Gorban, Alexander N.

Coping with Complexity: Model Reduction and Data Analysis

Gorban, Alexander N. - Coping with Complexity: Model Reduction and Data Analysis, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Averaging of Fast-Slow Systems
Marshall Slemrod

2. The Use of Global Sensitivity Methods for the Analysis, Evaluation and Improvement of Complex Modelling Systems
Alison S. Tomlin, Tilo Ziehn

3. Optimisation and Linear Control of Large Scale Nonlinear Systems: A Review and a Suite of Model Reduction-Based Techniques
Constantinos Theodoropoulos

4. Universal Algorithms, Mathematics of Semirings and Parallel Computations
Grigory L. Litvinov, Victor P. Maslov, Anatoly Ya. Rodionov, Andrei N. Sobolevski

5. Scaling Invariant Interpolation for Singularly Perturbed Vector Fields (SPVF)
Viatcheslav Bykov, Vladimir Gol’dshtein, Ulrich Maas

6. Think Globally, Move Locally: Coarse Graining of Effective Free Energy Surfaces
Payel Das, Thomas A. Frewen, Ioannis G. Kevrekidis, Cecilia Clementi

7. Extracting Functional Dependence from Sparse Data Using Dimensionality Reduction: Application to Potential Energy Surface Construction
Sergei Manzhos, Koichi Yamashita, Tucker Carrington

8. A Multilevel Algorithm to Compute Steady States of Lattice Boltzmann Models
Giovanni Samaey, Christophe Vandekerckhove, Wim Vanroose

9. Time Step Expansions and the Invariant Manifold Approach to Lattice Boltzmann Models
David J. Packwood, Jeremy Levesley, Alexander N. Gorban

10. The Shock Wave Problem Revisited: The Navier–Stokes Equations and Brenner’s Two Velocity Hydrodynamics
Francisco J. Uribe

11. Adaptive Simplification of Complex Systems: A Review of the Relaxation-Redistribution Approach
Eliodoro Chiavazzo, Ilya Karlin

12. Geometric Criteria for Model Reduction in Chemical Kinetics via Optimization of Trajectories
Dirk Lebiedz, Volkmar Reinhardt, Jochen Siehr, Jonas Unger

13. Computing Realizations of Reaction Kinetic Networks with Given Properties
Gábor Szederkényi, Katalin M. Hangos, Dávid Csercsik

14. A Drift-Filtered Approach to Diffusion Estimation for Multiscale Processes
Yves Frederix, Dirk Roose

15. Model Reduction of a Higher-Order KdV Equation for Shallow Water Waves
Tassos Bountis, Ko Weele, Giorgos Kanellopoulos, Kostis Andriopoulos

16. Coarse Collective Dynamics of Animal Groups
Thomas A. Frewen, Iain D. Couzin, Allison Kolpas, Jeff Moehlis, Ronald Coifman, Ioannis G. Kevrekidis

17. Self-Simplification in Darwin’s Systems
Alexander N. Gorban

Keywords: Mathematics, Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis, Systems Theory, Control, Theoretical, Mathematical and Computational Physics, Industrial Chemistry/Chemical Engineering

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering
Page amount
12 pages
Natural Sciences

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