Gorges Reservoir Through Approaches of System Engineering
Dan Zhang, Liwen Huang, Xiaobiao Fan

43. Damaged Bridges over Watercourses and Stream Order Flood Analysis
Marek Mihola

44. Understanding Commuters’ Daily Travel Time: Application of a Hazard-Based Duration Model
Zhicai Juan, Jianchuan Xianyu, Linjie Gao

45. Influence of Perceived Risk and Service Recovery on On-Line Shopping: A Dynamic Game of Incomplete Information
Yong Fang, Fengming Tao

46. Traffic Risk Assessment of Freeway On-Ramp and Off-Ramp Areas Based on Simulation Analysis
Ying Yan, Yan-ting Sheng, Yu-hui Zhang

47. Probe into the Effectiveness Connotation of Emergency Telecommunication Plan and Its Assessment Method Under Unconventional Emergency
Xiaoyu Wan, Zhenyu Jin, Jinying Wei

48. Risk Assessment of Levee Engineering Based on Triangular Fuzzy Number and Analytic Network Process and Its Application
Feng Li, Zong-Kun Li, Chuan-Bin Yang

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Operations Research/Decision Theory, Production/Logistics

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Computational Risk Management
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