Borgelt, Christian

Combining Soft Computing and Statistical Methods in Data Analysis

Borgelt, Christian - Combining Soft Computing and Statistical Methods in Data Analysis, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Prior Knowledge in the Classification of Biomedical Data
Danilo Abbate, Roberta Asmundis, Mario Rosario Guarracino

2. Estimation of a Simple Genetic Algorithm Applied to a Laboratory Experiment
Simone Alfarano, Eva Camacho, Josep Domenech

3. A Comparison of Robust Methods for Pareto Tail Modeling in the Case of Laeken Indicators
Andreas Alfons, Matthias Templ, Peter Filzmoser, Josef Holzer

4. R Code for Hausdorff and Simplex Dispersion Orderings in the 2D Case
Guillermo Ayala

5. On Some Confidence Regions to Estimate a Linear Regression Model for Interval Data
Angela Blanco-Fernández, Norberto Corral, Gil González-Rodríguez, Antonio Palacio

6. Possibilistic Coding: Error Detection vs. Error Correction
Luca Bortolussi, Andrea Sgarro

7. Coherent Correction for Conditional Probability Assessments with R
A. Brozzi, A. Morelli, F. Vattari

8. Inferential Rules for Weak Graphoid
Giuseppe Busanello, Barbara Vantaggi

9. Fast Factorization of Probability Trees and Its Application to Recursive Trees Learning
Andrés Cano, Manuel Gómez-Olmedo, Cora B. Pérez-Ariza, Antonio Salmerón

10. Option Pricing in Incomplete Markets Based on Partial Information
Andrea Capotorti, Giuliana Regoli, Francesca Vattari

11. Lorenz Curves of extrema

Ignacio Cascos, Miguel Mendes

12. Likelihood in a Possibilistic and Probabilistic Context: A Comparison
Giulianella Coletti, Davide Petturiti, Barbara Vantaggi

13. Nonparametric Predictive Inference for Order Statistics of Future Observations
Frank P. A. Coolen, Tahani A. Maturi

14. Expected Pair-Wise Comparison of the Outcomes of a Fuzzy Random Variable
Inés Couso, Laura Garrido, Susana Montes, Luciano Sánchez

15. The Behavioral Meaning of the Median
Inés Couso, Luciano Sánchez

16. Functional Classification and the Random Tukey Depth. Practical Issues
Juan A. Cuesta-Albertos, Alicia Nieto-Reyes

17. On Concordance Measures and Copulas with Fractal Support
E. Amo, M. Díaz Carrillo, J. Fernández-Sánchez

18. Factorisation Properties of the Strong Product
Gert Cooman, Enrique Miranda, Marco Zaffalon

19. Hadamard Majorants for the Convex Order and Applications
Jesús Cal, Javier Cárcamo, Luis Escauriaza

20. How to Avoid LEM Cycles in Mutual Rank Probability Relations
K. Loof, B. Baets, H. Meyer

21. Functional Inequalities Characterizing the Frank Family of Copulas
Hans Meyer, Bernard Baets

22. Recent Developments in Censored, Non-Markov Multi-State Models
Jacobo Uña-Álvarez

23. Maximum Likelihood from Evidential Data: An Extension of the EM Algorithm
Thierry Denœux

24. A Decision Rule for Imprecise Probabilities Based on Pair-Wise Comparison of Expectation Bounds
Sébastien Destercke

25. Handling Bipolar Knowledge with Credal Sets
Sébastien Destercke

26. CoherentUpperConditionalPrevisions andTheirIntegralRepresentationwith Respectto HausdorffOuterMeasures
Serena Doria

27. Statistical Inference with Belief Functions and Possibility Measures: A Discussion of Basic Assumptions
Didier Dubois, Thierry Denœux

28. Representation of Exchangeable Sequences by Means of Copulas
Fabrizio Durante, Jan-Frederik Mai

29. Area-Level Time Models for Small Area Estimation of Poverty Indicators
M. D. Esteban, D. Morales, A. Pérez, L. Santamaría

30. Flood Analysis: On the Automation of the Geomorphological-Historical Method
Elena Fernández, Miguel Fernández, Soledad Anadón, Gil González-Rodríguez, Ana Colubi

31. Geometric Sampling: An Approach to Uncertainty in High Dimensional Spaces
Juan Luis Fernández-Martínez, Michael Tompkins, Tapan Mukerji, David Alumbaugh

32. Inverse Problems and Model Reduction Techniques
Juan Luis Fernández-Martínez, Michael Tompkins, Zulima Fernández-Muñiz, Tapan Mukerji

33. A Linearity Test for a Simple Regression Model with LR Fuzzy Response
Maria Brigida Ferraro, Ana Colubi, Paolo Giordani

34. Soft Methods in Robust Statistics
Peter Filzmoser

S-Statistics and Their Basic Properties
Marek Gągolewski, Przemysław Grzegorzewski

