Karaca, Ayten

Biology of Earthworms

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Table of contents

1. Antimicrobial Vermipeptides: From Methods to Characteristics
Sun Zhenjun

2. Optimizing Earthworm Sampling in Ecosystems
Jan Valckx, Gerard Govers, Martin Hermy, Bart Muys

3. Earthworms and Soil Structure
Yasemin Kavdir, Remzi İlay

4. Comparative Anatomy of the Calciferous Gland of Lumbricid Earthworms
María Jesús Iglesias Briones, Trevor George Piearce

5. Reproduction of Earthworms: Sexual Selection and Parthenogenesis
Darío J. Díaz Cosín, Marta Novo, Rosa Fernández

6. The Earthworm Inoculation Unit Technique: Development and Use in Soil Improvement Over Two Decades
Kevin Richard Butt

7. Controlled Cultivation of Endogeic and Anecic Earthworms
Kevin Richard Butt, Christopher Nathan Lowe

8. The Meek Shall Inherit the Burrow: Feedback in Earthworm Soil Modification
Visa Nuutinen

9. Earthworm Interactions with Soil Enzymes
Ridvan Kizilkaya, Ayten Karaca, Oguz Can Turgay, Sema Camci Cetin

10. The Impact of Cultivation Techniques on Earthworm Populations
Avril Rothwell, Keith Chaney, Pat Haydock

11. Assessing the Role of Earthworms in Biocontrol of Soil-Borne Plant Fungal Diseases
Mukesh K. Meghvansi, Lokendra Singh, Ravi B. Srivastava, Ajit Varma

12. The Use of Vermicompost Products to Control Plant Diseases and Pests
Yurdagul Simsek-Ersahin

13. Vermicompost as a Biological Soil Amendment
J. Tajbakhsh, E. Mohammadi Goltapeh, Ajit Varma

14. Earthworm Innate Immune System
Péter Engelmann, Edwin L. Cooper, Balázs Opper, Péter Németh

15. Earthworms: A Potent Herbal Target for TCM (CAM) Research
Yung-Ming Chang, Wei-Yi Chi, Edwin L. Cooper, Wei-Wen Kuo, Chih-Yang Huang

16. Earthworms as Bioindicators of Soil Quality
Heinz-Christian Fründ, Ulfert Graefe, Sabine Tischer

17. Application of Molecular Genetics to Earthworm Ecology: Current Research and Promising Future Directions
F. Lazrek, T. P. Velavan, J. Mathieu, L. Dupont

18. Population Dynamics of Earthworms in Organic Farming Systems
James B. Kotcon

Keywords: Life Sciences, Terrestial Ecology, Agriculture, Invertebrates, Soil Science & Conservation

Publication year
Soil Biology
Page amount
14 pages
Natural Sciences

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