Tang, Yong

Temporal Information Processing Technology and Its Application

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Table of contents

Part I. Temporal Models and Calculation Methods

1. From Time Data to Temporal Information
Yong Tang, Zewu Peng, Dongning Liu, Wenshen Zhang

2. Time Calculation and Temporal Logic Method
Dongning Liu, Yong Tang, Shu Li, Wenchong Fang

3. Temporal Extension of Relational Algebra
Yong Tang, Shu Li, Dongning Liu, Pan Shi

Part II. Database Based on Temporal Information

4. Temporal Data Model and Temporal Database Systems
Chengjie Mao, Hui Ma, Yong Tang, Liangchao Yao

5. Spatio-Temporal Data Model and Spatio-Temporal Databases
Xiaoping Ye, Zewu Peng, Huan Guo

6. Temporal Extension of XML Data Model
Na Tang, Hanjiang Lai, Yong Tang, Xiaoping Ye

7. Data Operations Based on Temporal Variables
Xiaoping Ye, Yong Tang, Bin Xiang

Part III. Temporal Index Technologies

8. Temporal Indexes Supporting Valid Time
Hai Liu, Xiaoping Ye, Ming Shi, Boling Yang

9. Indexes for Moving-Objects Data
Xiaoping Ye, Huan Guo, Xiongxiong Zhu, Yidong Ja

10. Temporal XML Index Schema
Xiaoping Ye, Junjie Luo, Gongfu Zhong

Part IV. Temporal Database Management Systems

11. Implementation of Temporal Database Management Systems
Hai Liu, Yong Tang, Xiaoping Ye, Huan Guo

12. Improvement and Extension to ATSQL2
Huan Guo, Yong Tang, Xiaoping Yang, Xiaoping Ye

13. Design and Implementation of TempDB
Yong Tang, Huan Guo, Xiaoping Ye

Part V. Temporal Application and Case Study

14. Research on Temporal Extended Role Hierarchy
Wei Dao, Yong Tang, Jianguo Li, Hanjiang Lai

15. Temporal Workflow Modeling and Its Application
Yong Tang, Guohua Chen, Yan Pan, Yang Yu

16. Temporal Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
Na Tang, Yong Tang, Lingkun Wu, Hui Ma

17. Temporal Application Modes and Case Study
Jianguo Li, Yong Tang, Na Tang, Hanjiang Lai

Keywords: Computer Science, Database Management, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Information Storage and Retrieval

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367 pages
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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