Dillmann, Andreas

New Results in Numerical and Experimental Fluid Mechanics VII

Dillmann, Andreas - New Results in Numerical and Experimental Fluid Mechanics VII, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Interfacial Area Transport Equation in Statistical-Eulerian-Eulerian Simulations of Multiphase Flow
Daniel T. Banuti, Klaus Hannemann

2. Application of the Multi-Scale-Finite-Volume Method to the Simulation of Incompressible Flows with Immersed Boundaries
Giuseppe Bonfigli, Patrick Jenny

3. A Variable-Fidelity Modeling Method for Aero-Loads Prediction
Z. -H. Han, S. Görtz, R. Hain

4. Modelling and Validation of Covariance Transport Equations for Large-Eddy-Simulation of Ternary, Turbulent Mixing
Frank Victor Fischer, Wolfgang Polifke

5. An Efficient One-Shot Algorithm for Aerodynamic Shape Design
Emre Özkaya, Nicolas R. Gauger

6. Application of a New Roughness Extension for k − ω Turbulence Models
Bernhard Eisfeld, Tobias Knopp, Javier Bartolome Calvo

7. Improved Wall Functions Based on the 1D Boundary Layer Equations for Flows with Significant Pressure Gradient
Tobias Knopp

8. A Wall Model Based on Simplified Thin Boundary Layer Equations for Implicit Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Channel Flow
ZhenLi Chen, Antoine Devesa, Stefan Hickel, Christian Stemmer, Nikolaus A. Adams

9. Detached-Eddy Simulation of Supersonic Flow Past Cylindrical Aft Body with and without Base Bleed
Vamshi Togiti, Michael Breuer, Heinrich Lüdeke

10. Prediction of the Wind Tunnel Sidewall Effect for the iGREEN Wing-Tailplane Interference Experiment
A. D. Gardner, K. Richter, H. Rosemann

11. The Influence of the Length Scale Equation on the Simulation Results of Aerodynamic Flows Using Differential Reynolds Stress Models
Bernhard Eisfeld

12. Efficient Flow Computation Including Turbulent Transport
C. -C. Rossow, R. C. Swanson

13. Automatic Transition Prediction for Three-Dimensional Aircraft Configurations Using the DLR TAU Code
A. Krumbein, N. Krimmelbein, G. Schrauf

14. Numerical Simulation of the Elastic and Trimmed Aircraft
Andreas Michler, Ralf Heinrich

15. Chimera Simulations of Transported Large–Scale Vortices and Their Interaction with Airfoils
Christoph Wolf, Axel Raichle, Tobias Knopp, Dieter Schwamborn

16. An Approach to the Gust Problem with Interfering Profiles
W. Send

17. Application of the Immersed Boundary Method for the Simulation of Incompressible Flows in Complex and Moving Geometries
Eike Hylla, Octavian Frederich, Johannes Mauß, Frank Thiele

18. Turbulence Modeling and Detached Eddy Simulation with a High-Order Unstructured Discontinuous Galerkin Code
Christian Lübon, Manuel Kessler, Siegfried Wagner

19. An Explicit Space-Time Discontinuous Galerkin Scheme with Local Time-Stepping for Unsteady Flows
Christoph Altmann, Gregor Gassner, Frieder Lörcher, Arne Taube, Jens Utzmann, C. -D. Munz

20. Numerical Simulation of Upstream Moving Pressure Waves in Transonic Airfoil Flow
Viktor Hermes, Igor Klioutchnikov, Atef Alshabu, Herbert Olivier

21. Investigation of Resolution Requirements for Wall-Modelled LES of Attached and Massively Separated Flows at High Reynolds Numbers
Xiaoqin Zhang, Tobias Knopp, Mariafrancesca Valentino, Roland Kessler, Gert Lube

22. Active Separation Control on the Flap of a Three-Element High-Lift Configuration with Segmented Actuation in Spanwise Direction
Tobias Höll, Bert Günther, Erik Wassen, Frank Thiele

23. Numerical Investigation of Leading Edge Blowing and Optimization of the Slot Geometry for a Circulation Control Airfoil
C. Jensch, K. C. Pfingsten, R. Radespiel

24. Comparison of the Capability of Active and Passive Methods of Boundary Layer Control on a Low Pressure Turbine Cascade
Tom Ludewig, Reinhard Niehuis, Matthias Franke

