Witzany, Günther

Biocommunication in Soil Microorganisms

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Key Levels of Biocommunication of Bacteria
Guenther Witzany

2. Communication Among Phages, Bacteria, and Soil Environments
Stephen T. Abedon

3. Soil Bacteria and Bacteriophages
Robert Armon

4. Soil Phage Ecology: Abundance, Distribution, and Interactions with Bacterial Hosts
Kurt E. Williamson

5. Identification and Analysis of Prophages and Phage Remnants in Soil Bacteria
K. V. Srividhya, S. Krishnaswamy

6. Back to the Soil: Retroviruses and Transposons
Omar Bagasra, D. Gene Pace

7. Ubiquitous Bacteriophage Hosts in Rice Paddy Soil
Makoto Kimura, Guanghua Wang, Natsuko Nakayama, Susumu Asakawa

8. Phage Biopesticides and Soil Bacteria: Multilayered and Complex Interactions
Antonet M. Svircev, Susan M. Lehman, Peter Sholberg, Dwayne Roach, Alan J. Castle

9. Interactions Between Bacteriophage DinoHI and a Network of Integrated Elements Which Control Virulence in Dichelobacter nodosus, the Causative Agent of Ovine Footrot
Brian F. Cheetham, Gabrielle Whittle, Michael Ting, Margaret E. Katz

10. Gene Network Holography of the Soil Bacterium Bacillus subtilis

Dalit Roth, Asaf Madi, Dror Y. Kenett, Eshel Ben-Jacob

11. Population and Comparative Genomics Inform Our Understanding of Bacterial Species Diversity in the Soil
Margaret A. Riley

12. Plasmids of the Rhizobiaceae and Their Role in Interbacterial and Transkingdom Interactions
Katherine M. Pappas, Miguel A. Cevallos

13. Quorum Sensing and Quorum Quenching in Soil Ecosystems
Yves Dessaux, Emilie Chapelle, Denis Faure

14. Integration of Cell-to-Cell Signals in Soil Bacterial Communities
Max Teplitski, Massimo Merighi, Mengsheng Gao, Jayne Robinson

15. Beneficial Rhizobacteria Induce Plant Growth: Mapping Signaling Networks in Arabidopsis

Paul W. Paré, Huiming Zhang, Mina Aziz, Xitao Xie, Mi-Seong Kim, Xin Shen, Jinlin Zhang

16. Signal and Nutrient Exchange in the Interactions Between Soil Algae and Bacteria
Max Teplitski, Sathish Rajamani

17. Communication Among Soil Bacteria and Fungi
Ilona Pfeiffer

18. Microbe–Microbe, Microbe–Plant Biocommunication
Ralf Oelmüller, Neeraj Shrivastava, Meghna Pohani, Kailash C. Upadhyaya, Irena Sherameti, Paul Murugan, Shashibala Singh, Ajit Varma

Keywords: Life Sciences, Microbial Ecology, Cell Physiology, Soil Science & Conservation, Terrestial Ecology, Agriculture

Publication year
Soil Biology
Page amount
20 pages
Natural Sciences

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