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Sexually Transmitted Infections and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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Table of contents

1. History of Sexually Transmitted Infections
Michael Waugh

2. Epidemiology of Sexually Transmitted Infections
Aron Gewirtzman, Laura Bobrick, Kelly Conner, Stephen K. Tyring

3. Sexual Behavior and Psychological Aspects Associated with Sexually Transmitted Infections
Amber R. Gill, Parisa Ravanfar, Natalia Mendoza, Stephen K. Tyring

4. The Normal Genitalia – Structure and Physiology
Gunther Wennemuth, Walter Krause

5. Mucosal Immunity in Sexually Transmitted Infections
Anthony L. Cunningham, Suzanne M. Garland, Heather Donaghy, Min Kim

6. Biology of Neisseria gonorrhoeae and the Clinical Picture of Infection
Catherine A. Ison

7. Biology of Chlamydiae
Jürgen Rödel, Eberhard Straube

Chlamydia trachomatis Infections in Women and Men
Jorma Paavonen

Chlamydia trachomatis: Diagnostic Procedures
Angelika Stary, Georg Stary

10. Lymphogranuloma Venereum
Omar Lupi, Janaína Ribeiro, Paula Chicralla, Carlos Jose Martins

11. Biology and Natural History of Syphilis
Attila Horváth

12. Laboratory Diagnosis of Syphilis
H.-J. Hagedorn

13. Early and Late Syphilis
Helmut Schöfer

14. Neurosyphilis
Hilmar W. Prange

15. Syphilis and HIV
Natalia Mendoza, Adriana Motta, Brenda L. Pellicane, Parisa Ravanfar, Stephen K. Tyring

16. Chancroid
Thais Harumi Sakuma, Daniel Dal’Asta Coimbra, Omar Lupi

17. Donovanosis
Omar Lupi, Paula Chicralla, Carlos José Martins

18. Genital Mycoplasma Infection
Natalia Mendoza, Parisa Ravanfar, Anita K. Shetty, Brenda L. Pellicane, Rosella Creed, Sara Goel, Stephen K. Tyring

19. Bacterial Vaginosis
A. Rubins

20. Biology of Sexually Transmitted Herpes Viruses
H. W. Doerr, Lutz G. Gürtler, M. W. Wittek

21. Genital Herpes
Adrian Mindel

22. Clinical Aspects of HCMV Infections in Immunocompromised Patients
Miriam Wittek, Lutz Gürtler, Hans Wilhelem Doerr

23. Global Epidemiology of HIV
Osamah Hamouda

24. Immunology of HIV
Heribert Stoiber, Doris Wilflingseder

25. HIV in Children
Sasan Mohammadsaeed, James R. Murphy, Gloria P. Heresi

26. Clinical Manifestations of HIV Infections
Norbert H. Brockmeyer, Anja V. Potthoff

27. HIV in Eastern Europe
Nikolai Mashkilleyson, Jeffrey V. Lazarus

28. HIV/AIDS in India
Janak Maniar, Amar Uttamrao Surjushe, Ratnakar Kamath, Alok Maniar

29. HIV in Africa
Lutz G. Gürtler

30. Cutaneous Conditions and HIV in Africa
Anisa Mosam, P. N. Naidu

31. Kaposi’s Sarcoma
Erwin Tschachler

32. Biology of Sexually Transmitted Human Papillomaviruses
Massimo Tommasino

33. Epidemiology of Genitoanal HPV Infections and Associated Cancer
F. Xavier Bosch, Silvia Sanjose, Xavier Castellsagué

34. Immune Responses to Sexually Transmitted HPV Infection
Margaret Stanley

35. HPV-Infection and Squamous Cell Cancer of the Lower Female Genital Tract
Karl Ulrich Petry

36. Tumor Surgery–Cervical Cancer Treatment
Achim Schneider, Christhardt Köhler

37. Genitoanal HPV Infection and Associated Neoplasias in the Male
Gerd Gross

38. HPV-Infection in HIV-Positive Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM)
Ulrike Wieland, Alexander Kreuter, Herbert Pfister

39. Sexually Transmitted HPV-Infections of the Oral Mucosa and Upper Respiratory Tract in Adults and Children
Stina Syrjänen

40. Laboratory Diagnosis of HPV and its Clinical Use
Hans Ikenberg

41. Mollusca Contagiosa
Mihael Skerlev, Karmela Husar

42. Hepatitis Viruses as Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Laura J. Lester, Suneal K. Agarwal

43. Human Lice
Sophie Bouvresse, Olivier Chosidow

44. Scabies
Sophie Bouvresse, Olivier Chosidow

45. Trichomonas
Brenda L. Pellicane, Megan Nicole Moody

46. Genital Candidiasis
Jack D. Sobel

47. STDs and Travel Medicine
Rosella Creed, Anita K. Shetty, Parisa Ravanfar, Stephen K. Tyring

48. Therapy-New Drugs
Anita K. Shetty, Devak G. Desai, Janice Wilson, Stephen K. Tyring

49. Resistance of Sexually Transmitted Pathogens to Antibiotics and Antivirals
German A. Contreras, Cesar A. Arias

50. Viral Hepatitis Vaccines
Melissa L. Diamantis, Stephen K. Tyring

51. Prophylactic HPV Vaccines
Lutz Gissmann

52. HSV Prevention
Parisa Ravanfar, Natalia Mendoza, Anita K. Shetty, Rosella Creed, Stephen K. Tyring

53. HIV Prevention
Parisa Ravanfar, Natalia Mendoza, Anita K. Shetty, Rosella Creed, Stephen K. Tyring

54. The Role of Circumcision in Preventing STIs
Brian J. Morris, Xavier Castellsague

55. Physical Barrier Methods and Microbicides
Kelly B. Conner, Aron J. Gewirtzman, Stephen K. Tyring

56. Novel Diagnostic Methods
Thomas Meyer

57. Genitoanal Dermatoses
Gerd Gross

58. STIs in Pediatrics, Perinatology and Reproduction
Amber R. Gill, Anita K. Shetty

59. Female Genital Mutilation and Risk for Transmission of STIs
Aldo Morrone, Roberta Calcaterra, Gennaro Franco

60. Other Sexually Transmitted Infections
Miguel Sanchez

61. Sexual Abuse
Wolfgang Harth

62. Psychosocial Issues
Kurt Seikowski

63. Economic and Political Issues Associated with Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Viviane Brunne

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Dermatology, Urology/Andrology, Gynecology, Oncology, Infectious Diseases

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