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Sustainable Land Management

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Table of contents

1. The Anthroscape Approach in Sustainable Land Use
H. Eswaran, S. Berberoğlu, C. Cangir, D. Boyraz, C. Zucca, E. Özevren, E. Yazıcı, P. Zdruli, M. Dingil, C. Dönmez, E. Akça, I. Çelik, T. Watanabe, Y. K. Koca, L. Montanarella, M. Cherlet, S. Kapur

2. Anthroscapes in the Light of the EU Soil Thematic Strategy
Luca Montanarella

3. Soil Erosion-Desertification and the Middle Eastern Anthroscapes
Uriel N. Safriel, Pedro Berliner, Ariel Novoplansky, Jonathan B. Laronne, Arnon Karnieli, Itzhak Moshe, A. Kharabsheh, A. Ghaleb Mohammad, G. Kusek

4. Soils of the Mediterranean Region, Their Characteristics, Management and Sustainable Use
Pandi Zdruli, Selim Kapur, Ismail Çelik

5. Mountain Anthroscapes, the Case of the Italian Alps
Franco Previtali

6. Development and Challenges of the Anthroscapes in the Clay Soil District of Eastern Norway
Arnold Arnoldussen

7. Anthroscapes and Anthropogenic Soils in North-Western Sardinia: The Soils with Calcrete Horizon in the Alghero Area (Italy)
S. Madrau, C. Zucca

8. Stimulated Soil Formation in a Degraded Anthroscape: A Case Study in Southeast Spain
J. M. Arocena, J. M. Mourik, Á. Faz Cano

9. Asian Anthroscapes: China and Taiwan
Zeng-Yei Hseu, Chen-Chi Tsai, Heng Tsai, Zueng-Sang Chen, Hari Eswaran

10. An Anthroscape from Morocco: Degraded Rangeland Systems and Introduction of Exotic Plant Material and Technology
C. Zucca, F. Previtali, S. Madrau, E. Akça, S. Kapur

11. The Historical Anthroscape of Adana and the Fertile Lands
Nurettin Çelmeoğlu

12. Impact of Shifting Agriculture on the Sustainability of Anthroscapes in Sarawak, Malaysia
E. Padmanabhan, H. Eswaran

13. Roman Mining Landscapes in the Murcia Region, SE Spain: Risk Assessment of Mine Ponds
A. Faz Cano, A. Zanuzzi, P. Martinez-Pagan, J. Acosta, D. Carmona, S. Martinez-Martinez, M. Muñoz

14. Anthroscape of the Mediterranean Coastal Area in the Context of Hydrogeology: Projected Impacts of Climate Change
Katsuyuki Fujinawa

15. Re-evaluating Indigenous Technologies for Sustainable Soil and Water Management in the Sahel: A Case Study from Niger
Takanori Nagano, Haruhiko Horino, Takashi Kume

16. Local Wisdom of Land and Water Management: The Fundamental Anthroscape of Japan
Tsugihiro Watanabe

17. Reconstructing the Past by Regenerating Biodiversity: A Treatise on Weed Contribution to Soil Quality at a Post-cultivation Succession
I. Çelik, K. T. Yilmaz, H. Eswaran, A. Mermut, M. Dingil, Z. Kaya, A. Demirbaş, I. Aksit, I. Ortaş, M. Gök, C. Akpınar, T. Nagano, N. Ae, Y. K. Koca, S. Kapur

18. Economic and Social Impact of the Degraded Antroscapes
Nejat Erk

Keywords: Environment, Soil Science & Conservation, Agriculture, Landscape Ecology, Biogeosciences, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography

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Natural Sciences

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