Adan, Roger A.H.

Behavioral Neurobiology of Eating Disorders

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Table of contents

1. Personality and Temperament
Lisa Rachelle Riso Lilenfeld

2. Cognitions and Emotions in Eating Disorders
Nicolette Siep, Anita Jansen, Remco Havermans, Anne Roefs

3. Neurocircuity of Eating Disorders
Walter H. Kaye, Angela Wagner, Julie L. Fudge, Martin Paulus

4. Serotonin: Imaging Findings in Eating Disorders
Ursula F. Bailer, Walter H. Kaye

5. Dopamine-Based Reward Circuitry Responsivity, Genetics, and Overeating
Eric Stice, Sonja Yokum, David Zald, Alain Dagher

6. Reward and Neurocomputational Processes
Guido K. W. Frank

7. Cognitive-Behavioral Flexibility in Anorexia Nervosa
Hans-Christoph Friederich, Wolfgang Herzog

8. Neural Circuits, Neurotransmitters, and Behavior
Howard Steiger, Kenneth R. Bruce, Patricia Groleau

9. The Heritability of Eating Disorders: Methods and Current Findings
Laura M. Thornton, Suzanne E. Mazzeo, Cynthia M. Bulik

10. The Genetics of Eating Disorders
Sietske G. Helder, David A. Collier

11. The Influence of Gender and Puberty on the Heritability of Disordered Eating Symptoms
Kristen M. Culbert, Sarah E. Racine, Kelly L. Klump

12. New Frontiers in Endocrinology of Eating Disorders
Palmiero Monteleone

13. Animal Models of Eating Disorder Traits
Martien J. H. Kas, Roger A. H. Adan

14. Neurobiology Driving Hyperactivity in Activity-Based Anorexia
R. A. H. Adan, J. J. G. Hillebrand, U. N. Danner, S. Cardona Cano, M. J. H. Kas, L. A. W. Verhagen

15. Translating Experimental Neuroscience into Treatment of Eating Disorders: Two Examples
Ulrike Schmidt, Anna Oldershaw, Annemarie Elburg

16. Cognitive Remediation Therapy for Eating Disorders: Development, Refinement and Future Directions
Kate Tchanturia, James Lock

17. Incorporating Dispositional Traits into the Treatment of Anorexia Nervosa
Nancy L. Zucker, David Herzog, Ashley Moskovich, Rhonda Merwin, Tammy Lin

Keywords: Biomedicine, Neurosciences, Psychiatry, Behavioral Therapy

Publication year
Current Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences
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13 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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