25. Active Secondary Flow Control on a Highly Loaded Compressor Cascade by Periodically Pulsating Jets
M. Hecklau, V. Zander, W. Nitsche, A. Huppertz, M. Swoboda

26. Simulation of Active Flow Control on the Flap of a 2D High-Lift Configuration
V. Ciobaca

27. Numerical Investigation of a Jet and Vortex Actuator (JaVA)
Muhammad Aqeel Rashad, Ulrich Rist

28. Direct Numerical Simulation of Jet Actuators for Boundary Layer Control
Björn Selent, Ulrich Rist

29. Flowfield-Characteristics Generated by DBD Plasma Actuators
Jochen Kriegseis, Tobias Dehler, Sven Grundmann, Cameron Tropea

30. Identification and Quantification of Shear Layer Influences on the Generation of Vortex Structures
Kudret Baysal, Ulrich Rist

31. Global Stability Analysis of Compressible Flow around Swept Wings
Christoph J. Mack, Peter J. Schmid, Jörn Sesterhenn

32. Applications of Symmetry Analysis in Stability Theory
Andreas Nold, Martin Oberlack, Alexei F. Cheviakov

33. Investigation on Actuator Arrays for Active Wave Control on a 2D Airfoil
A. Pätzold, I. Peltzer, W. Nitsche, D. Haller, P. Woias

34. Experimental Flow Studies on Separation and Reattachment in the Vicinity of Sharp,Wedge Shaped Leading Edges at Low Reynolds Numbers
A. -M. Schreyer, W. Würz, E. Krämer, A. Talamelli, H. Alfredsson

35. Receptivity Considerations for Cascaded Actuators Generating Tollmien-Schlichting Waves
Marcus Zengl, Ulrich Rist

36. Numerical Investigation of Transition Control by Porous Surfaces in Hypersonic Boundary Layers
Heinrich Lüdeke, Neil D. Sandham, Viola Wartemann

37. Investigation of Laser Generated Perturbations for Boundary Layer Stability Experiments
Dirk Heitmann, Christian Kähler, Rolf Radespiel

38. Eulerian and Lagrangian Insights into a Turbulent Boundary Layer Flow Using Time Resolved Tomographic PIV
A. Schröder, R. Geisler, K. Staack, A. Henning, B. Wieneke, G. E. Elsinga, F. Scarano, C. Poelma, J. Westerweel

39. An Automated Test Section for the Experimental Optimization of Multi-element High-Lift Systems
S. Blume, W. Nitsche

40. Application of Pressure-Sensitive Paint for Determination of Dynamic Surface Pressures on a 30 Hz Oscillating 2D Profile in Transonic Flow
C. Klein, W. E. Sachs, U. Henne, Y. Egami, H. Mai, V. Ondrus, U. Beifuss

41. Simultaneous Measurements of Unsteady Aerodynamic Loads, Flow Velocity Fields, Position and Wing Deformations of MAVs in Plunging Motion
R. Konrath, B. Schlager, T. Kirmse, J. Kompenhans, T. J. Möller, R. Wokoeck, M. Emge, R. Radespiel

42. Development of a Thermo-Optical Sensor for Measurements of Wall Shear Stress Magnitude and Direction
Ilka Rudolph, Matthias Reyer, Wolfgang Nitsche

43. Flow–Induced Oscillation of a Flat Plate – A Fluid–Structure–Interaction Study Using Experiment and LES
J. Gomes, M. Münsch, M. Breuer, H. Lienhart

44. Investigations to the Response Time of a Glued Thermocouple on the Basis of Experimental and Numerical Analyses
Tarik Barth, Carl Dankert, Günter Roden, Jan Martinez Schramm

45. Shock Tunnel Experiments and CFD Simulation of Lateral Jet Interaction in Hypersonic Flows
M. Havermann, F. Seiler, P. Hennig

46. Heat Transfer at the Nose of a High-Speed Missile
J. Srulijes, F. Seiler, P. Hennig, P. Gleich

47. Analysis of Jet Thruster Control Effectiveness and the Interaction with Aerodynamic Surfaces for a Slender Cylindrical Missile
K. Weinand, K. -J. Dahlem, R. Höld, D. Stern, B. Sauerwein, F. Seiler

48. New Explanation of Noise Production by Supersonic Jets with Gas Dredging
H. Oertel Sen, F. Seiler, J. Srulijes

49. Pattern Recognition in High Speed Schlieren Visualization at the High Enthalpy Shock Tunnel Göttingen (HEG)
J. Wolfram, J. Martinez Schramm

