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Emotion-Oriented Systems

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Table of contents

1. Editorial: “Theories and Models” of Emotion
Etienne B. Roesch

2. Emotion: Concepts and Definitions
Roddy Cowie, Naomi Sussman, Aaron Ben-Ze’ev

3. Emotions in Social Interactions: Unfolding Emotional Experience
Claudia Marinetti, Penny Moore, Pablo Lucas, Brian Parkinson

4. Biological and Computational Constraints to Psychological Modelling of Emotion
Etienne B. Roesch, Nienke Korsten, Nickolaos F. Fragopanagos, John G. Taylor, Didier Grandjean, David Sander

5. Editorial: “Signals to Signs” – Feature Extraction, Recognition, and Multimodal Fusion
Kostas Karpouzis

6. The Automatic Recognition of Emotions in Speech
Anton Batliner, Björn Schuller, Dino Seppi, Stefan Steidl, Laurence Devillers, Laurence Vidrascu, Thurid Vogt, Vered Aharonson, Noam Amir

7. Image and Video Processing for Affective Applications
Maja Pantic, George Caridakis

8. Multimodal Emotion Recognition from Low-Level Cues
Maja Pantic, George Caridakis, Elisabeth André, Jonghwa Kim, Kostas Karpouzis, Stefanos Kollias

9. Physiological Signals and Their Use in Augmenting Emotion Recognition for Human–Machine Interaction
R. Benjamin Knapp, Jonghwa Kim, Elisabeth André

10. Editorial: “Data and Databases”
Ellen Douglas-Cowie

11. Principles and History
Roddy Cowie, Ellen Douglas-Cowie, Ian Sneddon, Anton Batliner, Catherine Pelachaud

12. Issues in Data Collection
Roddy Cowie, Ellen Douglas-Cowie, Margaret McRorie, Ian Sneddon, Laurence Devillers, Noam Amir

13. Issues in Data Labelling
Roddy Cowie, Cate Cox, Jean-Claude Martin, Anton Batliner, Dirk Heylen, Kostas Karpouzis

14. The HUMAINE Database
Ellen Douglas-Cowie, Cate Cox, Jean-Claude Martin, Laurence Devillers, Roddy Cowie, Ian Sneddon, Margaret McRorie, Catherine Pelachaud, Christopher Peters, Orla Lowry, Anton Batliner, Florian Hönig

15. Editorial: “Emotion in Interaction”
Christopher Peters

16. Fundamentals of Agent Perception and Attention Modelling
Christopher Peters, Ginvera Castellano, Matthias Rehm, Elisabeth André, Amaryllis Raouzaiou, Kostas Rapantzikos, Kostas Karpouzis, Gaultiero Volpe, Antonio Camurri, Asimina Vasalou

17. Generating Listening Behaviour
Dirk Heylen, Elisabetta Bevacqua, Catherine Pelachaud, Isabella Poggi, Jonathan Gratch, Marc Schröder

18. Coordinating the Generation of Signs in Multiple Modalities in an Affective Agent
Jean-Claude Martin, Laurence Devillers, Amaryllis Raouzaiou, George Caridakis, Zsófia Ruttkay, Catherine Pelachaud, Maurizio Mancini, Radek Niewiadomski, Hannes Pirker, Brigitte Krenn, Isabella Poggi, Emanuela Magno Caldognetto, Federica Cavicchio, Giorgio Merola, Alejandra García Rojas, Frédéric Vexo, Daniel Thalmann, Arjan Egges, Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann

19. Representing Emotions and Related States in Technological Systems
Marc Schröder, Hannes Pirker, Myriam Lamolle, Felix Burkhardt, Christian Peter, Enrico Zovato

20. Embodied Conversational Characters: Representation Formats for Multimodal Communicative Behaviours
Brigitte Krenn, Catherine Pelachaud, Hannes Pirker, Christopher Peters

21. Overview of Emotion in Cognition and Action
Lola Cañamero

22. A Bottom-Up Investigation of Emotional Modulation in Competitive Scenarios
Lola Cañamero, Orlando Avila-García

23. Novelty Processing and Emotion: Conceptual Developments, Empirical Findings and Virtual Environments
Didier Grandjean, Christopher Peters

24. Cognitive Evaluations and Intuitive Appraisals: Can Emotion Models Handle Them Both?
Fiorella Rosis†, Cristiano Castelfranchi, Peter Goldie, Valeria Carofiglio

25. Anticipation and Emotion
Cristiano Castelfranchi, Maria Miceli

26. Socially Situated Affective Systems
Sabine Payr, Peter Wallis

27. Editorial: “Persuasion and Communication”
Massimo Zancanaro

28. Emotion in Persuasion from a Persuader’s Perspective: A True Marriage Between Cognition and Affect
Maria Miceli, Fiorella Rosis†, Isabella Poggi

29. Approaches to Verbal Persuasion in Intelligent User Interfaces
Marco Guerini, Oliviero Stock, Massimo Zancanaro, Daniel J. O’Keefe, Irene Mazzotta, Fiorella Rosis†, Isabella Poggi, Meiyii Y. Lim, Ruth Aylett

30. Non-verbal Persuasion and Communication in an Affective Agent
Elisabeth André, Elisabetta Bevacqua, Dirk Heylen, Radoslaw Niewiadomski, Catherine Pelachaud, Christopher Peters, Isabella Poggi, Matthias Rehm

31. Computational Humour
Carlo Strapparava, Oliviero Stock, Rada Mihalcea

32. Editorial: “Usability”
Jarmo Laaksolahti, Kia Höök

33. The Design and Evaluation Process
Joseph Jofish Kaye, Jarmo Laaksolahti, Kia Höök, Katherine Isbister

34. Understanding Users and Their Situation
Ylva Fernaeus, Katherine Isbister, Kia Höök, Jarmo Laaksolahti, Petra Sundström

35. Generating Ideas and Building Prototypes
Katherine Isbister, Kia Höök, Petra Sundström, Jarmo Laaksolahti

36. Evaluation of Affective Interactive Applications
Kia Höök, Katherine Isbister, Steve Westerman, Peter Gardner, Ed Sutherland, Asimina Vasalou, Petra Sundström, Joseph Jofish Kaye, Jarmo Laaksolahti

37. Editorial: ‘Ethics and Good Practice’ – Computers and Forbidden Places: Where Machines May and May Not Go
Roddy Cowie

38. Principalism: A Method for the Ethics of Emotion-Oriented Machines
Sabine Döring, Peter Goldie, Sheelagh McGuinness

39. The Ethical Distinctiveness of Emotion-Oriented Technology: Four Long-Term Issues
Peter Goldie, Sabine Döring, Roddy Cowie

40. Emotion-Oriented Systems and the Autonomy of Persons
Holger Baumann, Sabine Döring

41. Ethics in Emotion-Oriented Systems: The Challenges for an Ethics Committee
Ian Sneddon, Peter Goldie, Paolo Petta

Keywords: Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Computer Appl. in Social and Behavioral Sciences, Computational Intelligence, Behavioural Sciences

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Cognitive Technologies
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Information Technology, Telecommunications

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