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Table of contents

1. Achieving Europe-wide safety through technical harmonization
Ralf Schweinsberg

2. “Open Proof” for Railway Safety Software - A Potential Way-Out of Vendor Lock-in Advancing to Standardization, Transparency, and Software Security
Klaus-Rüdiger Hase

3. Formal Method and its Application on Train Operation Control System of Chinese high-speed Railway
Tao Tang

4. Towards Open Modular Critical Systems

András Pataricza

5. Safety and Security in Transportation Process - Not Just Technical Issue
Margarita Peltekova

6. The Policy of applying RAMS to evaluate Railway Signalling Systems for reliable Transportation
Kazue Yasuoka, Atsushi Watabe, Tetsunori Hattori, Masayuki Matsumoto

7. Complementarity between Axle Counters and Tracks Circuits
Marc Antoni

8. Effects of a Periodic Maintenance on the Safety Integrity Level of a Control System

Karol Rástočny, Juraj Ilavský

9. Modeling Computer based, microscopic Dispatching Systems
Alexander Kuckelberg, Ekkehard Wendler

10. A Method of Evaluating Railway Signalling System Based on RAMS Concept
Shigeto Hiraguri, Koji Iwata, Ikuo Watanabe

11. Model Checking Interlocking Control Tables
Alessio Ferrari, Gianluca Magnani, Daniele Grasso, Alessandro Fantechi

12. Reliability of the IP Network-based Signal Control System and the Integrated Logical Controller
Takashi Kunifuji, Yoshinori Saiki, Satoru Masutani, Masayuki Matsumoto

13. Methodology for Assessing Safety Systems Application for a Railway Hot Box Protection System

Joffrey Clarhaut, Etienne Lemaire, El Miloudi El Koursi

14. Estimation of Safety Requirements for Wayside Hot Box Detection Systems
Sonja-Lara Bepperling, Andreas Schöbel

15. Formal Specification and Automated Verification of Safety-Critical Requirements of a Railway Vehicle with Frama-C/Jessie
Kerstin Hartig, Jens Gerlach, Juan Soto, Jürgen Busse

16. Simulation and Optimization of the Longitudinal Dynamics of Parallel Hybrid Railway Vehicles
Maik Leska, Robert Prabel, Andreas Rauh, Harald Aschemann

17. Dissemination of the Commission Regulation (EC) No 352/2009/EC on Common Safety Method on Risk Evaluation and Assessment
Maria Antova, Dragan Jovicic, Thierry Breyne

18. Designing a semi-quantitative risk graph
Birgit Milius

19. On the Justification of a Risk Matrix for Technical Systems in European Railways
Jens Braband

20. Using Guided Simulation to Assess Driver Assistance Systems

Martin Fränzle, Tayfun Gezgin, Hardi Hungar, Stefan Puch, Gerald Sauter

21. The DeSCAS Methodology and Lessons Learned on Applying Formal Reasoning to Safety Domain Knowledge
Jan Gačnik, Henning Jost, Frank Köster, Martin Fränzle

22. Calibration and Validation of Simulation Models for Investigation of Traffic Assistance Systems
Stefan Detering, Lars Schnieder

23. Model-based Integration Framework for Development and Testing Tool-chains

B. Polgár, I. Ráth, I. Majzik

24. Automatically Deriving Symbolic Invariants for PLC Programs Written in IL

Sebastian Biallas, Jörg Brauer, Stefan Kowalewski, Bastian Schlich

25. Automatic Fault Localization for Programmable Logic Controllers

André Sülflow, Rolf Drechsler

Keywords: Engineering, Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk, Automotive Engineering, Simulation and Modeling, Complexity

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11 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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