Bárány, Imre

An Irregular Mind

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Table of contents

1. Universality, Tolerance, Chaos and Order
Noga Alon

2. Super-Uniformity of The Typical Billiard Path
József Beck

3. Percolation on Self-Dual Polygon Configurations
Béla Bollobás, Oliver Riordan

4. On Exponential Sums in Finite Fields
Jean Bourgain

5. An Estimate of Incomplete Mixed Character Sums
Mei-Chu Chang

6. Crossings Between Curves With Many Tangencies
Jacob Fox, Fabrizio Frati, János Pacht, Rom Pinchasi

7. An Arithmetic Regularity Lemma, An Associated Counting Lemma, and Applications
Ben Green, Terence Tao

8. Yet Another Proof Of Szemerédi's Theorem
Ben Green, Terence Tao

9. Online Linear Discrepancy of Partially Ordered Sets
Mitchel T. Keller, Noah Streib, William T. Trotter

10. On The Triangle Removal Lemma For Subgraphs of Sparse Pseudorandom Graphs
Yoshiharu Kohayakawa, VojtĚch RÖdlt, Mathias Schacht, Jozef Skokan

11. Almost All F-Free Graphs Have The Erdös-Hajnal Property
Martin Loebl, Bruce Reed, Alex Scott, Andrew Thomason, Stéphan Thomassé

12. Regularity Partitions and The Topology of Graphons
László Lovász, Balázs Szegedy

13. Extremal Problems for Sparse Graphs
Jaroslav NeŠetŘil, Patrice Ossona De Mendez

14. Squares In Sumsets
Hoi H. Nguyen, Van H. Vu

15. Are There Arbitrarily Long Arithmetic Progressions In The Sequence of Twin Primes?
János Pintz

16. Dirac-Type Questions For Hypergraphs — A Survey (Or More Problems For Endre To Solve)
Vojtech Rödl, Andrzej RuciŃski

17. Towards A Noncommutative Plünnecke-Type Inequality
Imre Z. Ruzsa

18. Quasirandom Multitype Graphs
Joel Spencer

19. Pseudorandomness In Computer Science and In Additive Combinatorics
Luca Trevisan

20. Introduction To The Polymath Project and “Density Hales-Jewett and Moser Numbers”
Michael A. Nielsen

21. Polymath and The Density Hales-Jewett Theorem
W. T. Gowers

22. Density Hales-Jewett and Moser Numbers
D. H. J. Polymath

23. My Early Encounters With Szemerédi
András Hajnal

Keywords: Mathematics, Combinatorics, Field Theory and Polynomials

Publication year
Bolyai Society Mathematical Studies
Page amount
20 pages
Natural Sciences

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