36. Particle Swarm Optimization and Inverse Problems
Esperanza García-Gonzalo, Juan Luis Fernández-Martínez

37. Linear Approximations to the Power Function of Robust Tests
A. García-Pérez

38. Decision Support for Evolving Clustering
Olga Georgieva, Sergey Nedev

39. On Jaffray’s Decision Model for Belief Functions
Phan H. Giang

40. Quasi Conjunction and p-Entailment in Nonmonotonic Reasoning
A. Gilio, G. Sanfilippo

41. Elements of Robust Regression for Data with Absolute and Relative Information
Karel Hron, Peter Filzmoser

42. On Testing Fuzzy Independence Application in Quality Control
Olgierd Hryniewicz

43. The Fisher’s Linear Discriminant
Iuliana F. Iatan

44. Testing Archimedeanity
Piotr Jaworski

45. An Attempt to Define Graphical Models in Dempster-Shafer Theory of Evidence
Radim Jiroušek

46. Comparison of Time Series via Classic and Temporal Protoforms of Linguistic Summaries: An Application to Mutual Funds and Their Benchmarks
Janusz Kacprzyk, Anna Wilbik

47. Mining Gradual Dependencies Based on Fuzzy Rank Correlation
Hyung-Won Koh, Eyke Hüllermeier

48. From Probabilities to Belief Functions on MV-Algebras
Tomáš Kroupa

49. Soft Methods in Trend Detection
Piotr Ładyżyński, Przemysław Grzegorzewski

50. Linguistic Decision Trees for Fusing Tidal Surge Forecasting Models
Jonathan Lawry, Hongmei He

51. Set-Valued Square Integrable Martingales and Stochastic Integral
Shoumei Li

52. Smooth Transition from Mixed Models to Fixed Models
María José Lombardía, Stefan Sperlich

53. Mixture Models with a Black-Hole Component
Nicholas T. Longford, Pierpaolo D’Urso

54. On the Preservations of Contractions: An Application to Stochastic Orders
M. C. López-Díaz, M. López-Díaz

55. A New Multivariate Stochastic Order, Main Properties
Miguel López-Díaz

56. ANOVA for Fuzzy Random Variables Using the R-package SAFD
M. Asunción Lubiano, Wolfgang Trutschnig

57. Probability Tree Factorisation with Median Free Term
Irene Martínez, Carmelo Rodríguez, Antonio Salmerón

58. Comparison of Random Variables Coupled by Archimedean Copulas
I. Montes, D. Martinetti, S. Díaz, S. Montes

59. Two-Way Analysis of Variance for Interval-Valued Data
Takehiko Nakama, Ana Colubi, M. Asunción Lubiano

60. Estimating the Variance of a Kernel Density Estimation
Bilal Nehme, Olivier Strauss, Kevin Loquin

61. Uncertainty Invariance Transformation in Continuous Case
María José Pardo, David Fuente

62. Detection of Outliers Using Robust Principal Component Analysis: A Simulation Study
C. Pascoal, M. R. Oliveira, A. Pacheco, R. Valadas

63. Exploiting Sparse Dependence Structure in Model Based Classification
Tatjana Pavlenko, Anders Björkström

64. Independence Tests for Uncertain Data with a Frequentist Method
Simon Petitrenaud

65. Why Imprecise Regression: A Discussion
Henri Prade, Mathieu Serrurier

66. Power Analysis of the Homoscedasticity Test for Random Fuzzy Sets
Ana Belén Ramos-Guajardo, Gil González-Rodríguez, Manuel Montenegro, María Teresa López

67. Periodic Generalized-Differentiable Solutions to Fuzzy Differential Equations
Rosana Rodríguez-López

68. The Selection of the Shrinkage Region in Small Area Estimation
Cristina Rueda, José A. Menéndez

69. Set-Valued Stochastic Processes and Sets of Probability Measures Induced by Stochastic Differential Equations with Random Set Parameters
Bernhard Schmelzer

70. Coupled Brownian Motion
Carlo Sempi

71. The Median of a Random Interval
Beatriz Sinova, María Rosa Casals, Ana Colubi, María Ángeles Gil

72. The Use of Sets of Stochastic Operators to Constructing Imprecise Probabilities
Damjan Škulj

73. Prediction of Future Order Statistics from the Uniform Distribution
K. S. Sultan, S. A. Alshami

74. Balance Sheet Approach to Agent-Based Computational Economics: The EURACE Project
Andrea Teglio, Marco Raberto, Silvano Cincotti

75. Connections between Statistical Depth Functions and Fuzzy Sets
Pedro Terán

76. An Alternative Approach to Evidential Network Construction
Jiřina Vejnarová

77. Large Deviations of Random Sets and Random Upper Semicontinuous Functions
Xia Wang, Shoumei Li

78. A Note of Proposed Privacy Measures in Randomized Response Models
Hong Zhimin, Yan Zaizai, Wei Lidong

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence

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