50. Preliminary Design of a Mach 6 Configuration Using MDO
Robert Dittrich, José M. A. Longo

51. Numerical Investigation of the Isolator Flow Field of a SCRAMJET Engine with Elevated Wall Temperatures
C. Fischer, T. Neuenhahn, H. Olivier

52. Numerical Simulation of Nozzle Flow into High Vacuum Using Kinetic and Continuum Approaches
Martin Grabe, Rolf-D. Boettcher, Stefanos Fasoulas, Klaus Hannemann

53. Advanced Flight Analysis of SHEFEX-I
Tarik Barth, José M. A. Longo

54. Analysis of the Heat Transfer in Liquid Rocket Engine Cooling Channels
J. Bartolome Calvo, K. Hannemann

55. Analysis of High-Lift Generated Noise via a Hybrid LES/CAA Method
D. König, S. R. Koh, M. Meinke, A. Birkefeld, J. Utzmann, C. D. Munz, W. Schröder

56. Acoustics and Turbulence Related to the Flow over a Flexible Plate Structure behind an Obstacle
S. Müller, S. Becker, T. Uffinger, F. Schäfer, J. Grabinger, M. Kaltenbacher

57. Large–Eddy Simulation of Three–Dimensional Cavity Flow Using a Time–Conservative Finite–Volume Method
Orhan Aybay, Michael Breuer, Li He

58. A Hybrid Method for CAA
Andreas Birkefeld, Claus-Dieter Munz

59. Aerodynamic and Aeroacoustic Analysis of Contra-Rotating Open Rotor Propulsion Systems at Low-Speed Flight Conditions
Arne Stuermer, Jianping Yin

60. Computation of Trailing Edge Noise with a Discontinuous Galerkin Method
M. Bauer

61. Towards Numerical Simulation and Analysis of the Flow in Central Airways
Octavian Frederich, Phillip Amtsfeld, Eike Hylla, Frank Thiele, Michael Puderbach, Hans-Ulrich Kauczor, Ingmar Wegner, Hans-Peter Meinzer

62. Protective Artificial Lung Ventilation: Impact of an Endotracheal Tube on the Flow in a Generic Trachea
L. Krenkel, C. Wagner, U. Wolf, A. Scholz, M. Terekhov, J. Rivoire, W. Schreiber

63. Numerical Simulation of Nasal Cavity Flow Based on a Lattice-Boltzmann Method
Georg Eitel, Rainhill K. Freitas, Andreas Lintermann, Matthias Meinke, Wolfgang Schröder

64. Simulation of the Flow in a Human Nose
Roland Kessler, Markus Rütten, Julien Pennecot

65. Aerodynamics of the Wing/Fuselage Junction at an Transport Aircraft in High-Lift Configuration
Stefan Melber-Wilkending

66. Numerical and Experimental Investigation of a Stalling Flow-Through Nacelle
Axel Probst, Sonja Schulze, Rolf Radespiel, Christian J. Kähler

67. Minimal Induced Drag for Non-planar Lifting Surfaces with Moderate and Small Aspect Ratio
Th. Streit, K. Visser, C. Liersch

68. Vortex-Generator Pairs for Vortex-Induced Heat-Transfer Enhancement in Heat-Exchanger Channels
Markus Rütten, Lars Krenkel

69. Radiation Heat Transfer in Mixed Convection Flows
Markus Lambert, Roland Kessler

70. Flow Structure Formation of Turbulent Mixed Convection in a Closed Rectangular Cavity
D. Schmeling, A. Westhoff, M. Kühn, J. Bosbach, C. Wagner

71. Numerical Determination of Nozzle Admittances in Rocket Engines
Daniel Morgenweck, Jutta Pieringer, Thomas Sattelmayer

72. Analysis of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
Merim Mukinović, Gunther Brenner, Ardavan Rahimi

73. Numerical Analysis of the Influence of Tip Clearance Width in a Semi Open Centrifugal Compressor
Andreas Lucius, Gunther Brenner

74. Aerodynamic Analysis of a Helicopter Fuselage
Florian Vogel, Christian Breitsamter, Nikolaus A. Adams

75. Truck Interference Effects on a Car during an Overtaking Manoeuvre: A Computational Study
B. Basara, S. Jakirlić, F. Aldudak, C. Tropea

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Fluid- and Aerodynamics, Computational Intelligence

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